K. Vairavan Connects Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

I am K. Vairavan I am an emeritus professor
in electrical engineering and computer science. I started at UWM many years ago, more than
40 years ago I would say. My special interests were in computing and computer science was just
then beginning to blossom as a new academic field. In fact, computer science and electrical
engineering have I think jointly led to a field called computer engineering where we
study is not only the computer software, but also computer hardware. It has always been
a pleasure for me to look at the success of electric
engineering, computer science, and computer engineering have done remarkably well. Of
course the most striking example that I can think of is Satya Nadella who obtained his
masters degree in computer science, he worked in my research group and he is now the CEO
of Microsoft. At UWM, computer science is located, housed in the College of Engineering
and Applied Science. And that’s really a big benefit because they are, the computer science
students will be in touch with the engineers as well, I mean the hardware designers and
so on, so this is a very good school to attend. My name is K Vairavan – I’m a Milwaukee Engineer!

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