Lavorare in GOOGLE come Software Engineer: il Percorso di Marco

the protagonist of today’s interview
was born in Brindisi in 1989, he studied in Bari and now lives in Ireland where he works
in one of the most coveted companies in the world Google. Today we will talk to him about the more questions Frequently asked questions about the path as software
engineer, of his personal experience and then we will answer the questions that you
you shared through instagram. Here is the interview with Marco Suma Hello Marco! Hi Gaia! How are you? Well
very well, great Are you in the office? you are in
office. You let us take a peek in room where you are enough is
small enough I’m sorry there is not nothing special here, however, I assure you
of use are great to go to Marco thank you very much for your time today
among other things and Sunday what are we recording this video those thanks
I want to ask you to begin with briefly describe your path
professional academic I started and finished my studies in Bari al
Polytechnic of Bari I chose to study engineering
IT in 2011 obtained the Bachelor’s degree and in 2014 I finished
master’s degree studies I had already started working in Bari
at a small company during the therefore my academic path
consequently in 2014 I finished my studies decided to leave Bari to go to
Milan and Milan lived for two years I have worked at banks like
IT consultant at the end of this experience in 2016 I decided to
leave Italy to leave Milan for go to dublin and work like
software in Amazon I had a beautiful experience lasting three years e
then last year in September I am got to work as software
google engineer always for dublin and what you do now
google in google work that is called Trust and Safety this team takes care of
you basically do my team work with analysts who deal with
monitor and block those behaviors anomalous accounts that do not comply with
google politi so my team as software
engineering takes care of building gods tool to automate the process for
to prevent these behaviors such as are some possible outlets
professional for those studying engineering computer science studying computer science genre
opens up many opportunities the most simple is to choose to
work to be a haiti company most beautiful part of this job and that
while having the same opportunity to work in any company e
of what you do inside the company can change radically changes according to
what kind of job and what kind of product you work on for example
when i was at amazon i worked with cloud technologies so I worked for
amazon web services and I learned some skills that were completely different from
what I was doing Milan in milan instead I worked at
banks and so I learned to build design suitable bank software
the beauty of this profession that opens up different horizons not only the
company repression but also if yes chose to go it alone yes
they hear so many stories of guys who they study computer science and then
decide to open their own startup is a new online service
there is then maybe it also becomes famous see facebook one at random and for who it is
maybe interested to understand if it is for her and for him
let’s say a path from software the engineer according to you which are three
basic skills to work in this sector
the first most important that comes to me mind
obviously the passion for materials techniques but above all an engineer
successful computer scientist and a person who also want to invent invent
create something so-called new there is a problem with money
the engineer typically faces the problem to solve it without turning it
so those definitely the most skill important then you have to have passion
you study a lot, yes they study the technical subjects a lot
they study a lot of scientific disciplines obviously mathematics physics third ski
the important thing is to be curious to ask yourself questions without learning things by heart
the university for me must be the springboard to train the
mind to understand how something works asking questions now
by looking at your linkedin profile in the section of certifications or courses
has seen a slew of disturbing things and therefore I was wondering but to work
as a software engineer however it is a company as coveted as google
how important it is to continue study even after graduation
absolutely most fundamental part of the people here on a path to
studies very important than likely did not stop with with degree
masterful but continued with a doctorate
hence the technical preparation for joining a company like google is
absolutely fundamental is the first which is being verified
hence theoretical knowledge e obviously in these companies you can
enter as a junior level then without work experience or like
level a little more mister with work experience
so that’s work experience and relative to what he knows that
what are you sucking for me the point main is having a passion for
the one for technical subjects for computer engineering but above all
have a good scientific background I didn’t do my doctorate
during a university course i have worked a lot with with research or
of scientific publications that concern machine issues
learning nate processing to get yourself a example to today your phone can
be unlocked looking at the camera no that yes
call facebook mission is the fact of study to approach the subjects in
scientific way with scientific publications for sure
helped a lot then I don’t want to dwell too much on the fact that you work
google between let’s say it is first one of the most coveted companies in the world
then why do you want to work as software engineer is a bit of a non pro on the tra o
however among the most sought-after companies certainly the first in the sector
question that in mine but a boy that is written south is not how to do it
work in google good question ring the answer notes
not easy certainly the most thing important is the desire to get in
I feel like leaving the place maybe that you are fond of
discover new horizons in the case of google italia there are no positions
therefore open for software the first challenge is to be
available be ready to leave the own country
the second the second thing more important that you need to find
entering google is good knowledge of the theoretical part of the role of
google software engineer points a lot top to choose good engineers
level therefore the interview tends to be a
fairly difficult interview oriented to check
theoretical notions a little advice what i can give is that internet ea
student full of material for prepare for an interview at google
or at other similar companies relevance go to youtube
look for how to deal with a soft direction interview you will find
a lot of material the desire to these big companies is to
attract talent and do not attract talents through cheating on
hiring process and it is clear e clear because in any case during the
selection during the interview phase the questions are questions anyway
open enough for you to locate yourself through the answer the competence e
the reasoning ability of the therefore factual candidate that there
both of the material available is a way to prepare but in any case the
knowledge and competence is absolutely necessary
in addition to the preparation and then it takes a pinch of luck must be
lucky in being chosen for the interview e
you must even if you are lucky in reason of the interview because obviously it is one
challenge no and therefore it always takes a pinch of luck
another question on google looking at you around thinking about your colleagues beyond
