Is life already scripted Sadhguru

this poem I wrote about how much is programmed and are we living a scripted life I've read a little bit of it and I would want you to tell us that how much is actually there when you live in your hands because somewhere you've also said that life is a preparation for death it's it's talk about a program seed and this was a thought when it occurred to me as I've expressed in this I thought that almost my new test of the things I do what if they're all not in my hand so that's what it expresses you can agree or disagree with it so one of my favorite points be Jima sub couch like a beach may suppose Lika a podium a Mira a stood to sarah has Amaya a podium a mirage tiptoe sarah has Amaya miracle curvature P have forgotten Sameera kya Richmond sapui5 Casa muchacha que una Casa muchas fracture Kuya Gina hey key attract a anchor on key raha hai hey Swapna Peruvian here the car Mira so Cooper be Hannah here the car mera naam para Jay hey Mary nahi VJ Beachem Eisaku Schlick hi Prem Maqui berry Cree que me Bassam admit a harsh ki-moon Domus Aurea a kernel of sad beat a dream hebereke recommend pass on man beat a harsh kyboot ohms were a kernel of assad detail kill kill ontology occurs at how much katakana kill cloud oleg a occurs at how much katakana do now to legaia dharma Tamas guna wana business acoustical jab come he armed organ Douglas at curb at the destination and the beginning when they sit together that's the birth of the CD jab come here are my organs of the secured back T V G coagulate ahead an animal or bahasa toot car the prong kaput jatin of estar a lady here who's evil which means approach liquor job CSO chime my beads are a Giri shop – ah who gives a leaflet Ultima garlic pepper I BA Serena hey gannets aim at Chi zindagi a Buick Tamara bus Mooji is scared are a busy man Sakuni is right like only a managed male manifestation and is all scripted B's member hullick I sub Krishna please knock the hot nigga up couch name a whole lot of stuff is written into the seed a lot not more than anybody can ever imagine so much is written into the seed but not everything that's what makes human life what it is whether you go by the programmed thread of life or you step out for a conscious life now that you're reading so much of your fantastic poetry let me read my bad poetry for you please [Applause] it's titled as Devdas II mortal nature of this coil is Earth's gift but only soil hosts and breeds like an anthill Francis and dentists as if of its own will if life's mill has needed you well will know a destiny beyond deaths will one who escapes deaths cold chill will succumb to the ultimate drill to be enclosed in a timeless still this the spiritual hall calls the divine will there is there are two types of seeds the seed that our parents planted which gave us a body the seed that is planted by the Creator which gave us the life within us these are two different types of seeds or these are two different dimensions of nature one is programmed for certainty another is programmed for a possibility a possibility means an uncertainty all those who try to avoid uncertainty only end up avoiding possibilities the seed of physicality the seed of physical nature which has been transmitted by our parentage has a certain set of rules and compulsions of its own this nature is only trying to survive the nature of physical body is it wants to survive survival includes procreation it is always trying to avoid anything else anything that threatens its survival always avoiding but the seed that was planted by the Creator within us the seed that is planted by the source of creation within us is not a seed it is itself our parents gave us just a seed and gave us this body but the source of creation did not give us a seed in that sense it gave itself because all the possibilities that the source of creation holds is kind of encapsulated in this one whether that possibility is realized in an individual life or not is a questionable thing but the possibility is there those who get identified with the physical self of who they are will always try to avoid all possibilities or we'll always try to avoid uncertainty because uncertainty is something that the body doesn't like body wants certainty always trying to create certainty this happens in so many ways the first step of how a human being is trying to create certain Edina social structure is the first step is family a biological bond so that there is a sense of certainty if this body just stands free from everybody it feels very insecure this is not the act of your mind this is the nature of your body to protect this body to preserve this body you have evolved a certain defensive process called the mind so if you're identified with the body everything is always about creating certainty starts from family financial security friends clubs societies communities nations all these are different manifestations of trying to create a certain certainty to our life so that this physical body feels a certain assurance that it is not under threat because once you have taken on a physical form it is constantly under threat in this vast cosmos this tiny little unit is constantly under threat if you just look up at the sky it's terrifying so you have to find explanations how gods are working from up there and God sends the rain God sends the lightning all these things are just to create certainty if you do not know how it's happening the sure uncertainity of it will kill you because body cannot handle it only when you touch the product or the sprout of the seed the source of creation has planted within you this uncertainity is gone that you will not seek certainty you will seek possibility

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