Monthly Financial Budget Manager Excel Sheet | Spreadsheet Download

With this simple spreadsheet you can easily manage your monthly and yearly financial situation. First, change the financial currency to the one from your country. Then select the current month (1=January, 12=December) Enter your fixed expenditures (fixed costs you make every month). Enter monthly incomes (fixed incomes you receive every month). Now enter specific costs you made this month. Enter variable income sources. The sheet shows the total expenditures and incomes of the current month, as well as the sum of these two. Once the month is over, add the net income to your year balance by pressing the button. Only do this when your month is completely filled in! Your net income is then added to the year balance. The variable income and expenditure fields are cleared. Select the next month to continue using the sheet. Note that the fixed values remain. The graphs visualise the net income development over the year, as well as a total net value. At the end of the year, you can reset the year balance by pressing the button on the right. The fixed values will remain again.

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