My Problem With Most "PowerBuilding" Programs

what's going on guys all my keys off here to show in my backyard no big deal got a lot of real estate here but seriously I actually used to come here as a child to this ravine and play if anyone knows in Toronto where this is leave a comment below now you guys kind of like these let's call them scenic videos where I just talk about a variety of different things he's all one take why because fuck it we'll do it live so do it right fuck it this video I want to talk about some of the problems I have with a lot of the power building programs I see out there power building is basically just a phrase to indicate that you want to build both sides and strength at the same time and let's be honest who the fuck doesn't want to do both things at once now it's kind of become a buzzword recently I'd say in the last few years just because once again everybody kind of has that goal you don't only want to look good I think Instagram social media has brought a lot of attention back to the fitness industry but also its kind of made people take on several different goals because once again it's cool to look great looking great awesome but also being able to some heavy shit now that's badass is you can combine both of them now we're talking so power building has really become popular because once again I don't know any pure power lifters that wouldn't like to be a little bit bigger a little bit more aesthetic I don't really know any body builder that wouldn't like to bench press or lift in general more weight hence power building has really taken off but what does it truly mean first a few different things I want to talk about before I critique most of the power building programs I see keep in mind I'm not going to name names just because I kind of want to preserve that anonymity so I won't name particular program names so this is general critique or in general talking about people that try and combine strength with hypertrophy okay so the first thing we definitely have to get off of our chest here is that a pure strength program is superior for getting stronger then a power building program is for getting stronger and this seems fairly obvious but if I want to get better let's say at the big-three list the squat bench and deadlift I really got a focus on that what's the big buzzword specificity which means that in order to increase those lists those big three most of your listings to comprised of those big three so a lot of parenting programs or strength programs are really focused on those big three movements power building because the goal is also to build muscle so you have two goals going off at once which do work in conjunction but not perfectly in harmony it adds more volume more variation than you would need if you just wanted to get strong at your current body weight so I'd say that a pure power lifting program or pure strength program is superior to a power building program in terms of getting stronger now we could talk about trying to build sides and this is where I'll begin my critiques us on the power building program so basically most power building programs are glorified power lifting programs with some extra curls and some extra assistance movements and that's basically it so they take kind of the base of what makes the paralytic program so focus on the big three trying to get stronger focusing on that usually using our P so you do big movements like the squat bench deadlift and then I say you know what after your bench session do some curls do some curls and we're calling a power building and that's not the case at all why well simply put in my personal opinion trying to get stronger and bigger at the same time doesn't just mean that in that same session you do it all at once I've given examples of I call the athletic aesthetic philosophy of combining both of them and I've explained in detail what I mean but you can't just add in a few movement in addition to your once again powerful thing training in power building because essentially all you're doing is strength training with a little bit extra volume and that's cool but here's some of the main problems one with power building programs they're not periodized so a pig a big gap here big hole is that all or I should say most intelligent strength programs or BAE Easter mound some sort of periodization and what does that mean there's a plan there's a trajectory whether you use linear periodization use the conjugate method give you DUP so daily undulating periodization these are all fancy ways of just saying that there's a plan to make you stronger you can't just keep adding more and more weight every single week unless you're beginner that's going to fall through so usually works in some sort of wave if you use linear if you use DUP where you'll lift more weight some weeks you'll hand you'll handle more volume some weeks you just wave it up and down and over time your average load lifted week to week increases that is basically one the central tenets of getting stronger okay problem most power building programs don't have periodization built into it you'll normally give you a rep set range and then they'll give you an RP & RP can definitely work like to share brilliant coach talks all about that but they're not implementing it in the right way there's not that periodized twelve or sixteen week plan to actually make you stronger you're doing a big movement but you don't have really any direction with those movement the second thing I want to talk about is how you train on those days and I said that before where you can't just throw in curls at the end of your bench session why well it's kind of a hierarchy when you think about it whatever you do first in a session is what you're going to be able to put the most effort into so if you do the bench or the squad or the dello first which is a smart idea that means that all your attention is going to go towards that main movement you'll put in the most amount of effort and that's where you'll grow the most from doing that main movement when you work it down on the line you've already done five six movements you're already feeling fatigued and then you throw in curls do you think the quality of that set is going to be high it's not why because you're only doing a few reps you're only doing a few sets you're doing a three by ten and that's really not a lot of volume it's really not a lot of focus at the end of the workout what you should do instead in my opinion people have used that phrase concurrent training which has traditionally been used for inter at the same time as hypertrophy but really what you should do is train differently on different days so you can have two goals the power building approach or trying to build strength and build sides at the same time one way that you can do is I think it's slightly superior is that on some days you train more like a pallet or so you have a periodized program over the twelve or sixteen weeks whatever block that you're doing but there are other days you train more like a bodybuilder what it does just mean or short a rest time more exercise variation just focusing on some of those show muscles in that way because you're dedicating days to that you're dedicating the bodybuilding days to just trying to look better from the get-go you could put all that energy and focus on your body building and on the strength days focus on getting stronger instead of just doing strength days and at the end tacking on a little bit extra volume I think this is a more superior method now how do you make this work you would increase the ball at the frequency so you would also increase the volume a little bit but frequency would be to keep frequency you increase from a normal for time per week or five times per week program you do six times per week why what allows you to spread out that volume but really focus on what you're trying to do on that day so you do three days that would be more strength focus or squat bench deadlifts those sorts of things and then three other days you'd do everything that you want to bring up so your back what you want to do a lot chin-ups want to do a lot of pull downs maybe some straight arm pull downs variation will be key and you'd be using RPE as the week's go on with your bodybuilding to evaluate how that particular portion of your training is going so guys when we talk about power building I wasn't trying to shit on anyone I wasn't trying to really critique anyone in particular just the methodology when you try and approach a lot of goals at once and let's face it we all want these goals we want to get bigger you want to get stronger you need to be intelligent with the way that you approach it don't be fooled with just programs that tack on this fancy let's call it a buzzword honestly power building I think damn this is good make me strong it's going to make me Jack maybe not so young padawan anyways that is all the time I have some people ask me about power building programs finally I will make a video on this if you like the video actually something cool we're currently developing right now myself sound like bark Quan for Chi Zen a power building program and what I want you to do I want you to like this video and leave a comment below if you want us to release maybe a free template for that we'll do that just like this video leave a comment below and I will make it happen anyways thank you so much for watching this video I hope you enjoyed the scenery I'll be seeing all you guys my rascals in that next video please eat your vegetables eat your vegetables eat your fucking vegetables

