Massive Base on a Lake (Blake’s Law) | Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Welcome to mikegolden Games and welcome
back to Ghost Recon Breakpoint we are joined once again by Uncle Lucy and
we’re gonna be doing two quests here locate the computer for Leave No Trace
and talk to Cromwell Blake’s law so this is the location we’re at and this looks
like a pretty awesome location they’ve like a base on top of water so let’s get
down the mountain here somehow all right Lucy so what’s the plan getting down the
easy part getting down on one Pete that’s much yeah okay you just get a
crouch down and hopefully not die it has a perfect landing alright so right now
what we’re doing is we’re heading over this way to take out the radio men that
way he doesn’t keep basically calling reinforcements oh there’s two of them
scene two radio man yeah down this way also my stamina has been increased so I
can you know do a little more scaling a little faster without falling and dying
I see the second one alright let’s see so we’re gonna have to go inside that
building you know what let me take those
suppressor off my rifle that way in case we run into those drones so basically
this place is patrolled by four of those medium-sized tank drones basically
they’re the ones that’s like the size of the size of a car not that one to patrol
with the Wolves yeah let’s go for the swim know it it’s a beautiful location
though the architecture in the game is really awesome don’t me to go in on the
right you going on the left no no stick together okay yes
let’s just swim across like tweet back hands you hit the rear entrance
Roger it to morning any friend of me let’s I guess we got to
go through the front door okay once we make contact we have to push
through and get those radio yep then we can clear that building then we can work
on the drone Roger that yeah those Rudy men are
definitely your top four oh they got a drone right there yeah
that’s why I haven’t come around the corner yet cuz I heard ya should be good
it’s moving around the side of the building see
ready for the yellow yeah I don’t see them at the moment they’re behind a wall right here sliding one reading them in
down you got another one nice switch around
this way with switch to sidearm that’s what if I’m flicking the guy off
trying to pull my sidearm out I’m down or are you hit the stairs I
don’t know whatever they’re kind of glitched out on me I tried to switch to
my pistol and I was just literally flicking the guy off did you like it
yeah that’s me yikes Jacob tickle tickle tickle tickle
we got guys moving right below us well back to this come on reload here we
go okay go back to this side so our back room gets the wall yep coming switching
back to the Evo reloading oh there we go hey can I get in third-person thank you
oh shoot they got one of those fly I’m gonna activate my armor Buster ammo down
you’re down cute where’s the frickin throne we loan enemy enemy enemy enemy enemy
behind you to your right of course we can’t get up there okay shits about to get real fun yeah get
more reinforcements coming nice see you should be able to shoot digital ass nice
behind us I see number came to get him from here
oh there’s a heavy let me see can i snap him helicopter in van yes go in the water please short-circuit
yourself don’t think it works that way growling it hit the armor panel off load again fuck you down no reload armor Buster
going up in you a second here always I’m gonna go grab the resources
from it okay might be able to bother you don’t
think it’s gonna reveal your position to the enemy reinforcements we’ve got
called in off they’re ready nor location nope
alright okay I’ve got banished from doing that actually got ban it yeah you
know from going to red to yellow Oh ban it yeah anything good alright so
um first like I don’t I don’t see him got him pulled jeez ah I could have
probably picked you up and moved you I probably would’ve been a good idea ever
part it worked of course you know unless y’all much
like c-come on let me jump up here thank you can go to the engine we have to go
over here they thought of everything yep you’ve got this nice car but it’s
fine I’m gonna do us good what oh shoot falling back behind the car I’m gonna patch myself up oh you’re not
doing video this work I like this anyway come on this isn’t gonna be good come on
come on there you go oh fuck fuck fuck fuck err drown they got a freaking minigun er yeah find
it oh I see it that’s it come on pickle pickle gonna run out of syringes oh shoot big one see for thank you lonoa ciao ciao
dammit they plan out of take saw my c4 where’s the heavy guy got him out oh I got chicken with got
one out I’ll give my man a medic we’ve got two of the I got apparently my mp5 and Suchi de grenade again with the other eggs already
whoop-whoop done that one come on I’m not used to using this rifle I’m mainly
used to the 50 lady go for what you know I don’t have one though i scrapped
everything and sold a bunch got him got him
oh he’s not did them betcha arm shot looks like he’s doing let’s
move oh I think I’ll see you there oh my wait I don’t think I looted the
Jerome’s let me do that really quick yeah yeah let’s let me it’s not always
