My New Strength Programming | Bridging the Gap Ep.022

all right this episode bridging the gap is with him otherwise known as Mason okay so we got our program right Jeff Bridges calm and it's got all of my military my competitive programming and not not very much time not very much equipment program where you want to call it limited limited time limited equipment program and we added one last couple weeks now some of you guys been on it getting after it and the guy who's writing that that portion of the program which all of these programs come together you don't have to buy them separately when you buy the physical programming on my website you get all four of them access access to all four of them at the same time so you can pick and choose so say you're like any competitive and you decide you don't want to do anymore you want to go back to like a GPP you can go to my military style say you're on the road you don't have a lot of time or equipment boom we got to work out for you there too so you don't have to pay for a little different separate programs you get them all combined for the one low price of $29.99 so the strength portion though is written by ten here he's been crushing it canvas pens real name is Mason but somebody called me Tim so that's where the jokes coming from obviously really funny that's hilarious that's why we keep it going it's someone laugh that was got a point with you but yeah so let's go ahead and explain to them like how you're writing the program and what you know your background a little bit talk about yourself yeah so basically the programming is like it's pretty much power bodybuilding you know before I got in a CrossFit I did powerlifting strength training for just about ten years and you know it's nothing it's nothing too fancy you know what I was a kid I was always into a powerlifting my god and I would just go into the gym and be like what's to have you sing I can lift off and how many times can I lift it and and that got me a really good strength background you know obviously still being careful with form and technique not wanting to hurt yourself but you know I came into CrossFit in 2016 2015 and I was like 28 years old and immediately the strength paid off you know like for a 220 pound guy doing like like this rope cannot climb for that being one of my strengths like that that's just based off of you know pull-ups and just just one force just lifting you know it's helped at everything no one's ever like oh man I wish it wasn't that strong except for maybe in like overhead squat or someone yeah because you do need to stretch with it which I could do mine would yeah yeah I hear strength at your mobility right yeah so basically that's just what it is you know it's a there's kind of some volume cycles in there right now like the squat is more of a like a 80 percentile dislikes volume site for squat and that really pays in CrossFit a lot because we do so many reps in this we're like the deadly cycle you're on right now is just closer to like max strength deadlift and the the bench varies you know it's going to be changed out between volume strength training and then high-end strength training and then in between that you'll have you know three or four accessories to each body group and all it is is just it just it's just lifting it's a straight up muscle building and strength building each workout will probably take about an hour if you're giving about like maybe three minutes ish in between sets some of them have prescribed rest other ones you just kind of take it easy but the important part is to go hard on everyone you know every set you should be winded at the end of each day you should be sweating in the workout even though it's not a conditioning workout and so yes it this stuff's going to be based on percentages right so one knowing what about what your one Max's art is obviously going to be something crucial for you to going into these program yeah this is also something that you can either supplement into one of the other programs if you'd like to add strength alongside some conditioning or if man your mega main focus is just building strength I would just stick with this programming right it's uh it's definitely done the trick this guy is no joke keep balls which will pull 715 yeah I just PR tit oh yeah okay double weeks ago four years four years into CrossFit doing mainly cross with stab with which I'd say I'd say your strengths been stuffing the supplement someone is very lately right now like yeah yeah I even I haven't actually focused on getting stronger probably in three years and then you know finally I've kind of started up again when I wrote this programming and up here are my deadlift by about 10 pounds so I hit seven seventeen and then he backs got one which would be all night time uh 585 a lifetime for 485 bench lifetime he's done his work he's done his homework he knows what he's doing he knows how to get you strong if you want to be strong so it's a great program to follow and then you know nutrition right if you want to get strong in gain sighs what do you guys do me there right now I just kind of switched up my diet meeting between like 4,100 and 4,600 calories a day I mean it's all day long you just got a shoal it down so eating eating is a big aspect of it you can do all the work that you want to but if you're not getting the nitrite nutrients to help grow your muscles it's not gonna really help out that much so that's just something to think about when getting on this programming if you're like I this program is not working I'm not getting stronger well maybe look at what your nutrition is because it's definitely going to work you're going to get stronger so yeah anything else yeah I just say just one more thing if you have any questions about some other percentages because they do look weird it'll be like you know one add 1.8 percent or like a fifty three percent or something like that just DM me I'll let you know cuz it's all based off of my working weights and don't always look the same when you're at doing different weights but I would say round to the nearest five or 10 when it comes to those percentages just to make it easy yeah awesome so yeah you guys wanna hop on Mason Street programming Josh – bridges comm physical programming you'll get access to it along with the other three the military the competitive and the limited equipment limited time program as well so hope you guys enjoyed that leave the comments down below subscribe us know what we think if you're joined the pro if you're on the programming give Tim a shout-out you know let them know how it's going you candy them where can we follow you find family I did that yeah just instagram Flynn em underscore and then feel free to ask me whatever watches DM me though and as always don't forget in [Applause]

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