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We feel customers should choose Pickering
Interfaces because we have a very very wide range of products that are really
tightly geared to what functional test users need. Since 1988 Pickering Interfaces
have been manufacturing Modular Switching solutions. We have by far
the largest range of Switches, also another key area is Sensor Simulation
and Programmable Resistance. Our products are typically used for testing high-end
systems where you need a very high quality of test and our products will
ensure that that test is done to as a higher level as possible and is priced
competitively as possible. We lead the market, we have more products than all of our
competitors combined, so we fit the product to the customer rather than fit the customer to the product. At least 90% of our business nowadays is exports so we’re truly a global company.
We design and manufacture pretty much every part of our Modular Systems. We’ve
been designing & manufacturing Reed Relays for over 45 years. We manufacture all of our cabling, we manufacture all of our metalwork, all the assembly of our
products is done here and every piece of the design cycle is also done within Pickering’s facilities. I’m actually on the board of directors of two major
instrumentation standards. One of our engineers here is actually head of the
technical committee for another standard. So we get involved with the standards
and writing the specs that everybody uses. So we influence the direction of where
the test industry goes. For example an aerospace manufacturer are often testing components, they need a very high quality of test and that test often is pretty
difficult. They want high voltages, high currents, high frequencies – because of our
breadth of range and experience, we are able to fill pretty much every gap that that
aerospace manufacturer wants. That then goes into our standard catalog which makes
the catalog bigger. Typically this happens all the time, even after a
thousand PXI products we find almost every week we get another requirement
from a customer for something they don’t have a solution for. So we will then look to add that to our product range. Things have just expanded in the past
few years. We are very quick to design new things, we already quick to come up with
things out of the box. Our customers are looking to us for
quality, reliability and speed of turnaround. At Pickering Interfaces we have the
infrastructure on site which enables us to meet those really tight lead-times. We
can say we have more accuracy, we have better support, we have success we can point to – you say okay don’t believe me? Go talk to this company who we’ve done things for. It’s a win-win for
both sides.

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