L5 Installing notepad++ IDE for python programming | Python basics

hello everyone now in this tutorial
we’ll be installing notepad plus plus notepad plus plus editor is a very
good editor tool for writing your Python program, so we’ll be installing notepad
plus plus here so we’ll go to this application 64-bit my system system
64-bit so double click and ok we want to select language English it’s a very easy
step to install notepad plus plus so we’ll go ahead read the agreement this is agreement then go to next
I mean accept and then this is the location that they’re asking for and ok
so we can go ahead and use the default location next here there are some
options like so there are options like custom and minimalist so in custom we
can we can choose the different options to apply for so we will not be using
different languages so better leave it like this in the same fashion the
default default configuration and then go ahead next yes this is enable this
option to make not notepad plus plus load write and configuration to its
installed directory so mmm so this this can be used so if you want you can use
this option so these are the optional configuration that you want to make
suppose you want to use as in portable notepad you don’t want to install it in
your PC rather than using your pen pen drive or USB USB device
which has by notepad plus plus and you want to use using USB device you can use
this option so by the way these tools are not as necessary so I will skip
these two and if you want to create a desktop shortcut then you can use this
option then install so it will just install and it is available so if you
want to run run it or you’ll run it once to check so this is how it looks like we
have different different functions so so there’s this there are different
settings so we’ll be talking about setting up notepad plus plus for Python
environment in our next video thank you so much thank you so much for watching
this video we’ll keep on adding the content so please like comment and
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