NASA Programming, Hybrids, and Mermaids with Hope

you're listening to discovering truth with Dan Duvall well folks we are back on discovering truth the Damned of all and I'm very excited to bring back a guest that had done a number of incredible programs with me but well we haven't seen her in a little while her name is hope and she had just an extraordinarily moving testimony her memory recall is extraordinary concerning the things that happen in the physical realm as she was undergoing satanic ritual abuse an Illuminati programming and she talked about it she also wrote a book it's called to tell the truth and we at pride ministries are actually carrying that book at our website Bride Ministries International calm we sell a few copies that you can pick up from us you can also find her on Amazon in other places but hope welcome back to the program it's great to be here it's been too long yeah it has been a while and you know we have continued to work together hope and you have memories that are continuing to surface and you are learning things about your past now that you didn't even know a year or two years ago when writing your book and by the way I hear another book is underway yeah absolutely I feel like the Lord is telling me to go a little bit deeper even know what really deep in the last book just uncover some new things that he's been showing me and he's revealed to me so I'm I'm looking at the very beginning stages of that Wow well we're standing by and cheering you on hope now because it's been a while and because your story was so deep and covered so many subjects as you were sharing it on the podcast and by the way folks if you have not her the recordings that we have done with hope I highly recommend that you go back and find those because there is so much there and you can just find them at our podcast page of pride Ministries International comm or any of the many places that we post these programs but hope can you just take 5 or 10 minutes and walk us through a high-level overview of what what your so called parents did the kind of programming that you experienced who they were that is your so-called parents and just give us a little bit of background before we dive into the subject today sure sure so I was actually born into the Illuminati my my what I consider my mom she actually just carried the DNA I mean she was the one that that actually birthed me I she died when I was born and then I was involved in all of the I wouldn't say involved but I was pretty much tortured and abused from infancy really and it was all very secretive it was very deep I wouldn't say that I was I was one of thousands of high level in paint ultra mind-control victims very more hidden more in Kentucky and were more in the southern states had a lot of southern programming a lot of Christian programming a lot of church programming so I mean there's thousands and thousands of people that have been programmed and gone through this torture and I was one of the many people that I went through a lot of it was here in the US I did I was taken over to India and some other places in Africa but mainly was the u.s. they did a lot of American dream kind of programming that you know if I was good enough I was perfect enough then I would get rewarded to some form of freedom main goal was that I would have this knight in shining armor which pretty much they would represent as the Jesus my Jesus not not the Jesus but a human being that I would be able to get married to at some point and if I was good enough and that would end up taking over the programming and controlling me so my deepest programming was to convince me that I was completely evil and that I was uncontrollable out of control evil crazy and I needed them in order to keep from being in like that so that's what kept me I didn't get free until I was thirty years old and I've been working on that healing for the last 16 almost 17 years so it's been a really long-term me one of the most incredible parts about your story was the nature of your first years that is from 1 to about 5 because you were not really in the public at all no no it was very much in it was like a hospital setting very much underground type of setting they do that on purpose to really set the foundation of your thinking and all of the triggers and all of the code words and with people like me that were trained soldiers that they give us like our orders of what we're supposed to be doing of course all this for me I wasn't doing it willfully everything was through torture and forced but yeah the first five years was very continual torture so that later on in life they could keep me in in a normal setting like a like a house within you know a middle-class subdivision to where people wouldn't be aware that was so programmed by the time I was five that I knew how to act and how to have a thing how to be in order to appear like everyone else and they do that very strategically you know every single move that you make is torture like for example if I was to breathe like they told me when I you know when I could breathe in how I could breathe and speaking like when I could speak and how I was to speak every tiny little detail that you can even imagine they control and they manipulate and they use to really create their own human robots to do what they want you to do my gosh well folks today we are here because hope has a whole new set of memories and she wants to talk about him and so I'm gonna introduce this subject because she is here to talk about NASA and NASA's programming specifically and and at the outset of this the only thing I want to say is that when it comes to government agencies many of our government agencies are deeply infiltrated we're going to learn this includes branches of civilian government and military u.s. Navy Air Force Marine Corps army oh my goodness there is a lot of deep darkness yet through compartmentalization not everyone is implicated that is part of these organizations and you know I just want to say that because I want us to always maintain a balanced view when it comes to these kinds of subjects regarding actual human beings and people but but at the same time expose the darkness for what it is and you know hope man you know you have a lot to say about NASA the National Aeronautics and Space an association and I want to just open it up with this question why do you believe that these memories have only just recently surfaced well I mean you take a person that every pretty much every day I was tortured I mean I was tortured every day and it may just have been