Morphine "You speak my language" "Honey white"

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  • Daniel Prado says:

    Sounds like ace of spades

  • Daniel Prado says:

    Sounds like ace of spades

  • 301concerts says:

    a true original. totally miss 'em

  • Владимир Любовский says:


  • eric heine says:

    I met him in Sonoma California and he told me that he had a band called "Treat Her Right." I told him I thought the name was too long, and that not all women deserve to be treated right. We talked about lyrics. He said he was in the esoteric stuff. And that he was from Boston. Then in 2003 somebody turned me on to Morphine. Well it sound familiar.
    But I didn't make the connection
    that Mark was the same Mark.
    It's nice to see that he had some success. More importantly I really liked what he did. Bravo.

  • 3D Possible says:

    I think I know what he's talkin' bout:
    Honey white, honey white
    Honey white
    Made a deal for some angel food
    Honey white, honey white
    Everybody told her it was sweet and good yea
    Oh honey, oh honey
    Oh honey, oh honey
    She said you'll see me later yea you'll see me later
    Will you see me later seemed all too soon
    And then he smiles he knows honey's coming back
    Honey's going to want some more angel food
    Devil made of honey, devil made of honey
    Devil made of honey, devil made of honey
    She said you'll get me when I'm old and wizened
    And not a day before that
    The devil said honey it won't be that long
    Besides I like to see a little more fat
    Yea I like to see a little more fat
    You know I like to see a little more fat

  • Darwin Man says:

    The most underrated band in history.

  • - ana - m -c- says:

    Very, very Good!

  • jonno smith says:

    freaking awesome!

  • bobbymac369 says:

    This band influences me in so many ways!

  • zebra3stripes says:

    You know I'd like to see a little more sax.

  • Melissa Myer says:

    When I was a uni student, I met Mark Sandman during his Treat Her Right days. I gave him a lift to an all-night cafe, and I remember that he seemed so sad—sad in a "life is exhausting" kind of way. When I heard that he died suddenly, it was jarring. He seemed so authentic. I wish I would have bothered to talk to him. What an incredible talent.

  • Karolina Petkovic says:


  • Лео Захаров says:


  • Federico Bruno says:

    ¡¡¡Siempre vuelvo a la Morfina!!!

  • Reed Rosson says:

    They along with the Grateful Dead are my all time favorite

  • Seth Kwitko says:

    23 people clearly don't speak Mark's language.

  • Andreia Fonseca says:


  • Alfred Davis Butler says:

    nothin but the truth, my friend.

  • JEF MAY says:

    OUWE!!! 2 a da greatest tracks ever! Fergitaboutit!

  • Aslan Gossett says:

    Is that a two string bass…

  • mehmet usmanov says:

    He's talking with drum, amazing!!
    And i.. have a question..
    Mark Sandman's mic is unusual for me(you speak my language part).Is it a type of harmonica blues mic? I usually see 2nd mic type.Is there anyone for answer? Thanks.

  • Wine Country Books says:

    Hurts to know Sandman is gone,not even morphine can fix that, but I am so, so happy my kid is studying sax and I can share this with her.

  • Andrés Barriga says:

    I must have watched this video at least 200 times and I still can not believe it.

  • oftenlucid says:

    Probabbly the best show I ever saw (Warfield, San Francisco). Billy Conway is one of my top 3 drummers just for his ornamentation and free spirit on the drums. BUT! I hate the editing on this clip. . . too jumpy. This is a musicians band and we want to see them play, not get all artificially excited by lazy editing. . . If you are an editor out there, give us some credit, we have longer attention spans than you think.

  • Johanna Dey says:

    They are so good it hurts….

  • Matias Gabriel says:


  • revolverr says:

    so tight. All I want is fucking and taking opiates

  • chemistryset1 says:

    Dana Colley is a fucking Boss.

  • Bogdan Milanovic says:

    the best drum intro ever.

  • Mary Todd says:

    Sandman used to play every other tues at the plow and stars. Mem: I'm walking past him to hit an ATM and go back to the pub. Sandman is unloading equipment out of the back of a car. He says, 'you should come in, it's a good club.' He was right about that. Every second tuesday nite, Sandman (He refered to himself in the third person) would play, with special guests. It seemed like he played a different instrument each nite. He was an odd person and a wonderful egotist and musician. Rock on !

  • Marie Petry says:

    R.I.P.  <3

  • Ana Virtuoso says:

    uma grande treta

  • Jesus Christ says:

    What kind of twat gives this a thumbs down??? Fools shall burn. ~ Amen.

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