Interpreter Preparation Program: Introduction

I am Ryan Shepard, I am an adjunct professor here under in the Interpreter Preparation Program (IPP) at Ohlone College. There are many reasons why Ohlone’s IPP is one of the best. First of all, with limited class sizes, each group of students progress together. That translates to a lot of personal interaction and one-on-one attention. Secondly, we select our students via a screening that includes Deaf community members and certified interpreters. After several activities, many of them interactive, we select the students we feel most ready to be successful in our program. Next, our program follows a cohort model. That means our students are together for two years, taking classes together and supporting one another. This has proven to be very effective for our students. Furthermore, our faculty is outstanding; all have vast experience as teachers, interpreters and presenters on the local national and international stage. Our classes meet 2-3 times a week; the days are long. Most classes are taught in ASL providing effective modeling of academic ASL. Finally, 100% of our graduates take and pass the written RID exam. So, are you interested? Want to find out more? Please visit our website noted below:www.ohlone.edu/deafstudies/ipp or contact [email protected]

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