follow-up torture and programming but there was some form of torture every single day and rape and other things but you take a person that's gone through that level and I went through that for 30 years and you you think about the peoples and normal memories you know I thought a smell a picture anything can bring out what would be a normal memory for someone else but for me and for those who have been through what I've been through they're all bad memories I mean everything because it was bad and it's not an exaggeration that was bad every second of every day so the Lord has shown me that it's kind of like that the thing that people talk about about the onion and how you peel it back well I've got a huge onion and there's lots and lots of layers and so he's not going to give me all of everything that I need to be here from all at once like I said I've been on this journey for 16 17 years and it's gotten better and better and better I'm I'm better than I've ever been in my life as far as like being able to go to a normal job and being married and you know having ministry you know that kind of thing so it's a continual journey of healing it's just another level it's just another layer of things and I think that this is you know just now surfacing because it just was too much for me to handle before because it was so intense and so terrorizing to see some of the things that I saw and they practically made me think I mean they did make me think that if I ever shared this that people was would think that I was crazy and lock me up would be going back there you know and so there was just lots of program to keep this hidden and as I each layer has come off it's like it gives me more and more freedom to allow those parts to come out to allow those memories to come out to where I feel safe enough that even if people don't believe me if they think that I'm making it up because there's a lot of people that do but then I'm okay with that because I know that I know that I know that I'm I went through that like I have the emotions I have the feelings I have about all that there's no reason why I would pick up things that are so torturous and so painful and just are like just even preparing for this today was very very difficult I mean it's if your mind doesn't want to go to things that are extremely painful I have no I have no reason to do that other than it being real I mean I just I don't I don't get a payoff for this you know I'm not making millions of dollars by sharing my story so no you are not you are very brave so next I want to ask what were the age categories during which you experienced the bulk of the net the programming most of NASA program like the deep foundational programming was when I was a little probably about 4 or 5 something that but it that actually continued on throughout they did more like corporate programming to where they would take you back and it would be like a week at a time or something like that and they would you know just reinforce all those things and new technologies and new programming that they had that's where they would test that I also it was a continual thing that periodically would happen so you received in other words the foundation of the NASA programming while you were still in the underground facilities between the ages of one and five yes they kept reinforcing it with like week-long we could almost call them field trips or yes definitely you get it that's exactly the way it was and that's really kind of the theme of what they did like all the foundational stuff they did when I was really little but then they would follow up like especially even as I was starting to kind of break down my program was breaking down then they took me places and extended period of time tried to reprogram me so that's kind of how they worked he say wants you to be out and open doing what they want you to do because they make a lot of money and they have a lot of control in their hierarchy if people see that you're actually a functional soldier a functional impale it's really they get prestige really a horrible hideous prestige but that's what they they think so let's get into the details hope tell us about some of the types of programming that was involved well pretty much at the root of as we've talked about a lot previous of this they how they create all those denial parts is with really really intense pain that you can't get away from where your mind has to has to go away for example one memory that I have is being put on a the machines that they train the astronauts on were it it goes very very fast and it flips you upside down and around and spins you around and they would put me on there and it would just make me really really sick really really dizzy and if that's done for a really long time it's very very painful and so they would use that thank you you know if you get sick then something's going to happen to somebody because you can't control yourself and they would follow up with that you know they would electrocute someone in front of me or do something to hurt someone else so then of course I thought that you know because I'm evil because I'm bad that's why that happened and so that reinforces that you know I needed to be there because I'm so bad and so evil and I needed those things I really literally thought that I needed like a basic need needed to be tortured because I just was terrified of myself because they had that that's the whole basis of my programming and then they you know there's a soul for me a lot of the fear and terror that I had was to be alone because if I'm alone then I don't know what I'm going to do to somebody or how I'm going to hurt somebody and so they you know they set up differently some to give you reasons like it's somebody that's dead and then they said well you did that or they would have a video with somebody that looked like me and then they said well you know that was you you were out of control we were out of round and this is when you did it when he killed that person and so I just was terrified of myself and another way that they really would train your mind to split off was since it was the NASA thing it was like a false sense of importance that they wanted to do in a way – because they wanted you to think oh well you're part of this you know this experiment or this going to the moon like you're you're important and for a person that's never it's been treated like an animal any kind of importance is like you pray that you know and so they would dress you up not just me there's other lots of other victims that they would dress you up and