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  • Kevin says:

    I think Layne Nortons PHAT program fits this pretty good, doesnt it?

  • Barrie Squigley says:

    Yes pleath 🤓

  • Federico Ruiz says:

    Josh Bryant has great training methods

  • David Copeland says:

    How can you recover enough with anything higher than 4x frequency, and preserving the core elements of a strength program, Im doing TM and it's brought me to 145kg x 5 squat and 165x dl, I want more volume but I cant conceive myself not using the recovery days in TM for , well, recovery.I only lift 3x a week , would "powerbuilding"be like using the light day in TM for pure body building?

  • Shehreen Ladha says:

    This ravine is east end, near St. Clair a little east of Yonge?

  • Mufin Makes Music says:

    Video starts at 4:14

  • Andrew Moore says:

    Always straightforward and honest. Sometimes funny

  • Alex Miller says:

    5/3/1 with bodybuilding template of my own. BOOM POWERBUILDING. I don’t need to have 100% in my tank to do bicep curls. If you don’t compete, don’t take this shit too seriously.

    dont kill me Jim Wendler

  • Isaac Mackinnon says:

    So since David laid programs are usually DUP (except for the mock meet program and ICF 5×5) are you saying that it is a relatively superior "powerbuilding" program?

  • Akre says:

    Absolutely genius. I follow this training style, it’s such a good mix

  • Lotte Kandi says:

    what i thought powerbuilding was, was something like high intensity, heavy 8-12 rep range and forced reps if needed but with long rest periods to ensure that high intensity can carry through the whole workout as opposed to light contraction work, drop sets with light weight & sub 60 second rest.

  • igor stein says:

    What a Bollox

  • Whaitiri Matunga says:

    so what if on bodybuilding days, should you still include your usual compound lifts bench deadlifts squats just like on your strength days ?

  • trancemadmaz says:

    Also training 6 days a week which you promote causes a problem when it comes to recovery. Any ways all will be revealed in April when im ready to go online with this

  • trancemadmaz says:

    Yo Omar, Im developing a power building programme which is periodized and is alot more sophisticated with greater volume than the power building programmes you describe. Im very confident that I can debunk your video

  • Neil Neazer says:

    Song!!! Who is it!!??! Nice vid!!

  • Matt Douglas says:

    Brian Alsruhe has a great powerbuilding program. Today was my first day and it was so hard.

  • D. Felix Photo says:

    Power building had been around for years. Hell if you look at Mike O'Hearn, CT Fletcher and Mike Rashid and them that's powerbuilding. Lift as heavy as you can for as many reps, drop the weight and rep, drop set, giant set, and pause rep all in the same routine. It works. I've never looked better or lifted as much in my life.

  • Dmitri Irwin says:

    I look like a bodybuilder no matter what I do powerlifting gives me the same results genetics are genetics look at Larry wheels. I can see a guy only do bodybuilder routines but never look like a bodybuilder but instead lift like a powerlifter

  • BigW55 says:

    bodybuilder? powerlifter?
    sprinter, runner?… Athlete

  • strecharmstrong uk says:

    Makes me laugh all the science mother fuckers (Omar) they all look like shit compered to the bro scientists that don’t use “periodisation” (Chris jones)

  • boxerfencer says:

    10 min just to hear that dup makes for better powerbuilding program and not anything in the way of why?!!!

  • Kile Noe says:


  • Al Roy says:

    Or do all your big lifts for reps on your building days.
    That's always worked for me anyways.

  • Cameron Taylor says:

    You got a like for "we'll do it live! FUCKIT!!"

  • Into the shadow says:

    Bart Jung Ill

  • Jarne says:

    yess please i neeed the program

  • AKA cheater says:

    its easy, a lot of naturals train full body 3 times a week, so each workout start with heavy ass big 3, after that may be some heavy shoulder press and weight pull up, then a ton of drop sets to get the hypotrophy going. I can recover just fine with such volume in 48 hours

  • Mushin Aesthetics says:

    You cudve done a bench review

  • SquatBoxGym School of Strength With Rudy Mettia says:

    After 30+ years of this shit I've learned a lot from your young whippersnapper ass @omar

  • Alex O says:

    Omar is a fucking genius

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