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hey there everyone had this year back again with another video and in this video I want to recommend you a few books that I think personally are really amazing but hey my choice of book can be a little bit different from what you are thinking yes there are technical books that I will recommend some of them and there are some other categories of book as well that I would like to recommend you I personally feel that books are an amazing way of upgrading yourself but when it comes to latest tech sometime books are not that much available like for example right now we are working on is twelve and there is no book around for iOS twelve so these kinds of books are not available but definitely there are some good tech books and some must read books for every particular engineer or if you want to work in any IT company these are must read books now also let me make this point that books are something like your favorite color like your favorite color might be purple and somebody's might be blue and some buddies might be green doesn't means that blue is strong and green is right or red is wrong and other is right it's all about matter of perspective you like some books you don't like some of them and it's all about like that so feel free to disagree with me on these books and I'm gonna now recommend one by one a lot of them and I would like to mention that some of these are texts some of these are non tech books I'm gonna recommend all of them in case you want to recommend me some books I am fully open to that I'm not a very fast eater I like to take my time while I read a book I just read one chapter think about it like one or two days do a little bit research more on that and then I move on to the next chapter and when it's a self-development book I take my time still I just read one chapter now and then and then when I get some time I read another one so it's not like I'm a very fast read rod I don't read too often as well but due to my traveling and stuff I read a lot here so let me like him and let me get started here by recommending you some books starting with the tech books okay one quick thing I don't have all these books right now here because some of them are gone my juniors actually took some of these books some of them are at my home some of them are here some of them are at our training studio so not all the books are here but I do we'll post images and links for all these books at the bottom and of course in case you are wondering gives all the links in the bottom RM is on affiliate links it helps the channel to get a little bit know your books is not going to be expensive with my links it's just think that when you buy a book from that it helps me so in case you just want to search it on your own feel free to do that so starting with number one book I would recommend this book to all of you which is data structure and algorithm a book by Korman this is he has this exact work this is one of the amazing book I have studied it two times he has not like fully book still I haven't completed it I studied it for the very first time during my engineering yes in the Heavin in the electronics this subject was there and one next time I read it during my Master's still amazing because you know some of the subjects were there like red black trees and all of that I know I knew it very well that they are gonna come up in exam and their important topic as well so I had to study from this book only I found this book is so immense so was that it's it's almost like impossible for for me to grab all of the content in this book still a very high amazing quality book so don't just miss it in case you want to study want a little bit about data structure algorithm anything this is like by far one of the amazing book surely some topics are like not that much explained with examples and stuff but apart from that I'll go to them by is like its hands down well the best book I have ever seen on data structure algorithm you can support this book with any local author if you want to but I don't think so you need it so definitely data structure and algorithm by Corman is one of my favorite ones next book that I studied and it helped me a lot in cracking various kinds of interviews is cracking the coding interview so this one is the book the big green book one thing I would like to mention here that although this book is super amazing even helped me in cracking down the interview questions at Amazon just like a breeze but if this book takes a lot of time and lot of effort in this book is not certainly for a people who are just getting started with any programming language like Python or Java or JavaScript this book is not for you because this book talks about how you can solve the problem in five different ways and which one is the best and which one you should opt for so in case you are having no idea and you heard you don't have experience much about creating some projects and something this can be little bit scary so don't get scared give yourself some time with that programming language and after that creating like five ten or twenty projects once you understand how to solve a problem by looking into Vedas Stack Overflow and stuff then you can pick up this book to brush up your basics about data structure log em and all these things to measure the performance of your code really amazing it can help you to crack down variety of coding interviews of course it requires a lot of tests CDs backed by test cities and lot of interview questions MCQs a lot of stuff is going on there but definitely this is one of the best book if you want to prepare for any coding interviews and stuff be aware it can be a little bit scary at first I literally cried down that I don't know anything at all and this book is so scary but eventually when you spend like two weeks three weeks with this book you don't give up it becomes all easy the next book that I would like to recommend you is something that I read during my masters and this is design patterns and applying UML and patterns this is one of the very amazing book that had realized later on that yes this subject is pretty impressive amazing and helps you to do a lot of UML based things in case you are not much into the UML kind of things our use case kind of a things you can skip that but it's something that I would recommend to all the CS engineers whether whatever the branch you are studying whether that's the CS or IT in case you are doing engineering something related to computers this is gonna be super helpful for you I realized that later on probably because I was not from computer science in that and in the graduate time but during my master's it helped a lot it was suggested by my professor I literally hated that book for the very first read but eventually the book gets better the first two chapters are let me just honest the first two chapters of this book has pretty like boring and stuff but then it moves to like actual UML diagrams and use cases it becomes pretty amazing and awesome so I would recommend you to check that out in case you are doing engineering and all these but in case you want to just read it like I'm not from the background and I just want to read some programming books you can just simply avoid this the next book that I would like to recommend is from one of my one of my friend Ben fella and this book is about html5 about how you can design something on HTML and nowadays if you have heard that html5 is having canvas and you can do a lot of design patterns and stuff on the HTML only this is one of the book I would recommend not just because he is my very good friend because if this book is really genuinely very awesome I have read that I got this book it's it's really amazing one I would highly recommend but again be cautious this book is not somebody who is just getting started with HTML and CSS this book is for somebody who has made like few projects 5 or 6 projects with HTML and CSS and then he wants to explore the