they they dress me up in a like an astronaut suit I'm not sure if it was a real one or not but they they would put us in a in a really really dark room and then it would have the lights around so literally because you've been in such a secluded area you don't know anything your kid you don't know anything else you don't know is this space or you know where am I like I don't know and so it would look like the stars and all that and of course they had the gravity thing where they can even go anywhere and do like fly away where they they put you up in the air you know but and so literally I thought I was in space like I thought well I'm by myself alone you know and so it'd be a really dark room with those lights and then that and then pretty much any the torture they did with me they would normally have some like some type of speaker or something going on to where they would say things and they they I would think that was God through them through the speaker you know telling me that he was he was you know really paying me back for being so simple and all the things that they wanted men to think about God for all of us we we thought that NASA was worth God lived I mean that's what they told us confidence there and that's where he lived and you know all the things that were happening to is just it was God's orders for that to happen to us so you know if you think that God's doing that to you then how are you gonna question it you know you don't question that and so pretty much they would make your mind I mean when you are in an isolated place it's it's extreme torture but be by yourself a long periods of time and in a dark room in that and you just think you're somewhere in space and nobody's ever going to find you and so your mind just it splits off to try to to endure what you're enduring and so pretty much they use that as leverage you know hey if you if you tell anybody about any of this we're going to tell them you know you're crazy you nobody's ever going to believe you and so we could actually feel like there was glass you could feel the glass but you you know you couldn't get out so it's just a very terrifying it makes you question everything it you know are you crazy or what's wrong with you and so you know that's something that they continually do and it yeah go ahead I have a question here when you were going through this programming was it primarily overseen by the people that claims to be your parents or were they turning you over to others that were overseeing this program at the NASA facilities I mean it was really like it's raining corporate settings where there was like the main people were there in charge and so they would tell all the programmers what to go and do with the victims and so there was tons of programmers there was also and they were you know they were doing it willfully it's not like they didn't have a choice but then they had the leaders over that that were kind of in the front that were in charge of it it really looked like more of it like a training like that you would go to and it just continually learning new ways to program people's minds store they can split off and be a better better soldier and perform better you know there are a number of NASA facilities around the u.s. do you have recollection of which one or ones you are likely to be programmed at or not that's not really available to you um honestly I I don't I never ever when I was traveling anywhere knew where I was going they made it very very very like I never knew where I was going but since I've been getting healing I'll go into a specific area and memories will flood through and so then I know hey this is obviously an area that I was torture then because it's like there's different demons and territorial spirits and I could just feel it in the atmosphere and then all the the pictures and the flashbacks and all that come back so I know I was definitely taking Florida some of the other southern states and I think they have like remote places even that are not outwardly NASA you know so but even even though once they're really NASA they all underground and like you said before you it's just like with Disney or any of those places where I was tortured like there's some really people have no idea that's going on you know out and open like the people that are working the normal kind of jobs in in in view you know they don't know that that's going on but there's very very evil going on under the surface it's very classified stuff and it's really literally underground so Wow now you also dealt with programming involving holograms and markers can you describe what that was well like we were talking about it was like a training the corporate times and I was taken there in in some of the Foundation's stuff at the beginning they would always have like a it looks like kind of the military screen up front but then they would also cause it to be more hologram light so that you would actually be given orders in specific things that you're supposed to do through those Holograms it would look like kind of look like a computer screen really but in more in a hologram kind of space and it's like either like if you turned your head different ways it would turn along with it so they built those things specifically so that you can really get away from any of the orders and stuff that they wanted you to follow through with and it's one thing that I did leave out as far as you know they create kind of like a it's like I alternate universe like I know that sounds crazy but it's just you know the reality is there are portals in the spirit round and they want you to go through that and go into that alternate space where they can do a lot of communication there because you know with the information they have about frequencies and things like that there I mean radio is TV raise it waves all a different ways that are going on but they have their own specific frequency that they go on to communicate in so it's kind of like an alternative universe I know the only way I really know how to explain it sometimes I do not like any kind of sci-fi stuff because it's too real for me there's a lot of it is it's real you know it's just but hasn't like stop less so I know we watched an interstellar one time and the difference where he was in an alternate universe and kind of came back to the present that's the only way I really know how to explain it it's kind of as for projecting out and going and getting the information that they want you to get and for me it was what's going on with the spirit realm like what or the Angels doing like order the