Java Tutorial – 01 – Introduction to Java

Hi and welcome to Programming Video Tutorials.
In this tutorial you’re going to learn about Java, which is a high level object oriented
programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. The language itself is very similar to C++,
but it has been made simpler to make it easier to write bug free code. Most notably there
are no pointers in Java, instead all memory allocation and deallocation is handled automatically.
Despite simplifications like this Java has considerably more functionality than both
C and C++, because of its large class library. Java programs also have high performance and
can be made very secure, which has contributed to making it the most popular general purpose
programming language in use today. Another key feature of Java is that it’s platform
independent. This is achieved by only compiling Java programs half-way, into platform independent
instructions called bytecode. The bytecode is then interpreted or run by the Java Virtual
Machine (JVM). This means that any system that has this program and its accompanying
libraries installed can run Java applications.

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