beyond technical preparation etc. depending on what is one thing they have in
common people who work like google software and engineers
I like this question because it is one just something I was thinking about
lately I have been thinking about my colleagues of something I noticed about mine
colleagues in google is that they are all gods great fans of subjects
scientific and and they all have a hobby not necessarily relevant
to computer science but a hobby that requires of creative skills something
something related to inventing no just the other day I was talking anyway
he built a bedside table with one 3d printer created the model for him
intended for the whole model and then has it built through our agreement
3d for me is already something brilliant is but but this is only an example around
to me they are really smart people who have the desire and ability to
invent this is the this is certainly the fact to the municipality of
all all people in google then we ask you another question e
which always came from the people who there are a thousand of them in the instagram mentors
as decided to do primis perth first steps in Italy or abroad
my professional career has been pretty gradual definitely the
knowledge of English in the beginning is been a bit of a limit because during the
university course the level of English was not that
which I obviously take advantage of today obviously of this of this story
to urge anyone to try and learn english approach
English language as soon as possible i think they pose it without english either
been the main factor for this kind of gradual path no because how
I said at the beginning I started ho studied in the south said to work on
I did not move south to Milan and to Milan after Milan started mine
experience abroad therefore the approach it was thanks to the big company
let’s say this this collection of experience not you anyway if started from
I toast and now I don’t know what were the prospects that you have
been offered during school higher or denied as etcetera though
you had to say something maybe girls the guys who come from the south where
you tend to feel the presence of mere opportunity for example cities
large as Milan as well as in Umbria where I come from what would you say with
the other Bari Polytechnic is the subject
the concept remains first is the same as what I said on that occasion
I absolutely invite the kids aa get involved from the first moment
the first secret to try to have happened to build your own
networking of people who can help you first networking can be built
at university with cruise professors they have much more experience than
students and therefore students must take advantage of that the first advice
study and absorbent fundamental but at the same time as I said the beginning
ask yourself questions be critical with yourself themselves and build your own network in
it will definitely help isn’t it chastisement in the south is a negative
or rather a limit, I think the university the south is very very very valid e
then the last thing a moment before absolutely basic english
so another question from the audience yes can study computer engineering
even if you didn’t go to high school scientific
absolutely yes indeed I think the preparation
scientific for a dream says scientific also that of a high school
classic is more than good for later move towards a matter or more
technique in my opinion the key the key
main to face the university in the right way and have a good method
study rather than know the matter in advance what matters is
have a good approach to studying so knowing how to study is important
so absolutely yes but it goes more than that well, in my opinion, it is the road
best now I have a bunch of questions advice for those who are at the end of
high school absolutely Pragmatic you study English and then you don’t
undervaluation of the study in general is absolutely important not
to learn the subject itself but for learn to study very interesting
like to learn studying advice for those who are halfway through a different path
Italy as I said before build the your networking
no one will come to tell you the right trade for you only you can
know which is yours the right one for your skills so don’t get tired of
ask questions be curious here too very pragmatic way started
use links used linkedin is built your profile
maybe contacted a few people ago questions there is no shame
so now a tip for those who are to enter the world of work
most likely your first work experience will not be that
of your dreams so don’t dwell on that
always try to get involved is something that actually applies to everyone e
three cases try to see for yourself
with a view to one year for two years the five-year perspective
in the perspective of 10 years do this exercise every year you seek
to fix so-called short-term goals medium and long term
this will help you to try to understand where are you going for example i don’t know 1
start working want to be a however, a five-year software engineer
want to become manager of setting your goals helps you choose
the right direction now you have reached the first dream
target your goals but when you were at end of high school what did you want to do one
great the euro driver falling to sport at the end of high school and they were a lot
confused I definitely wanted to continue studies in the world of computer science e
so for that I chose to computer engineering though I didn’t know
really what i could do from great I liked the idea of ​​working
video game world to create video games even if in the end they are not
never been exceeds can video games however it was an interesting thing because
however I have not done more I never want you never know
and gradually the idea during college is this desire emerged this emerged
desire to work at large companies and google was obviously
the dream because it was always that company that was mentioned as
the company that invented that new technology to the company he had
complicated with scientific research on how that algorithm worked will win
always this google name and then man hand started I started
I was interested in what it was in the company and the interest in working
at google at a big one anyway company and company and who has grown year
after year so I tend to graduate from great you wanted to be software engineers
google if now i think i am google my dream is to do something
important in this company my goal my goal
as I said before is to do something extraordinary in this
company then I don’t know if it will happen but in the meantime I try
to set the expectations bar high after which I would like to have a
more managerial role i don’t know if in google in another place
but I see the mark in ten years a little more involved in managerial aspects
rather than purely engineering and if someone would like to contact you maybe
I’ll send you more and yet find out more below path which are yours
contacts where we can find you if they are the contact most
more suitable for this link are on linkedin look for me mark on but it’s a lot
simple I’m also on facebook with the same name
and on instagram same rome then i would say which is absolutely can you can
contact me any question more than I will gladly answer
well marco thank you very much thank you again for your time and good luck for
the next steps but in my opinion how to say if in the right direction
some girl has been very kind it is a beautiful initiative
thank you very much thank you maybe there see you in dublin, thank you bye

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