churches doing and their prayers and stuff like that they could tailed that I was kind of more open to that because I don't know I just feel like that the Lord would somehow was he's shown the distance in like saving my spirit like he got maybe different things throughout that kind of helped me to see even though it was years and years and years later for me to even be would make a choice on who you know to accept him but like that he's out there and so I think they use that against me to go to do the ice protection go out in and get the information and bring it back to them so it's kind of like a different like a different portal and they do that a lot with the nice experience it the NASA experiments and things that they're doing the Clintons are very important that specifically Hillary Clinton she's pretty much over that and she's got some they've got different faces and you know that they're going to now because they didn't work but um yeah yeah that she's over a lot of them now with the NASA programming and certain public figures what's the connection between like the program and you received at NASA and what happens with certain public figures is it was this like an operation to create the execution of certain missions in people if certain things were to happen with certain public figures yes absolutely so recently and we talked about a little bit about this I have a lot of swans soldier programming it's specific type of intelligence but not just know a lot of the monster but it contains a lot of this stuff with like Gloria Vanderbilt her symbol was a swine and she's of course the Vanderbilt and I had tons of memories from the Biltmore mansion and all that but they were very involved as far as an Illuminati and so the media plays a huge role I mean Anderson Cooper he is connected because he's trained to go out there put this information out there but the media is very involved and they have specific those that are tortured victims and those that are just that's their job to go out and put specific information so it triggers all the soldiers so that we'll know exactly what that what's the next mission and all the different things that may just be one one word for me it's it's a different thing like there was at one point there was a fly by the Statue of Liberty and so that I knew what phase we were you know like it's just just different things but you've already been program and they give you the orders through the Holograms but like recently with Gloria Vanderbilt dying and then there was some desk media figures it was just a very clear signal to us and that of course now I'm not going to fall through that but I know of that because I was programmed about cuts but that the next phase is taking place and it's just it's a marker and and even like the lady that showed up at the law and all white in was saying it talking about all the children and how they were in pens and pages it's just another thing for us to say hey you know if you don't do what we told you to do we're gonna put you back in cages we're gonna put you back where you know you originally we're at and that's that that's why they part of the reason why they do all the foundational stuff just because they don't want to be so terrorized to ever have to go back there and you'll do whatever they tell you to do so you know there's those markers of what phase you're actually in and their plan really taking over and doing what they want to do in this country I'm glad you're just taking the time to break all of this down and explain it because I'm truly this is a reality that I mean people on the outside have a hard time accepting that there's a whole population of individuals in the United States that aren't just being manipulated by mass media mind control but are programmed to interpret certain things that happen in the media in such a way as to shift into a different mode of engagement out of their programming and so their response to political figures their response to political positions that you know vote even voting patterns are being manipulated by their mind control and and as there is a director that you know or direction– that's being established from those that stand behind you know the news media and even even different mainstream movies that come out you know they're trying to produce a response in a programmed population and for those of us that on the outside we can't understand that we just think you know especially for those of us that are waking up you know all are being unreasonable it's like why do you get so locked in your cyclical thinking but for some people it's not even a choice that what was it's what was perpetrated on them absolutely well and you know for for us that something that was programmed from the from birth or in the womb really and you know they do that also do that with just mainstream people I mean like the way they'll say the words it's very trance inducing or the words that they speak and they say it over and over and over so there's different ways that they try to also control people or try to desensitize them – and one of those ways is for movies if you see recently there's so many movies that are about NASA and about the Space Center thank you yeah yeah there's a lot and I believe honestly I believe this is my prayer at least is that as they're in this draining a swamp or you know that's the kids race but as they're exposing the Illuminati really it's what it is the third guinea you're coming across some really really evil stuff and I think they're aware of a lot more in so I think that the Illuminati is really doing everything they can to try to the whole population as a whole to where they get their minds so programmed to think that oh this is like just make-believe this is not something that really goes on this is in the comic books or this is spider-man or this is you know all the different like there's a Lucy and the stars that's come out recently where she's like supposedly losing her mind and and then get out there's lots of astronaut like hypnosis kind of program and in that movie I didn't watch these movies I just even seen the trailer and it like totally brought up tons of degrees for me so I mean they're just in and I don't sit around and just think oh that's it or that's it it's just automatically Marie's when I see this as automatic memories that that surface and you know it's just it's really sad that so many people think it's just oh that could never happen or that is where were they making these things out from you know what I mean where do they get this outrageous stuff from