My life as a programmer (my story)

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  • Clever Programmer says:

    When you purchase the course, I will manually enroll you in because I want to know every single one of you! So PLEASE BE PATIENT. After you join, send us an email at [email protected] and title the email โ€œE1K MANUAL ENROLLMENTโ€ and I will be on it as soon as I can! LETS GET YOU IN THERE GUYS! ๐Ÿ’ช

  • Gamer Gone Psychic says:

    Is this Macbook worth for 700$ ? Pls take a look- https://www.usedyetnew.com/collections/laptops-computer-peripherals-laptops/products/certified-refurbished-macbook-pro-retina-15-4-i7-processor-with-6-months-warranty

  • Affiliatepreneurs says:

    Is this course the same as the clever programmer one?

  • Kiran Hipparagi says:

    Amazing!!!๐Ÿ˜Ž After watching this video I come to know that how coding is important and how it changes our life!!! Such a NYC video !! Love from India๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’™

  • the blue ninja says:


  • the blue ninja says:


  • Aniket Mishra says:

    X = I love programming !!!
    Programming is life !!! ๐Ÿ”ฅ ๐Ÿ”ฅ

    PRINT < " X " >


  • Aryan Kumar says:

    My exams were starting within this month and I am preparing for my exams,๐Ÿ˜ฃ that's why I can't enroll in the course now .๐Ÿ˜ฅ
    Next time I will surely enroll in the course. ๐Ÿ˜‡

  • Hamna Azeem says:

    You are from PESHAWAR!
    A pride to me and a pride to us!

  • Inty Media says:

    i followed you since you published the first video. you changed your style!
    hah. good for you man! you are being real and doing great!

  • Xohetzal says:

    Just wanted to say. I am a fan of your videos. But your ad about the "make whatever amount of money after a few months of learning code" are getting on my last FUUUCKING nerve.

    Every other video I load has them and it's IRRITATING. I respect your hustle but jesus fucking christ, I don't need it shoved down my throat every two minutes. The absolute state. ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  • Hamna Azeem says:

    Im 16 now i believe location doesnt matter

    QAZI you are huge inspiration

  • #Basic Knowledge says:

    Wow Bro You From Peshawar >>

  • Arjun Dahal says:


  • Aditya Vshk says:

    My exams are starting right after 2 days i really want to enroll your course

  • Adif Dwi Maulana says:

    Qazi when the profitable programmer will be released ?

  • Saad says:

    I am totally confused about life i want to become a coder a hard programmer… please help.Whats your IG handle??

  • Zakiya Ibrahim says:


  • abood amrain says:

    You said that this course is wrong for you if you are going to do the covered thing in this course only. What do you actually mean by that? What else should I do? Also, monitors cost money, how I would have one while just completing the course with no income to have one?

  • Oumar Dicko says:

    I've started coding 3 months ago and keep trying until now thanks to your advices so keep doing what you Broo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rajat Kavalur says:

    Is there any student package to Join the program? I really wish to join it, but cannot afford for it. Please provide a solution if any available.

  • Ritikesh Panda says:

    How to get into work
    Because at the beginning u dont hve any experience

  • Victor Buch Hansen says:

    Hey Cleverprogrammer, i What just wondering What i get in your 1k course, like is it also python tuts?

  • Bhupendra Singh gurjar says:

    When the course will relaunch next time. Because I am not ready now to get enroll in the 1k with Python ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Lokesh Dingra says:

    If I am a complete beginner I don't know anything about coding then can I join this course

  • Dinesh #python says:

    I love you dood i want to learn pithon from you but
    I am just a dumb kid and i have no any money and bank account to buy your package.. I am from nepal and i really want to live free as you do

    Help me i have no support from my family and relatives, i dont care any body but i want to learn it
    For to cange my lifestyle

  • Dragan Koja says:

    can i learn everything on your cours can i become like you

  • Shreya N says:

    yours is a great achievement qazi!!! Nice song… Beautiful lyrics ๐ŸŽค๐ŸŽถ but… Right now I'm wrkng on Dev project qazi…๐Ÿจ๐Ÿจ

  • Hunting You says:

    Can anyone tell me the price of "Earn 1k wth py"
    I m learning py using sololearn app

  • Pradyumna Pund says:

    Can you keep it free for some student because I can't afford it i am from India .

  • Nils Dula says:

    It sounds to me like youโ€™re just flexing and trying to make more money…

  • Gabbi Twin says:

    Rap was not it. Distracted me and had to thumbs down. Stick to coding.

  • Kamal Mahmud says:

    I liked you more than the self-titled TechLead anyway :))

  • adnan toufiq says:

    bro u r my best inspiration guy… and i l am doing every type of problem in python….. thnx..for making every day video..

