Josh Caratelli | Computer Science | RMIT University

So I really love computer science because it’s a great mix of working with fantastic people and combining technical and creative skills. I’ve always been a huge gamer, I love playing games and the social interactions you have with games and it wasn’t I met game developers in person that I realised how passionate and creative and just awesome they were; that I went, hang on I’d love to do this as a job. My name’s Josh Cartelli,
I’m studying at RMIT University doing second year computer science and my day job is a junior
gameplay programmer at big ant studios. RMIT was a very obvious choice for me for a couple of reasons. The first being just the culture, the people here are super nice, super passionate if you have an issue or if you want to extend yourself RMIT’s there for you. And secondly, in my field of computer science and game development, people overseas have heard of RMIT, and that just goes a long way. For me some of the biggest skills I’ve gained aren’t the most obvious ones. Sure there’s lots of technical math knowledge I learn in my classes, but the biggest one is working
together with a team, how can you work together to achieve a common goal. One of my major achievements so far was launching iPhone game with my friend Liam McLaughlin. It’s called Smog Game and teaches kids about saving the environment. We even created own company and talked to Apple reps and PwC and Epic and it was really cool just to go from this very small idea to actually have a finished product. I think the future of computer science and game development is heavily leaning towards tech such as AR and VR, but the thing I think
people overlook the most is the democratisation of game development and app development. Anyone can get started now, tools are
becoming cheaper or free, and just as a bedroom coder make your dream idea into reality, really.

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