Modern Warfare Update Requires Restart Loop FIXED! Modern Warfare Not Working? | Kalmarn

if you keep getting the message that says modern warfare has updated and requires a restart and when you restart modern warfare it says it again you get stuck in the loop there are a few things you can try and hopefully one of these will work for you so the first thing to do is close modern warfare completely quit out of it and open it back up again and hopefully the error will have gone but quite often this doesn’t actually fix it so the next thing to try is quit modern warfare completely open up a different game let that load off and quit an open modern warfare again and hopefully it will it clear to the modern warfare cache and this time you won’t get stuck in the loop if this doesn’t work and the final thing you can try is to power off your console completely unplug it unplug the power or switch it off on the wall and leave it off for at least two minutes to let it clear the cache then when it’s been off for at least two minutes boot it back up boot up modern warfare and hopefully you’ll now be back in action if you found this useful please subscribe for more modern warfare videos [Music]

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  • Kalmarn says:

    If this didn't work try this: https://youtu.be/cHFNyh0iX6Y SUBSCRIBE for more videos and JOIN the channel to support me! Thanks for watching.

  • Mike Santiago says:

    Didn’t work man the problem still remains, the code name is Ursula

  • Justin Carlos says:

    For xbox players, i found a solution to this issue, if it keeps showing you the same result after every possible way in this vid, press the home button, go down to modern warfare, press start and go to manage games and apps and go down to the bottom where it says saved data, press start on the modern warfare reserved space and press clear reserved space then open the game and it should work

  • miguel medeiros says:

    For 1 full day i was trying play , I watched 10 videos and still whit the same problem until I assiste your video and onplugged my ps4 from the wall ,simply fixed my loob ty buddy

  • It is what it is says:

    I found a solution that works.
    Eject cod mw and throw it in the bin mate

  • Angry78 says:

    Thanks so much bud. This was the fix for xbox for me.

  • Danijel Dragosavljevic says:

    Running another game then closing it and re starting MW fixed it for me, thanks man!

  • Hillbilly F150 says:

    Still don’t work thanks for the vid tho. I can’t believe I wasted 60 dollars on this garbage I’m actually seeing steam produce out of my body at the moment.

  • Ray K. says:

    Thanks for your tip, it worked!

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