it's because it's it's real and it happens you know they might take it to an extreme and some of them Marvel comics and stuff like that just to try to make make it look like if people were to come out until the truth like I'm doing that were just nuts but unfortunately it is going on and it's has been for a really long time well I'm beginning to you just absolutely switch so far to the other side of this conversation folks where it's just like you know for me I listen to people tell their memories and I'm like oh you actually have a basis in reality all these people that literally cannot accept or acknowledge what's staring us all in the face you're the one that should probably get off of your meds and the real world you know anyway I really don't feel like I'm the crazy person in the room hope most of the time I just do not I feel like I'm very lucid and very sane I mean like the more healing that I get the more I feel like hey I am like I mean you don't have all this stuff but like that freedom of like hey I know what's going on here like I'm not being tricked and and just deceives like I truly know why these things are happening like so it's just so you know and I mean we just go through the list right they use Holograms to harass people oh it sounds like we should medicate you know sounds like we should medicate you person you just don't know what they're you actually are totally outside of the realm of reality oh they you satellites the target people oh you're crazy oh really you think that they don't have satellites in the air you think they don't know how to use those frequencies to tap into your brainwave signature which they have documentation all over you can look up patents u.s. patent for all this no but I'm the one that's crazy you're the one that's crazy you alright I did it but but you know it's nice that we kind of this conversation along and you know it's it's time that the rest the world woke up to what we're already saying I'd so appreciate you hope now I want to say this you're coming back to something that you said which was very significant you said that the Clintons are very involved from your perspective and the whole NASA programming piece how would it have affected your healing journey and and it's kind of a this is an opinion question so but how do you think it would have affected your healing journey had she been elected oh wow I mean you saw me I was a basket case really when all that was going on like the whole election and all that I was terrified because I had been so programmed that when she got elected that I would have to carry out some pretty horrible I mean now I didn't willfully do these things with all these members who are coming back in this terror of what I was gonna have to do if she got elected because all of all of those have been trained as soldiers in you know really robots in their army or whatever that we were gonna have to carry out some pretty horrible things and not because we wanted to but because people would get killed or we would be tortured or you know so yeah I was I was terrified I really really was even though even though logically I knew hey I'm free now it's still all of those that fear that they had programmed into me of what came what was going to happen next because all of this is programmed to enter you at when you're little their plants have not been oh well maybe next year we'll do that this plan has been like decades after decades after decades I mean they've been working on this and that's why they've been able to get as far as they can and that's why I say you know to think that they don't have cross genetics like human and animal cross breeding and genetics and cloning and all that is really been in huge denial because they've been working on this for a long long time to deceive and manipulate and specifically you know I know from the program that I went through they're targeting the normal population with all the frequencies from the silicon cell towers of the the sugar that were in the genetically modified foods in you know the program on the TV all of these things to really get us to where we can't use the entire brain of Bethel or created for us to where we're numb down toward when only use just a fraction of what the Lord has given us I mean why do you think that is like it's because they want to be the people that use their entire brain and can take what God created for good and use it for complete and total evil all I mean they're using their entire brain because they've not been numb down they know how to do that and they numb down people so that we aren't the ones that are creating good things for us we're not creating like things that will prosperous it's all these things that are you know for them to be in control unto so that's really where all of that is coming from so continuing a little deeper NASA programming involved not just you know the machines where they'd spin you and the isolation and all this they also did a lot with computers and attaching you to computer and other people to my understanding you talk about some of that programming sure sure so pretty much my whole like I've been like terrorized of computer I like I've just been a really really extreme fear of computers and I had a lot of programming about computers because they try to as you know I'm sure you've talked a lot about it on here but like they try to kind of construct a program computer inside of you to where they can do whatever they do and you respond the way a computer would specifically one thing you how they do that I mean you have the ones that are kind of the governmental leaders that are in front and have a huge computer screen I'd say it looks more like it my military kind of screen computer screen which is much more advanced than the normal computer screen like we would see and then they also have smaller computers and all of the victims are hooked up to the computers and then they're connected to their specific programmers normally it's always they're always doing some portable electrical shock through those computers to get you to look a certain layer or act a certain way or do a certain hand signal it's just a lot of electric shock which is very very painful and intense and just not really hideous but and then they add in the manipulation they'll connect the program some programmers will connect themselves to the computer and begin to like they're being tortured like they're going through the same thing that I was going through they're being shocked and so that point there's always somebody saying with them and other people