iRig HD Review, Unboxing and Epic Demo – iOS Guitar Interface

Hello and welcome people to Epic Tutorials
review for the iRig HD digital guitar interface by IK Multimedia, you just heard it in action
running through Garageband on iPad accompanied by my full arsenal of bad guitar faces — tutorial
to follow — now this retails for about $100 US dollars from the US Apple Store but if
you want a good deal check it out on Amazon below, there is a link below for only $90,
now let’s get into the unboxing which will be followed by our review.
The packaging is pretty nice and easy to open without tearing and inside the box you get
the iRig HD which is plastic but has a nice rubbery texture to it. You also get a 30-pin
connector for older iOS devices, a USB cable so you can hook this up to a computer as well
as a lightning connector for new iPhone’s and iPad’s which is really nice. You also
get some paperwork including a registration card, quick start user guide and an IK Multimedia
product catalogue. Now the first thing I noticed when I picked
up the iRig HD is how light it is, yet despite this, it still feels pretty rugged and has
a really nice rubbery finish to it and feels well made and easy to grip. It has a 7 pin
connector at the top and a 1/4 inch guitar input at the bottom. Both feel solid and well
made. On the side you have a gain wheel which is tucked away which means once you have set
your levels you won’t accidentally keep changing them, which is ideal for live performance
but can be a little fiddly if you are constantly trying to make changes.
When you first connect it to your iOS device the LED on the front will be dark blue. This
means that it is connected. When you launch an app that support audio in from the digital
input it will turn bright blue indicating it is active. The green light indicates that
audio is being received from your guitar but is too low, and for the best results it should
alternate between green and orange on picking. For demonstration purposes I will use Garageband
for iOS because the iRig HD will work with any app that supports audio from the 30-pin
or lightning connector and it is not limited to Amplitube alone making this a really versatile
product. The iRig HD features 24bit analogue to digital
conversion and it does a beautiful job of reproducing your guitar’s natural tone from
clean sounds all the way to high gain distortion. Overall it’s hard to fault the iRig HD by
IK Multimedia and for $90 this is an essential tool for mobile guitarists who want to get
the highest quality audio possible so they can take advantage of that in amp modelling
apps like Garageband and IK’s own Amplitube. We give this an EPIC 4.5/5. Remember to check
the Amazon link below if you feel like buying one of these as it’s a great deal and by using
it you help support us and it will let us keep making these videos for you. If this
helped please thumbs up and subscribe and checkout out epic tutorials.com and until
next time, this is Eliot asking you to take it easy.

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