Introducing Volumation | Capture and Process Volumetric Assets | SIGGRAPH 2018 | Intel Software

Hi, I’m Alex Porter, CEO
of Underminer Studios. We’re here at the
SIGGRAPH Garage with our product, Volumation,
a 3D capture and processing solution for volumetric assets. Volumetric capture
offers an opportunity for real world assets,
objects, and people to be put into digital formats. We’re humanizing
the digital world. Volumation is a product
that is hardware, software, and platform agnostic. We can plug and play
any camera from a webcam up to professional grade. We take the video feeds
from these rigged solutions and we change them into
point clouds, which then we turn into meshes. And our output is
an FBX file that is ready for any platform– VR, AR, PC, mobile or others. Videogrammetry can be
used in anything from game to movies to education. Underminer Studios has created
a modular product offering, meaning that we can pull apart
the capture and processing sides and really meet
our customers where their needs are. Tim and I have been part of
the Intel Innovation Network for the better
part of two years, and it’s been a really
amazing resource for us. We’ve actually been able to
work a lot with the VR team and the IoT team
in both hardware seeding and getting
more exposure to events like SIGGRAPH. Our current rig configuration
start with our starter kit– 13 web cams and
an older computer. Our second version is a Pi rig– Raspberry Pi rig. Our third version
leverages the Intel NUC. Our fourth rig leverages
26 Grove Up boards and 128 cameras. If you’d like to learn
more about us please visit underminerstudio

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