like to keep the pressure off don’t let him get into my mr. minigun er give me
your head jeez hey having I need to get different
scope on the said alright see the room yeah okay yeah
near on Oh God not to fight him patching myself up that heavy over there alright
moving inside the building hey Otto we got snipe he’s down yeah
going upstairs alright coming inside the bed copy we’ve
got some collectibles up here it doesn’t look like we can actually go
anywhere up here scrap that collectible what about Oh who shot me with oh
there’s a drone out okay apparently that CSS remove the suppressor do a little
more damage let me try to get my armor Buster Hill on this one shooting through
that windows eating up your damp all right let me get there Andrew buster loading up yeah I’m trying to hold the
line over I’m down cuz there are people coming in the actual door okay
whereas nobody’s coming through the window let me see I see the heavy
let’s get grenade all right now you have enemy in the building now okay he’s down
all right what about the other body yes I see him I see him
watch out you’re in explosives I move shoot where are they dammit yeah more
guys moving in on my location taking it out then I’ll give you 45 seconds right
now before you run up and stab me kill the guy coming in the front door shrine
to wicked these rocket launchers all right
I got you I have a reload top come on Roboto there see it’s dead XP level Bob drink
27 finally I’m back so no more bullet we got another drone
over there that’s what’s launching this stuff nope that’s a regular up top okay okay I’m falling back I’m falling back
there’s a sniper up top there anything over here there’s a ladder here nice
okay cool as I just get picked off from behind oh
shoot we got three snipers up here and there’s like one addition station
along cheese he’s cocky guy a one-shot me was feel lap I have no idea where you
are go back upstairs in this against the far wall where you were kind of to the
left there’s one guy up there he’s a radio man I believe with a pistol fuck
there’s nowhere to hop on the right he’s on the right okay all right and hopefully you’ll be able to get me
it looks like you should be in cover here and I see the sniper all the way
down there hit him but he’s not them well the sniper does not have the
stopping power I need telling you they’re literally all the way around the
RIP yeah yeah I see him lift on that hit him come
on got him okay Rocketeer down see thermals doesn’t really help in this
situation oh that Destin yeah got a little puzzle I’m running to the
next my purple where they here is got one I got a
bandage all right using thermals this might help know that rip cheese this
building is hot good thing go down oh there’s the drill all right let me
get my drone up see what we got working with here don’t see anybody on that first level going back down the ladder okay inside
where the yellow objective is there’s a radio operator there yeah looks like
that’s the only guy in the building yeah if you come on down there’s the first
ladder you come twos in a different building
okay the one we went up in moving to the radio offer copy moving up inside this
second golden let’s grab the radio operator has whatever he sends it up to
come back to one and now he’s dead good moving inside
Pythagoras Hall that’s the name of this building and a bunch of collectibles in
here another collectible at the main desk up
here you all right let’s see what do we get in
here skill points one syllable big four floors I love it yep let’s get
up top let’s go to speak with the guy after equipment until collectible all right let’s see what they have to
say dr. Christina Cromwell my name is nomad I was a soldier in one
of the choppers that crashed on a row I’m working with Jace Kell he’s alive Oh
I mean Ayana pure ease announcements are so scary how is he
well we’re working to get civilians safely off for raw we need your help but
this island the ex-cop who works for Sentinel Ian Blake he’s got this island
lock tighter than well the surveillance drones we made to keep us safe
they’re now keeping us prisoner yeah that’s ironic that’s power and the
Information Age weren’t the drones built for that
that’s my last power and the information age if you can see it you can kill it
well you know sometimes you don’t even need to see it and it’s Nick now Jay
thinks he could take down enough of the drones so we can get some people out of
a row and bring some help in and Jace wants the AI bingo
the security team ran an assessment on our systems a couple of months ago if
you can find those reports it’ll you know give me an in on how to hack the AI
won’t those holes be fixed by now sorry most I’d say weren’t the journals built
for that bureaucracy is a so as anywhere try Archimedes Hall that’s the data
center you should find the reports there since there’s somebody in the building
I’ll below us with a quest let’s go grab this collector liquid all
right it’ll let me grab it there we go alright cutscene stuff okay
yeah there’s a collectible in this room it’s a nice little conference hall okay
and then we get a chest over here as well yeah let’s see what new gold hat
