MicroMasters® Program in Statistics and Data Science

– Data is transforming
the business landscape, just as it is transforming
social systems. From finance, to energy,
to transportation, climate, and social media. What we see is physical
systems interacting with social systems,
producing data, and being driven by that data. Organizations, whether
businesses, governments, or NGOs, will have to
become more data literate. There is an immense opportunity
for people and organizations to utilize data. To use data science techniques
to discover solutions to some difficult and
complex challenges they face. Our mission at IDSS is to
meet this exploding demand for skills and data science
and analytics, statistics and machine learning,
and more broadly, in artificial intelligence. The MITx MicroMasters program
in statistics and data science addresses the education demand
of working professionals who are trying to train
themselves in statistics and data science in
a rigorous manner without leaving their day
job, and without compromising on quality. Through a set of
four online courses, and one capstone exam
developed by MIT faculty, learners gaine the
skills needed to fill data science jobs
that are opening up in countless industries. You will learn, implement, and
experiment with data analysis techniques, and machine
learning algorithm, and apply your knowledge
to real world data sets. You will be able to do the
coursework on a time that fits your schedule through
an interactive learning experience. And you rejoin the vibrant
MicroMasters global learning community. Probability provides
the language and the conceptual
foundation for understanding data and uncertainty. The probability course
offered through this program is essentially the same as the
introduction to probability course that has been
taught on campus and refined for over 50 years. It’s an ambitious
and rewarding course that covers all the
basic probability concepts like random
variables, random processes, and their properties. Statistics builds upon the
probabilistic framework and is essential to data
science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Learning statistical
principles gives you a set of tools you can use to
tackle all kinds of challenges, where you want to extract
knowledge from data. The MicroMasters in
statistics and data science is a valuable
professional credential, but also provides you with a
path to an accelerated master’s or PhD degree at top
universities around the world. If you want to learn how to
unleash the power of data in your organization,
join us for the journey of the MITx MicroMasters program
in statistics and data science.

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