  • Mustapha El Alaoui says:

    Hi Bro,
    Your story is similar to mine, exept you have more success than me. I just starts my journey with python and work in finance. But your words are inspiring.. Thanks

  • Mohd Anas Saifi says:

    $97 is still 7,000 rs in my country… ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž

  • Salman Tahir says:

    Tell paythy on urdu for learning

  • Kashif Ali Soomro says:


  • Vincent says:

    Yoooh bro! Am learning both django and flask 4 months now… Been going on well but now i felt like giving up(coz its self learning) and also mainly because i've applied for junior software developer job two times and got rejected… But guess what?! You've just encouraged me Bro.
    Just know that you don't only code and make money out there. But you also encourage all of us who are in the verge of giving up. Thanks Qazi be blessed๐Ÿ™ now i'll be applying for the job again… I wont give up.

  • Franklyn Gregory says:

    Wtf is up with the rap

  • Larry Victory says:

    Can you please discuss more of what your course is about?

  • Neil !Armstrong says:

    Sales. Sales. Sales. Fucking love it.

  • A.R. says:

    Kudos for trying to rap! I like that you try everything from walking on a crowded street and keeping your focus to rapping about programming on YT! You inspire me to take chances!

  • SAMUEL SAMA says:


  • Andrew Nguyen says:

    Fu money like Dan Lok

  • Asm Khan says:

    I am watching your videos from last week . Your videos motivated me . I have started to learn python from that day when I first saw your video .
    I am from Bangladesh and I am 21 years old .Now I am studying with computer science and technology . I really wanted to join this program but unfortunately I don't have enough money to join or even I don't have a bank account .
    But I will follow your videos regularly . Thanks .

  • Gustavo Otaviano says:

    You help me a lot with your videos! Make one in Brazil you will love my contry.

  • dj kk says:

    yeah, that was an adorable marketing, but will not wash! so i am not buying it

  • Ali Mo says:

    Hey bro! Yet, another AWESOME video. Keep it up. I've bought the cource, earlier today, Skokie, IL. I'm so excited as from past 3 weeks ever since I've found your videos on YT, you've been very insightful. I am from Chicago, moved to Skokie, IL recently. I also went to UIC, and NEIU. Whenever you come visit Chicago, Lunch is on me bro. I'd love to do a YT video of -One day with Rafeh Qazi. Peace be with you!

  • Abdou Gherdaoui says:

    You're amazing man!

  • Brandon Johnson says:

    You just gunna flex like that I like it

  • KnineAtrip says:

    Anyway to join later I get paid next week

  • Bikon Kumar Das says:

    33200 $ for a month or a year?

  • Lesslaaay says:

    Lol, love the rap/ Freestyle!

  • theara av says:

    Cool Bro, I don't think you can rap!

  • William Judy says:

    Impress, sell, impress, sell, impress, sell…..

  • William Judy says:

    Please focus on education matter more than being a copy of these dreams sellers Thai lopez, Garry Vee….

  • Animesh Jha says:

    Was this actually a rap at the beginning

  • Praise Day-Michael says:

    Boring freestyles

  • Keerthi A says:

    Wow! beautiful house ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  • Deepesh Dragoneel says:

    Sir I really really love coding and want to join your course but I have important exams for other 1 month, please sir say me what should I do in this situation??

  • El WeB says:

    How can I start earning from programming

  • Aayush Karna says:

    i think you are showing off

  • Nitin Sharma says:

    Awesome!!! Bring it on

  • NK GAMER says:

    Your way of saying things keeps motivating me

  • Tony 167 says:

    Is it free?

  • Girish Kumar says:

    Amazing bhai, from Peshawar to LA. Truly inspirational.

  • Faizan Malik says:

    i am from pakistan and i fell shy when i see the people of pakistan to go some where else
    and after that this day pakistan is know as the terror country
    after Listen this video plz tell people of world and india we are not the terrorist
    by the way i am 15 year old

  • Nathan D says:

    What is the kind of job you do with Python?

  • Hunters O says:

    Loved your videos, but you just went straight Tai Lopez.

  • David Soto says:

    You'll be able to get Jobs'
    Afford high-end escort to get blowjobs'

    Eminem can't mess with this yo!

  • Brajesh Sharma says:

    Hello sir I wanna know how you learnt coding

  • Benjamin Liles says:

    Qazi, love your stuff, man. Seriously, I've been learning some great stuff from you. But there's a problem. If you go back on your youtube videos you'll see you stopped on the Python OOP stuff at video 6. And I was so getting ramped up, man! You had me on the edge of my seat! Plus, since you started that series off you had said at one point you would do some killer stuff with turtle and that never happened. I'm hoping you get back to all of that because I was loving it!

  • Amit Ezuthachan says:

    Respect from India ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ

  • CodetheBeast says:

    there is limit to how much you can save there is no limit to how to much you make

  • CodetheBeast says:

    8:27 this thing is the best django i love it

  • Gert Avikson says:

    you have good videos but it seems to me that i started learning too late for programming, because i am already 45 ๐Ÿ™‚ and i think if i can understand programming then no one want to any more me, because Im old now.

