Learn how to convert java(JAR) file into exe file | launch4j

Hello youtube, this is satya and I welcome
you all to urban school simulation services In this video I am going to show you how to convert your *jar file into *exe file. So
let’s get started- Step1: Go to your project and export the jar
files. Here is how to do it. Step2: Download Launch4J application, this
is a free program designed to compile all your resources into one executable file. You
can download launch4j from the link given in description box.
Step3: Open Launch4j application, select the output location and file name, Select the
input file. Now if you want to set an icon to your exe
file, you need to convert your icon image into ico format. There are many website for
this conversion. Remember this is just optional. You can skip it.
Step4: Under the “JRE” tab, select the “Min JRE version” and type in “1.4.0”.
This ensures that the users have a sufficient version of Java to use your program. This
can be changed by you, but 1.4.0 is a safe version.
Step:5 Click the gear button called “Build wrapper” at the top of the screen.
Give the .xml file an appropriate name and click “Save”. The .xml file is standard, don’t
worry about it. Your executable file will now be created!
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