criteria how he can move into the canvas of html5 so this book is for those not at all for bigness if you are a beginner want to start as tml with this you're gonna hate this book so let's just be clear who is the target audience for this book so again hey Ben fella a great work with this book I highly appreciate that the next book that work that I would like to recommend you is something that I read in the second semester of my Master's is cryptography and network security by William Stallings so this is like the core and the amazing book I think right now we are having a seventh version of that when I studied it it was like fourth or fifth version or maybe maybe later on that I guess third or fourth version I'm not really sure but that was kind of time but yes it is one of the amazing book I highly recommend all of you all the security enthusiastic to just go ahead dig up into this book you will learn a lot about how these things work how the SHA algorithm works and how these WEP WPA and all these algorithms and how these actually everything the mechanism of these workable things are actually working pretty good very clear book and I don't think so that any author can make these complex algorithm any much more clearer helped me a lot in understanding the mechanism that's going behind any algorithm at all and these are not just basic algorithm these are mostly like encrypting algorithms and security related things the book also covers up a lot about kubernetes as well and and tons of other things related to Linux as well so it's really well diverse book must read for all the security enthusiastic if you haven't read that I think you are missing a lot of information so go ahead buy this book by William stalling this is like the holy grail of entire cryptography and information security I would say get started from here you'll get a lot in this book you cannot go wrong behind this book I don't know we offer personally I have never met I would love to meet him but this this book is by far the best book in information security you can ever have now moving forward I know we have discussed a lot about the tech books and video is getting longer so we need to move on to another categories of book which is my like self-development books surely if you will recommend me enough in the comment section I would like to make another list on the tech books that I have studied I have studied a lot of them so now let's move on to another category of book which is self development so the very first book that I would like to recommend you in the self-development is time management by Brian Tracy like this book actually works it it has so many intense things in advice that it can give you it just changed your entire perspective and you cannot go wrong with Brian he's a very well reputed author a really good book in case you are into time management stuff because I am quite a lot into it I I know and I really want to manage my time really almost perfectly so this is the book which changed my entire perspective so this is the one I would recommend you to get started with since we are talking about the category in self-development there is one guy who you cannot avoid which is David Allen and there is a book by David Allen known as get things done David Allen is like the most famous face on the world of books and whenever he is on the cover the book actually has got something important and something awesome in it and this is the one book which I'm quite found of which is getting things done very amazing book super productive pushes you beyond your limit has a lot of inside and tips probably I can do all the reviews individually for these books as well but right now I would say that hey just just go for this this one is also pretty amazing now apart from this there are a couple of books that I still on the way of reading it the first one is the crush it some of you have already seen that in my studio tour and I've done it with with it only just two chapters done it's it's a pretty thin book but still I take my time in reading the books I don't get much time so this is the one right now I'm reading it by Gary Vee he is putting some influential person so I just wanted to check it out so far it's like I am not into the book so I cannot tell you it's good or bad I'm just two chapters into it so I cannot make a judgement onto it another one is from a local author I picked it up from an airport this is by dr. Vijay Agarwal time management for students it's just Oh cash work it's it's like very repetitive I don't think so I'm gonna recommend it or not but it's it's you can avoid this one then there is an amazing another book which is zero to one this is about more about startups and what you should do what you should not do pretty pretty amazing pretty influential and this is not just for the startup this is about any business that you're creating any YouTube channel you are creating helps a lot in that anything that you are doing and getting started in that whether that's learning anything or anything this books really helps so I can recommend that one as well and there is one book that you can check it out this is time management by Ramesh care or I again picked it up from airport I finished it up just on one flight it was pretty good but I can recommend you because there are some really good tips for other students and big nurse so it's it's one of the book that you can find out it was really really cheap book like not in the content but in the pricing it just 175 so I think with the 175 this is like amazing information that you can get so I would recommend Ramesh kia-ora so you can grab that one another book that I have read recently is the public speaking the art of public speaking pretty good some of the good advice because I do talk a lot at conferences events even I talk a lot on YouTube as well so there are some good tips into this book I finish I have already finished this book it was during my entire Italy no it was entire my Greece trip that I did it it was pretty good I gave me some really good tips that I can apply in my day-to-day life so these are some of the books that I would recommend all of you to have a look if you want to check it out some of these books I'll put a link in the description section below some of them I just picked up on the internet so I'm not sure I'll be able to find the links for Amazon or not again if you find them somewhere else as well go ahead pick them up reading is something which is important now since last one year or so I'm not getting much time to read the books I really want to but now things are getting super busy with the YouTube stuff and recording videos and all of that but definitely I'll make that in my again in my entire workflow that I should spend some time including I'm a big fan of reading and upgrading yourself and especially you should everyone should read some books on self-development as well because it's an essential part I know I'm a big fan of coding and programming but you know you can be much more productive in learning whatever you are learning when you know yourself much better and these books opens an entire much bigger criteria of exploding yourself so go ahead read on learn more so I hope some of you have enjoyed my collection of work which is not a really big but yeah some of them which I have recently read and still do have a memory about them if you want to recommend some book to me I would be really really happy so let me know in the comment section below which book you have read recently and what are your views about it let's have an open and healthy discussion about the books it's really rare but let's have it in the comments section I'll check out each and every comment specially on this particular video so make sure you post down whatever that book is even that can be a comic because I have read a lot of them so just post down that okay so that's it for this video and let's catch up in the next one

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