Is it fun to learn coding? Q&A with Dr. Oren Zuckerman

Hi! My name is Dr. Oren Zuckerman. And I want to answer to a few questions that we got from our friends. And I’ve brought a few objects to help me. Is it fun to learn coding? Learning coding can be extremely fun. But it depends how it’s been taught. Exactly like everything else. It depends on your teacher, it depends on the pace, it depends on the child. For some children, if there is the right class and the right atmosphere, coding would be extremely fun. Because it’s a new tool for them that they can suddenly build things, you know in the same ways that I grew up on Legos. Well, I grew up with you know, building things with wood. Kids today grow up with building things in the digital world. And if you give them the right building blocks, they build really really cool things.

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