Interface | Episode 16 | When Skies Were Still Blue

I just gained a deeper knowledge of amphibians. I really want to be one right now. Not here. Somewhere less dangerous. Ribbit. Ribbit. Ribbit. Ribbieaaaht. Ribbit? Rioobbit. Ribit. Rioo- *genuine frog croak* I’m a frog… …and I’m feeling FRESH! Nobody else is here though. And this home… …at least, the one you remember, it’s not here either. The planks in these walls are no more alive than that tree in the yard. We’re surrounded by deadwood. Encased… …waiting for the mortician. Only, that time never comes because you’ve outlived him. I see why you wanted to escape. Daughter: Dad… …do you want to start cutting out the dough? *laughs* I remember when Mom and I would spend a whole Sunday making pierogies. And she would tell me stories… about the war. Things I… probably shouldn’t have heard. But my favourite one… was when she told me about how you and her met. How you fell from the sky, when skies were still blue. No plane in sight. Just a man. Sleeping in a parachute. And when you landed, and they brought you in… …she saw your injuries and did her work. And the next morning, when you woke. You looked to her… …and the first thing you said was… …I love you.

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