Lantech Industrial 3/5/6/7 Managed Switches – Software Advantages

to offer the most reliable networking solution
for multicast and video surveillance applications Lantech industrial managed
switches deliver top-notch software features including exclusive IGMP seamless
recovery design common IGMP protocol need to wait until
the snooping table timeout while Lantech G.8032 ring is able
to recover seamlessly Lantech switch is able to transmit video packets with dual channel in which leads the shortcut to query when the interruption occurs, the IGMP
network can be recovered seamlessly that results the smooth video play
without any lag than others at IGMP time out since the train cars may be
swapped to another train the enhanced Train Ring is able to couple multiple
rings together automatically it allows you to switch train car or
multiple cars without any reconfiguration needed in this topology
two rings are linked with two connections one is activated and another is blocked as backup path simply switch the cars and all the network settings
can be done automatically with smart DHCP function, Lantech switches could help with easy maintenance when devices are mal-function when an in-train device needs to be
replaced how to make sure the replaced device can
get the same ip-address? Lantech Smart DHCP provides three ways of DHCP settings to achieve port-based DHCP, DHCP option 82, and Mac-based DHCP port-based DHCP can assign IP address based on port number for example, all devices connected
to port 7 can get the same IP or in same range however, if you have more than
one level network structure DHCP option 82 is a better way when a new device connected to a Lantech switch the switch can relay and add its own
identifier between device and DHCP option82 server the server can assign IP address based
on the VLAN information received Lantech switch is not only a DHCP option 82 relay agency but also powerful enough as a DHCP option 82 server when connected to an unmanaged switch the smart DHCP server can still assign IP with mac-based DHCP function with smart DHCP, the device can be replaced easily the operator doesn’t need to have professional knowledge of Ethernet thus, the cost of labor and time can be decreased quality of service is an important feature to prioritize packets for bandwidth control what if your device doesn’t support QoS? normally, QoS packet must be tagged by one QoS supported device so that switch can recognize and prioritize the transmission order if an IP camera, for example, doesn’t support QoS then the video stream cannot be transmitted with with top priority through switch with advanced QoS, Lantech switch can set QoS by VLAN tag then send QoS packets as set priority even when your devices do not support QoS Lantech switches build in enhanced ACL control What can enhanced ACL do better for you? imagine you would like to build up an in-train network for tram one car is allowed to transmit both audio and video packets while another can only transmit audio
packets enhanced ACL is exactly what you need most ACL only filter packets at egress since the packets will pass through the
switch that increases the loading of switch with enhanced ACL, Lantech switch can filter packets at ingress which means the multicast packets are controlled more efficiently with less bandwidth occupied these leading software features ensure
Lantech industrial managed switches the best choice for multicast and train applications contact us for more information!

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