Java 3D Game Development 25: Multiplayer Auction House!

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s
game development log video diary! And this week, I am very excited
because for the first time, I’m going to be demonstrating the new multiplayer auctioning
system in my game, which is basically like an in-game E bay! You’re probably familiar with auction systems
in games, especially in mmo’s where’s there’s often one centralized
auction house where you can buy and sell pretty much any item you want at the click of a button,
and that’s something I’m not really a fan of. I find it a bit cheaty that you can get
pretty much any item in the game whenever you want as long as you have enough
money. I want to encourage my players to have to travel the world to get exotic items, to
encourage them to craft their own weapons and armor, and so my auction system is a little
bit different. So what I’ve done is, instead of having one
central auction system, I’ve given every single regular shop in the world
its own personal auction system, but just for the item categories that the shop already
supports. So if I open up this shop here you can see I’ve now got these two tabs on the
side. This one is just the usual shop that I showed you last time, but clicking on this
tab opens up the auction section of this shop, which, as you can see, still comprises of
the same categories. So now I’ll give you now a quick demonstration
of how the auction system works. We’ve got two players here, this
player in the santa hat who we’ll call santa, and this other player in the armor who we’ll
just call Bob. And as you can see, Bob’s pretty poor, he
doesn’t have any money, but he does have some rubies and some clothes that he really wants
to sell. So Bob goes over to this shop here and he sees that the shop will buy his rubies
for 1.3k, and his clothes for just 80. But of course Bob wants to make a bit more money
than that, so he’s going to try his luck out in the auction.
So he auctions 40 of his rubies for 1.5k each, and starts auctioning his clothes for 100
each. Now at the same time Santa comes along here,
and as luck would have it he’s actually looking for rubies to buy! So he opens up the shop
and sees that rubies cost 1.9k which is a bit expensive for him, so he takes a look
in the auction section. And here in the auction section you can actually
see the offers appearing as Bob auctions off his clothes. So Santa sees the 40 rubies that are being
offered for 1.5k, and he’s pretty happy with that price so he buys half of them. And because
Santa loves a good deal he starts buying off some of the clothes as well. Now Bob has already
left the shop and he’s gone off to run around in the fields or something, but you can see
that even though he’s already left the shop he’s still getting the money for the offers
as Santa buys them. And that is pretty much the auction system
in a nutshell. I’ve still got loads of features to add to this system,
But for now it’s a good foundation, and something that I’ll be able improve on in the future.
I’m fairly happy with how it has turned out, I think this system will be able to reward
sellers who have taken time to acquire or craft the items that they’re selling, but
at the same time it doesn’t allow buyers to just get whatever item
they want whenever they want it without even moving, because I feel that that takes out
a lot of the fun from the game. So that is it for this week! Thanks a lot
for watching this video. I would really love to know what you guys think of the auction
system so please leave a comment below with any feedback or suggestions that you might
have. Next week I’m going to be starting the combat system so that should be fun. But until
then, do subscribe if you haven’t already, have a great week, and I will see
you all next time.

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