Jeep Wrangler Superchips Flashpaq F5 Programmer (2015-2018 JK) Review & Install

The Superchips Flashpaq Programmer is for
those of you that have a 2015 and up JK that are looking for not only a calibrator, but
also something that’s going to tune your Jeep and give you some additional power. This is not something that you necessarily
install in your Jeep, and using it is a very simple one out of three wrench process, and
we’ll talk a little bit more about that in just a second. So, like I said, there is a difference between
a tuner and a calibrator. This is going to do what a calibrator does
but also what a tuner does. If you’re just looking for something that
calibrates, Superchips does have the Flashcal. That’s going to be a little bit less expensive
and just do the calibrations. And when I say calibrations, I mean for larger
tires and also for different gear ratios. And what that’s going to do is ensure that
your speedometer and odometer are accurate. It’s also going to, if you have an automatic
Jeep, change your shift points a little bit, which is going to help give you a little bit
more of that factory driving feel back. Now, it’s never going to replace real gearing. However, it is definitely going to help a
lot. Now, along with those features you’re also
going to have some additional creature comfort features. So, you’re going to be able to change the
delay of the lights when you lock and unlock your Jeep. And if you have a Rubicon, you’re gonna be
able to change when you can and can’t turn on your lockers. You’re going to be able to change your horn
chirp with your lock. You’re going to be able to change to your
RPM speed if you’re doing a long winching and you want to keep that alternator spinning
to give you a little bit more power. You can change your fan speeds. So, you have a lot of different calibrations
that you can do, a lot of different adjustments that you can do with that Flashcal. And this is going to do all of that as well,
but because this is the Flashpaq, it also has that tuner part to it. So, this is going to give you a couple of
additional tunes to get a little bit more power out of your Jeep or little bit more
efficiency out of your Jeep. And this is also going to have something that’s
designed specifically for doing some rock crawling. So, it’s going to change your throttle response
a little bit to make it a little bit easier when you are out on the big rocks. And this is going to be Superchips’ new version
of The Flashcal, the F5. So, what this is going to have are some, almost
like a soft key, it’s going to have a color, high definition, larger screen as opposed
to the black and white screen of the unit before. This just feels a lot more refined, it feels
a lot more sturdy in your hand. It’s very, very easy to use. Now, this isn’t something that you’re going
to be using every day, for the most part. This is something that you’re going to flash
your Jeep, and you’re gonna throw this in the glove box or in the center console and
you might use it from time to time when you’re off road or, of course, if you make any major
setup changes to your Jeep. But even so, when you are using it you want
it to be intuitive, you want to be able to use it easily and comfortably, so this unit,
this piece of hardware definitely makes it a much more user friendly experience than
the Flashpaq of the past. Now, the Flashpaq, because it does have the
tuning options built into it, is more expensive than the Flashcal. You’d expect that. You’re getting additional features out of
this. If you have the Flashcal, you can actually
pay the difference and upgrade to the Flashpaq because the only difference is really the
software on here. But if you know right off the bat that you’re
gonna want those tunes, you can go right to the Flashpaq, do everything at once, calibrate
and tune the Jeep and have it set up exactly how you want it. This is also going to have a TPMS on and off
feature. So, you can’t change the PSI that it triggers,
your TPMS, but you can turn the TPMS off which is very, very nice. You know that even if you have a big set of
35 inch tires on your Jeep, you’re gonna be running a lower than factory pressure. And even if those tires are optimally filled,
your Jeep could still think that they are under pressure and you constantly have that
ding every time you get in the Jeep, you have that light shining in your eye. It’s very, very annoying. So, you can turn that off with this system
here. You are going to want to plug this into your
computer right when you take it out of the box. You’re going to want to update the firmware,
make sure you have the newest of everything before you plug it into your Jeep. That is just going to ensure that everything
works perfectly. So, this Flaspaq is $500. Like I said, that’s more than the Flashcal
but you’re getting more with this unit. There are some other options out there as
far as tuners and calibrators. So, you’re going to have a couple of different
choices, and the differences are going to be the actual hardware, how easy that is to
use, and then, what the tunes actually are going to do for you and how those are written. With this, I think that this comes with some
really good tunes right out of the box. It comes with all the calibration features
you would expect or you would want, and it’s a piece of hardware that’s incredibly easy
to use and feels like it’s really sturdy. So, even after it’s bouncing around in the
glove box for a while, a couple years down the line, when you change tire size, you pull
this thing out and it’s just going to work for you. So, overall, I definitely like the Flashpaq,
if you’re looking for a calibrator and tuner. So, like I said, not much of an installation
but definitely a one out of three wrenches for usage, very, very easy to use, very user
friendly. To get started with your new tuner, first
we’re going to plug the device into the OBD II port. This is located under the dash. Once we plug it in, the tuner is going to
power up. So now that the device is powered up, we’re
going to go through and show you some of the menu options, tunes and adjustable parameters
on your device. So, one of the nice features of this device,
it does come with tunes preloaded. You have a towing, crawling and high performance
tune. So, if we go in to select one of those… Go ahead and turn our key to the “On” position. We’re going to press “Okay”. So, if you wanted to, you can go into some
quick options where you can go in to actually tune the vehicle. So, what the device is going to do is it’s
actually going to download your vehicle’s stock tune. It’s going to store it in the device, then
it will upload whatever tune. So, if you’re crawling or if you’re towing
something, or if you’re just looking for a little more horsepower, you can upload those
files to the actual vehicle. So now, we’re gonna turn our ignition off
and we’ll press “Okay,” turn our ignition back on, press “Okay”. This is gonna clear any trouble codes or check
engine lights you have. So, along with being able to tune the vehicle,
we also have some quick options. We can go into this quick options. Now, if you have a Rubicon model and you’re
looking to lock your axles, there’s an option for that. You also have engine idle adjustability. If you’re winching, and you want to raise
the idle some, you can account for tire size changes. So, you can factor that into your speedometer
as well as gear ratio changes. You also have some other features such as
transfer case, low ratio, lamp delay, running lights, accessory delay, lane change, lamp
flash, horn chirp. You can adjust your tire pressure as well
as your TPMS for offroading. If you put other tires on and you’re airing
down, you can get those lights to shut off. So, there are some features for that. You can also scan your vehicle, check any
trouble codes or check engine lights that you would have. You can clear them as well. So now that you’ve learned the secrets of
unlocking your Jeep’s untapped potential, this wraps up our review and install. Check out more at extremeterrain.com.

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