Marking software for industrial identification

Hi Sascha, what are you doing there? Hi Miguel, I do the marking for my control cabinet. This is nasty and confusing. I am not sure if this will help to get more overview – provided that anybody can read my handwriting. I share your doubts… Come on – I can show you a much better way to do this! This software is PROJECT complete marking. If you’ve finished your engineering with PROJECT complete planning, you can import all data here by click and the right printing files for your marking are displayed immediately. Perfectly formatted and with the right marking material preselected automatically. Further you can also design markings manually – images, barcodes or symbols are integrated easily. PROJECT complete is compatible with all marking systems of Phoenix Contact. Therefore, you have a unique range of materials available. I show you how this works. That was fast! If I wrote all this with my pen it would have taken me hours! Fits perfectly! Great job! With the right equipment my processes become much more efficient. Another advantage of COMPLETE line is that the marker grooves of most products are standardized. This way the range of different materials is very limited which speeds-up the printing process and reduces parts diversity. Industrial identification becomes a child’s play with COMPLETE line and MARKING systems from Phoenix Contact.

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