Left in the Dust | Pit Stop | Race Cars for Kids

(upbeat music) (crowd cheering) – Good golly gee, I am baking out here! Why do we have to race
in the desert again? – Oh don’t be so dramatic, Tom. The studio is air conditioned. – It’s still too hot! My hair is losing all its volume! – [Camera Man] (clears throat) Psst! – Oh, (laughs) hi everybody! We are coming to you live
on this scorching day from our desert race track. Carol, there’s surely going to be someone in the hot seat today. – Couldn’t’ve said it better myself. Now let’s go to the track to
take a look at our racers. (western music) – Good luck you bunch of tumbleweeds. (1 laughs) What’s so funny, 1? – Oh, you know, speaking of luck, you could use all the luck you can get. (growls) – [Tom] Racers, on your marks. (seat belts clicking) (engines revving) Yee-haw! Number 2 is out in front, lickety-split! She’s followed closely
by Number 3 and Number 1. – [Carol] She’s leaving the other racers in the desert dust, Tom. – Number 1 is catching
up to Number 2 fast. – [Tom] And fast is good, right, Carol? – [Carol] Yes, Tom. – Good luck, 2. (2 growls) – [Tom] Number 1 has taken the lead followed closely by Number 2. – [Carol] Number 3 and Number 4 are slower than molasses today. – [Tom] I love molasses, Carol. (laughs) – [Carol] Number 1 is leading
the pack over Cactus Canyon. – Buck up there, cowboy! Maybe you’ll catch me at the finish line! – Snakes alive, Carol! It looks like Number 1 is losing steam! – This desert heat must
have fried his engine! He’s gonna have to make
a stop at the Pitstop. (wheels squeaking) (engine revving) – Number 1. What can I do ya for today? – My engine overheated. – It’s not surprising with all this heat. Not to worry, I can fix that! (whistles) – [Both] Hop hop hop hop, hop hop hop hop. Hop hop hop, hop hop hop hop hop hop, hop! – Hop, hop hop. (air whooshing) (liquid trickling) – Thank you! (engine revving) – [Tom] Number 2 has taken the lead now and she looks like she’s ready to win! – [Carol] Oh, but what is this? Number 1 is back in the race, and he is moving faster
than the Pony Express! – [Tom] It’s high noon
here on the desert track and Number 2 is getting mighty
close to the finish line! (car engines roaring) – [Carol] Number 1 just won’t quit. – Where’s your good luck
now, Number 2? (laughs) – [Tom] Number 2 needs
to stay ahead of Number 1 if she plans on winning this race, Carol. – [Carol] That’s usually
how it works, Tom. But Number 1 and Number
2 are neck and neck! – [Tom] Bonanza! Number 1 is the winner! – [All Except Number 1]
Number 1, Number 1, Number 1! – Howdy there, Racer 1. That was some jim-dandy racing out there. – Thanks, Tom. All this sand did make
is a little bit tough. For the other drivers. (laughs) – There you have it, folks. I guess the real winner today is the sand! Click below to subscribe for more racing! – No, no I’m still the winner. I was kidding about the sand. I won, me. – [Kid] Woo.

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