Nomad cap three rings higher let me get that equipped right boots two levels higher bullpup
PDR I’ll equip that that’s I was telling you about
yeah it’s two rinks hires well well take it to rank higher hat oh it’s switch to
I guess the g28 it’s seven ranks higher than my 33 plastic glove hmm just don’t
want it yeah ah not another one what the hell is this
shit oh sorry sorry I’m sorry I mean I mean I’m a scientist I’ve been analyzing
these test results for hours we’re getting nowhere are you trying to
achieve abstract art no but I’m starting to
think the scales security R&D center gave us a bad batch of paint mm-hmm
how’s making these drones behave erratically they they they either lose
their way or full-on crash into the walls you know I’ve lost a dozen in the
last hour well that’s inconvenient so what’s the pain actually supposed to do
well I mean not this I mean okay it’s paint so it’s supposed to look pretty
but it’s also supposed to act as a trigger signal for the drone so clearly
somebody over there screwed up if it’s causing this sort of chaos it might be
worth my while you said you got this batch from the skels security R&D center
right yeah okay I wonder if these drones are still prototype versions it’s interesting sounds like the paint
could come in handy for screwing up the drums
you didn’t check the manufacturing process mm as they walked right hmm case
was no point in it got a look yeah I know what I’m gonna spend that on how do
I get downstairs I’ll use stair switching my supercool matting in my
bunker buster’ rounds got it nice they’re fearing six flying room oh shoot
reload you saw there broke something now where is this purple light it’s got to
be on the freaking roof isn’t it we got another chest over here it’s
right out in the open yeah seen you’ve been in the lecture
hall ak-12 been in what the lecture hall yeah I’m gonna get the drone out see
what else there is found a way to the roof no not yet there
is no way to the roof we would have to get a helicopter except actually that
Purple’s not on the roof I don’t know where that purpose at weird I don’t see it all right so we need to go this other
building is where that paint the guy was talking about is or in each other yeah
and we got the other main objective over there it looks like we’re pretty clear
so I’m gonna move up get my rifle out and can I see him there is headshot got
a beautiful shot I’m gonna grab this crate over here and we’re going to the
R&D lab first I’m finished picking up all the stuff on this island
yeah looks like this building is basically cleared and I’ll watch your
six this is for the AI okay then move around
we got somebody inside the building I don’t see them get the drone operator
out there I’m gonna pop them in the face up there what didn’t get him hit him but
didn’t kill him the tree got in the way oh I got an officer here I’m gonna grab
him hello mate come here buddy come come on cooperate
all right now you’re gonna tell me everything I want to know gather intel
on the ice sloshes bag give me your PC password and this ends
without you screaming in pain all right thank you he gave me his password and
we’ve got the computer over here it looks like no these are documents
classified documents you could go upstairs I believe see my god what is that
okay an Intel board gather intel on a s security systems and something below us all right let’s go down there sneaky-sneak unlock the PC using this
password oh wait didn’t I thought you already got this
Intel why is it telling me to get it probably cuz now you have the password
oh my gosh alright there we go I can’t be at work design over dere oh let’s move inside grab this collectible
right here it looks like we should be clear we do have a chest over here see
we get inside get that m9 nice one link rank higher I always consult information here we go
resolved nomads must inject a decoy proxy into the security mainframe and
bring down the security network in order to allow the heck to take place okay here it is okay just act the computer
war all right it’s done are you fine the computer it’s right down here defend the
objective Oh shoo we got enemies coming how about you reloading my DMR lighting
them up right now come on boys fly back get another helicopter it’s not gonna be much got the pilot
parties down another helicopter yeah yeah I’m on the roof it’s a little
easier to it’ll yeah here another one there’s actually four of them okay all
there’s two left I’m still on the ground for that ground
floor to make sure nobody is gonna be coming through the front door come on
get out of the frickin water good shot trying to take out this guy there we go to 36 just lighting that thing off there
that’ll tear shit that’ll tear seven beautiful okay let me just jump in the
water here I’m gonna do the outro really quick alright guys I’m gonna leave this
episode here this was a pretty long one I want to know what you guys started
this episode in the comments below many kids are subscribing if you haven’t
already and be sure you hit that lab by like on the channel that way still in
five when the videos do go up take it easy guys

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