Library Software – Kim Walker Testimonial Jan18

My name is Kim. I’m the senior
information and research officer at the Evangelical Alliance. We’ve had a
library information system for about seven years with one supplier. Then I
without any warning really realized we were going to have to change supplier
because prices were going to go up dramatically. I didn’t think it was
worth what we were being asked to pay. The thing that was irritating me most
was the fact that it was quite difficult to get to speak to anybody if we had any
queries or problems. We always had to fill in online forms or just speak to
somebody who would just take notes. We could never actually get direct to speak to anybody who could solve the problem. And that was really frustrating because
sometimes our problems are really quite straightforward – just quick questions
really – and we just had to fill in forms all the time to get them answered. My
previous product I found was developing into something which was quite big and
inflexible. What I found with the Bailey Solutions Simple Little Library System was that you can start off small and buy additional modules if you need them. It’s
very flexible so it suited somebody who’s got a very small library
collection like I have. But if you needed to, and if my collection grows, then it
can expand with me. I first heard about Bailey Solutions, I think it was at a
CILIP event for library solutions and suppliers. I was quite interested at
the time but we weren’t ready then to change. So I had their name in my mind
and then when I knew that we were going to need a new supplier I had to look on
their website and I saw that they’d got a new product called Simple
Little Library System and I thought wow this sounds really good. So I made
contact with him straightaway and very quickly I had to trial up and running. It
was really within a matter of hour that I was able to actually have a look
to see how it was would work for me. I felt really quite excited that this
company were proud of what they’ve got and were happy for me to actually have a
look a detail at it without any commitment whatsoever. So I was able to
add things to the system to play around with it, see how things would look in our setting without any commitment whatsoever. This was an easy company to deal with: people were very friendly. I could speak to a named person if I had any queries and if they weren’t available they would ring
me back very very quickly. So I just felt that this was a company that was keen to
have my business and keen to help me find what I really needed in something
that was going to work well for me. The number one reason why we wanted to move to Simple Little Library System, was that it was really good value. We could do
everything that we did with our previous system and possibly a little bit more
but the price was going to be much lower. Importantly for me the company were
always going to be there for me to be able to ring them and talk to them if I
needed help with anything. It was a bit of a daunting thought to go over to a
completely different system but I had a quick introduction for my trial. Then
throughout the trial, what I did was I was able to speak to Penny Bailey to talk
about anything that I wasn’t sure about. She spent quite a bit of time on a
one-to-one introduction for me. Then there was also a webinar that I could join in with just after we’d gone live. So both of those things were really
useful. It was a bit of a challenge for us getting the data out of our old
system to transfer over to Bailey Solutions. Then when it arrived with
them we realized there was going to be a bit of work that they needed to do to
make sure the data would appear fully and in the right place in Simple Little Library System. They were really good about sorting that out very quickly for us as we were on a very tight time schedule. I had already given
notice for the old supplier so we really needed them to do the work quickly which
they did. There were a couple of other little queries as well and again
they were solved really quickly. They kept me up to date with what what was happening and who was dealing with it as well. The benefits to us of having the
Simple Little Library System mainly are: It’s very easy to use so I can make it
available for all of my colleagues they can look things up themselves if they
want to. For me, for the archive side of things: I’m able to produce customised
lists of things really easily and that’s really helpful for enquiries. If you’re
unsure about whether you should try the Simple Little Library System what I
would say is it’s why not give it a try? Because you can get a free trial and
you’re not committed in any way there’s not really a lot to lose by giving it a try!

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