Learn C Programming 1.2 IDE and Tools

squarespace links below guys hey everyone now the very first thing that we have to do is we have to go out and get the tools necessary to actually start programming the C language that I'm going to be teaching here in the preceding tutorials now you guys may or may not already have what they call is a compiler or a development environment to actually compile the C language that we're going to be programming so I'm going to take you out to the interweb and we're going to go to NetBeans dot org now NetBeans is basically an IDE which is an integrated development environment and now it actually handles quite a bit of different programming languages if you're if you're learning Java or if you're learning PHP the greatest thing about NetBeans is it's free and you might ask why am I taking you to NetBeans you know and it one it's free and two it works on both Windows and Mac OS OSX or even Linux oh and Solaris Wow all four of them so that's why I was gonna use Xcode but then Travis was like dude you you really not everyone has Xcode man you gotta like show people on Windows too and I was like yeah good point good point so I'm gonna show you guys on NetBeans here thanks to Travis and so what I want you to do is when you prom when you get to NetBeans that'll work you'll see right on the home page you're gonna have download for free so click that once you get into there you know it may not be this is specific seven point one but two but get whatever is in the newest and then go down you'll see that they have several columns that you can download certain packages and supported technologies when that within that look for the one that has the C / C++ go ahead and download that if you want some of the other ones while you're at it go ahead – so download that should take you a couple minutes and once you get that downloaded just install it as an instruction set I did it myself and it didn't take long at all and there weren't any like loopholes that you had to do so once you get it all installed um you're gonna launch the program and I think like the very first time I launched it this whole start page was kind of like blown up so this should be where you're at if you've downloaded the program you've launched it and now we just have to actually start up a project create a project and then create the files for what we're going to start doing with the C language now once you do this point I want you to go file new project or command shift n and you'll see that we've got a few different options here we've got C slash C++ we've got a few different projects starting templates we've got some samples that we could go through but we're going to start from the basis here of this C C++ application go ahead and go click Next and name your project whatever you like there now the only other thing that you guys should have to adjust is over to the right it may be under defaulting to C++ as far as the main file since we're learning C first and then we'll get to C++ and C sharp and all that stuff we're going to start with C so make sure that is defaulted to C and go ahead and click finish now at this point your projects populating you'll see over to the left-hand side that we've got the navigator that just pulled our project into this IDE or the the NetBeans and once you've created your project we should all be on the same page so I will catch you guys in the next tutorial

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