Map-matching algorithms

My main areas of work is intelligent
transport systems and underpinning that is an algorithm called map-matching
algorithm. So we assign GPS based satellite data onto the correct road segments. So over the last 20 years or so we developed map-matching algorithm
using trusted and safe artificial intelligence techniques to recover some
of the limitations and challenges that we have with the diverse amount of data
coming from different sensors. Highways England is really helpful to us to
implement some of our algorithm for their services, for example they want to
develop crash mapping algorithm in order to locate the crashes onto their road
segments so that they can develop performance monitoring of the whole internetwork. Loughborough’s research is fundamental to a lot of the reporting that goes on
at AECOM in terms of road safety. We produce eight reports a year along with
tools for Highways England, and they’re all embedded with Loughborough University’s research. The partnership between Loughborough University,
AECOM, and Highways England has been an essential piece of our strategic development for a
number of years now. What we’ve been able to do is to help to develop some
strategic policies and procedures by looking in more detail at the in-depth
analysis of collisions and casualties on the strategic road network, which has
also enabled us to look at what kind of infrastructure improvements, as well as
all kind of campaigns and behavioural change initiatives we need to develop. So
for Highways England’s point of view this is an essential core program within
our overall strategic road safety.

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