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Managing a railway company is a challenge that requires appropriate tools and agility in decision-making Events across the network happen all the time and at the same time but in geographically dispersed locations Which makes decision-making strategic to profitability at every moment To this end various teams such as operations commercial way locomotive and wagon maintenance and others interact regularly in separate but Interconnected events where the decision of one area has an effect on the work of the other How do you manage this complex scenario with agility while improving the occupation time of the rail network and optimizing the use of the assets involved? RAIL movement planner is a quick response for real-time review of the consequences of every event that can happen on a railway But it’s great advantage is more than just being quick RAIL movement planner enables unified decision-making across all processes Whenever a new event happens rail movement planner Automatically predicts the impacts of such event on the company’s results and offers the best operational alternative Allowing immediate review of decisions of all other agents in the company in a quick and unified way and at a single place RAIL movement planner works like this Decision-makers establish the events and the software delivers the best alternative Speed safety and intelligence in event management are critical to keep the entire railway working profitably It’s simple and quick to install it can be easily integrated into any operating system it’s easy to use with a friendly and intuitive interface and Very importantly: RAIL movement planner does not change anything in the clients working Environment it integrates itself into the clients environment When it comes to business benefits rail movement planner stands out even more And reduction in train stop times at intersections greater regularity on the network reduction of lines and terminals quick response to operational problems reduction in fuel or energy consumption and greater train schedule punctuality There are over 150,000 trains planned by our solution per year worldwide and reporting successful cases in the most diverse situations Many key performance indicators prove that the return on investment in RAIL movement planner is quick and positive results are permanent Are you wondering if rail movement planner is the right choice for your company? There’s a version of the tool suitable to each profile for railways of any size Would you like to see rail movement planner in action? Get a free trial of the tool so that you can see the results in real operation on your own network Please call rail movement planner. We want to show you our solution in action. Give it a trial and see for yourself It’s not just about agility It’s the best response to any event that can happen on a rail way across all scenarios It’s the right solution for those who are looking for excellent results

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