Lead Forensics Focus – Could a B2B sales software accelerate your team?

Hello! Welcome to this Lead Forensics educational
video. Elevating your marketing and sales success. Educational insights brought to you by marketing
and sales leaders. In this video, I’ll be helping you answer
the question ⁠— could a B2B sales software accelerate your team? In B2B sales, we’re always looking for ways
to streamline our processes and increase our chances of success. Having a talented team is a start — but
sales software can also be used to boost productivity. Before we dive into what types of sales solution
can evolve your strategy, we need to weigh up the pros and cons. Since 6 in 10 salespeople don’t change their
process when they find a system that works for them, it’s important to make sure it’s
right for your business. Let’s start with the pros. There are so many reasons innovative sales
software can benefit your business that it’s hard to narrow it down. But, these three reasons really stand out! You get more data. Data is at the heart of sales success. A huge benefit of using sales software stems
from the data you gain. For example, some software provides data for
new business opportunities, and others provide data for leads already working their way through
your pipeline. It increases your lead quality Teams that use sales software discover new
leads that are already engaged with their business and have a need for their product. This increases the speed that they rocket
through your sales pipeline, and their average order value. Leads that have been well-nurtured spend an
average of 47% more on your product. So, improved lead quality goes a long way. You get a clear ROI Return on investment is a must. In B2B marketing, attributing ROI can be difficult. But sales software makes it easy! Because revenue is the direct result of a
sale, you can simply attribute return to the software investment. Businesses want to see a healthy ROI on tech
investments within 6 months and with business software it’s likely you’ll know long
before that if a solution fits your team. … So, it’s clear that B2B sales software
can offer your business so much. But, it’s time to weigh up the advantages
against some common challenges to help you understand whether a sales software would
benefit your business in the way you hope. Let’s look at the cons. Pipeline integration
A majority of salespeople dislike changing their processes. So, some businesses can struggle to encourage
the adoption of new software. This can make it difficult to fully integrate. Not to mention the possible technical difficulties
that can occur. You don’t want to waste money on software
that won’t be used. But, policing its use could be detrimental
to team morale. Keep your team onboard by offering a say in
your software selection to ensure best performance. Data management Valuable data is beneficial to your team’s
activity, but it can overload your current data processes. This can cause a struggle in properly managing
and storing new data. Ensure you have appropriate systems in place
to cope with large amounts of information, or choose a tool that comes with a data management
function. Lead Forensics, for example, comes with an
built-in CRM called Lead Manager, which ensures your team can easily keep track. Disrupted workflow
Integrating a sales software into your current system could disrupt and decrease your team’s
productivity. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad solution
— it just means your team isn’t using it properly. Take the time to understand how a new software
will feed into your current pipeline. Can the system stay the same with a new software? Or, will things need to change? Discovering these answers as early as possible
ensures your team will gain maximum results. Now that we’ve looked at the benefits and
challenges of B2B software, let’s look at your options! These three are our favorite. Social selling tools This is all about incorporating social media
into the nurture process. Those conducting regular social selling techniques
have a sales pipeline 18% bigger, that moves 28% faster, than those who don’t. Platforms like LinkedIn Sales Navigator offer
an easy way to engage new business opportunities with a one-to-one approach. Sales pipeline managers
These keep your pipeline clear and organized. So, you’ll know exactly where every member
sits, when to contact them, and how to prevent lead stagnation. Solutions like BASE offer sales teams a huge
advantage by ensuring their pipelines remain in healthy motion. Lead generators Every sale starts with a lead. They bring fresh opportunity and offer your
team another chance at success. Lead Forensics, for example, uses reverse
IP tracking to identify the businesses visiting your website. It also provides contact details for key decision
makers and a full breakdown of each website journey. This fuels your sales team with enough real-time
data to make an impactful follow-up, tailored to their business needs for powerful conversion. So, do you think a B2B sales software will
accelerate your team’s success? We certainly do! We hope you found this video helpful. Please give this video a like, share and comment
on any future topics you want us to cover. Make sure you follow us on all of our social
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