  • Benjamin Liles says:

    Aside from being disappointed on the whole OOP vieos, I took an old program of mine I made in C++ I made about fifteen years back and redid it in Python. Loved it! I had to look up a few things to get it working right, but I feel I totally crushed it. so, if anyone wants the code to this –

    """ Create a program asking user for hours worked

    and hourly wage that user works at. The program will

    calculate gross pay as well as net pay """

    # Ask user for hourly wage

    wage = input(" Enter your hourly wage: $ ")

    # Ask user for hours

    hours = input(" Enter your hours worked: ")


    # Converts the strings of hours and wage to float

    hours = float(hours)

    wage = float(wage)

    # Decision to be made on whether hours worked are over 40 or not

    if hours > 40.0:

    regularPay = 40.0 * wage

    overtimePay = (hours – 40.0) * 1.5 * wage

    grossPay = regularPay + overtimePay


    grossPay = hours * wage

    # Taxes to be calculated, and taken out of paycheck (only America),

    # and to convert items to float.

    federalTax = float("{0:.2f}".format(0.0 *grossPay))

    mediTax = float("{0:.2f}".format(0.0145 * grossPay))

    socsecTax = float("{0:.2f}".format(0.062 * grossPay))

    ficaTax = mediTax + socsecTax

    # Calculates net pay from gross pay, with taxes taken out

    netPay = grossPay – (federalTax + mediTax + socsecTax)

    # Last of converting string numbers to floating

    ficaTax = float("{0:.2f}".format(ficaTax))

    grossPay = float("{0:.2f}".format(grossPay))

    netPay = float("{0:.2f}".format(netPay))

    # Displays results of hours worked and wage earned

    print(" Your gross pay is: $", grossPay)


    print(" Your federal tax this paycheck is: $", federalTax)

    print(" Your medicare tax this paycheck is: $", mediTax)

    print("Your social security tax this paycheck is: $", socsecTax)


    print(" Your total fica tax this paycheck is: $", ficaTax)


    print(" Your total net pay this paycheck is: $", netPay)

    Hope everyone enjoys this rather quick program! (Had to make a small fix that I saw when I reran the program)

  • jackson george says:

    How to create a project?

  • samiya umar says:

    how much does the course cost?

  • Hassan Abdelhameed says:

    Hi, I am interested in your python course but not sure what is the best OS for python? which one do you use and recommend? thanks

  • Cyber Relations says:

    Looks like a pretty gay place to live.

    To each their own.

  • Niklesh Sibaw says:

    Wow rap..

  • Gamo Mania says:

    You are really passionate person

  • lfsalguero says:

    Where are the other videos of the 30-day challenge? Don't stop now!

  • Rudra Chauhan says:

    The most perfect and motivational
    guidance I got on YouTube. I just started programming just 2 or 2 and a half week ago and if I wouldn't watch your videos I think I would go to the wrong way buddy. Your videos make the real programmer inside me to wake up, not like others boring tutorials videos. Last think love your videos, your channel . Just keep making videos.

  • Abdullah Khan Eusafzai says:


  • Mayur Shingote says:

    Can you give your thought on Competitive Programming or Software Development?

  • DarkStarRules says:

    Qazi, I'm 14 and I want to be a programmer so I wanted to start now. I used to keep procrastinating but after watching your video from the 15th, I thought that I was wasting time I could use. Could you link me some websites where I could start to learn coding? Or any of your videos that explain where I could start to learn coding? (Python or Java Script).

  • Michael McGehee says:

    Could I just learn javascript or python or are html and css requirements when looking for a coding career? Also, do you have coding courses I can purchase online? Thank you for your time in advance. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • WheelBite says:

    So this is the tai lopez version for coding xD

  • Nasir Baloch says:

    when first time i saw your face, i have thought in my mind that this guy look like Pakistani, but then i forgot about it, and i start watching your videos then i subscribe your channel, and finally today you reveal the secret, ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜‰
    i just wanna say that, Nice bro, u r doing great job…u r such a good motivator ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜, Although I'm a front end web developer, but u motivate me to learn python, so I'm gonna enroll myself to this

  • Hedra Atia says:

    Your lifestyle is wonderful

  • Pushpa Srivastava says:

    Thanks for inspiring

  • Anupam Sharma says:

    M like you …man…. freaking mad for this lifestyle…. I will be at your position in some year bro….u have became role model brother congrats ๐Ÿ˜… luv you bro..

  • Atul Sharma says:

    Hey I am 15. Is it too late that I am starting programming

  • OMEGA A says:

    Damn you from Peshawar damn boy I'm from Rawalpindi,Pakistan InshaAllah we'll meet,I'm interested in you

  • Alan Christian says:

    flow trap program

  • Juju Barnett says:

    You're awesome!!!

  • Pavon Dunbar says:

    REAL SHIT, G!! Keep living that life and kicking that real, playa. Don't let these haters get to you.

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