Live PD: Three Hots and a Cot for Your Birthday (Season 3) | A&E

– We’re about to pull up on
scene out on a shoplifting that had just occurred. The complainant advised that the
perpetrator took off on foot, and actually one of
our units happened to be close in the area was
able to make contact with him. They’re out with him now, so
we’re about to pull up on scene and see what we got. Is that the same one? – How much? – Not much. We seen him– we’re
coming down the road, we saw him walking
into a gas station. [police radio chatter] –up here, goes into
the gas station, walks straight to the bathroom,
dumps it all to the garbage can. Brand new bag. Probably just changed it. Saw him walk in, walk
straight there, he walked out. [inaudible] he’s already
been [inaudible].. [police radio chatter] – Peppers. – Solid effort. – Taco sauce. [police radio chatter] – Oh, it’s still cold. – Little beer salt. – When’s your birthday? – What you was going
make with this? – touff e? I’m just starving. – Any priors? – He’s bringing back– – Listen to him. Where you stay at, man? – I had no idea. Can’t do it anyway.
[interposing voices] – –my friend at work. I was going to sit at my
friend’s job until he gets off. My birthday’s in two days. I don’t want to go to jail. Like, I won’t be able
to bond out at all? – Why you stealing, then? – I was just starving. I haven’t eaten. – Well, you about to get
three hots and a cot. Go ahead and put your hands
behind your back for me. – Please don’t send me to jail. My birthday is Sunday. – Too late. – My birthday is Sunday.
Please. – Well, maybe then we
should take you to jail. – Please, just let me go home. Please. My birthday’s Sunday. – How old you gonna be? – I’ll turn 21. – Birthdays stop mattering
a long time ago before that. – Please, I’m just [inaudible]. – But happy early birthday. What ended up
happening is the clerk had just changed the
trashcan in the bathroom. So this guy went in there
and dumped everything out, left it in the trash like
he was going to be good. I’m sure he didn’t know that
trash had just been changed because we maintain clean
stores here in Slidell.

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