saying in more of a group kind of setting saying you know you caused this you're the reason they are being tortured how can you be the victim if they're being tortured you know because that means that means you're the evil person you're actually torturing them and you're you're the programmer and so it's just a just a crack just a horribly crazy feeling because you know I'm not wanting to do that like I that's not what I want to do like so obviously I'm doing something I don't even know that I'm doing you know and so it's just it it's score find and then as I go into it then they'll just begin to laugh and and say and so then you don't know are they really being tortured are they not being tortured as I worked through those memories or to show me they being tortured at all they were just faking it the entire time because they started laughing and it was just to get me to think that another way to get me to think that I was evil and I was horrible and to die it was always a full you know we deserve you doing this for you know you should do this for us because look what you did to us they really always use that heart of compassion against me they've always tried to use that against me and make me think I was crazy because if you think you're crazy and evil and you don't want to make crazy and evil you'll do anything so what he tells you I just saw I thought I had to endure these things like there wasn't any other way and then you put on top of that wall this is where God lives and God someone said for this to happen well then this is like in a way it's like this is my service like this is what I have to do and then they take it even another farther they always pair you with somebody that they've allowed you to bond with just partially for me it was a younger brother even though he probably wasn't I don't think we were probably biologically connected it was someone that was close with me in the house that they had put me in and kind of I was more of like a mother figure I always had to take care of them and I felt responsible for protecting him and they do that on purpose especially those that have that strong compassion or that strong wanting to protect they really find out what your weaknesses are even though that's a plus now but for their it was a big weakness because they were able to use against me so they began to torture him and shot him and I'm it at that point like I could endure what I had to go through but if you look at somebody that you care about and you're supposed to be protecting and they're going through that it's like I would do anything that they tell me to do to keep them from having to go through that because you know he's screaming out like because they told him I'm the reason he's putting out the whole time like you're doing this to me why are you doing this to me and so that was the probably the worst torture you know when they do that because they only you have no connection like recently we've been working through that how to even be connected in home self you know but you have no connections very very lonely but they allow you that connection when they do that it's very very strong and it's the last thing you ever want to see is somebody that you're supposed to be protecting get hurt and so that was really really hard but they they know the human brain and they know every the ways to control it and so that that's continual so they're using the computer screens really to make a computer on the inside so they push whatever button they want to push and you do what they tell you to do no matter what and I have encountered to me time after time after time these you know computers on the inside or you know that the survivor is the computer and then there's a hookups to external computers folks it you're gonna get into this kind of work helping survivors get breakthrough you're gonna have to get used to dealing with computers and synthetic technologies matter of fact I have a prayer you know my book prayers to shake heaven and earth it's called freedom from synthetic genetics and I will tell you hope and I worked on that there in a sense because we were trying to get her a breakthrough and I had to figure that language into the renunciation and the prayer in order to get the breakthroughs then we have expanded on that a whole lot in advanced prayers that shake heaven and earth which as of the recording of this will be coming out in a couple months we have a much more thorough prayer addressing the synthetic kingdoms and dealing with the technological component of the programming and it's it's a real thing absolutely I mean I I say though its prayers every day thank God for for that book and for the new book that's coming down I mean not just for for people been through what I've been through but other people that aren't even aware of things that's going on around them mm-hmm know we hope and we were working on some things and NASA came up and so did merfolk which for those of you that don't know is a basically an all-inclusive term for mermaids and mer men and I was absolutely shocked that this began to come up is I would have never in my mind made a connection between NASA and the underwater spirit Kingdom but here we were and so hope I want to let you unpack this okay these were your memories and you want to talk about these things and so folks just get ready get ready get ready yeah it's it's difficult to believe that thinks in of the things that they do but so I've had a lot of memories with one specific female actor I was pretty well known and though there was a lot of shape-shifting this was actually in NASA they do a lot of experiments underwater type of experiments because there's so many portals and so many demons that they can channel through water and then they have you know as far as frequencies and all of that all the different rooms with that that so they did a lot of underwater experiments a lot to genetically crossbreed especially in with amphibians and some of this is just cause through this they cause a lot of terror because you see a lot of the genetic crossbreeding that they do as they're trying to come up with this like superhuman type of being that in it's all in a quest to really have the upper hand in this world they want to have they think they have the bloodline so they want this superhuman ability and so they see a lot of it through cross genetically crossbreeding with different types of species like specifically in Finian's when I would see things that were genetically cross bred when I would see those things I would like literally think I was losing my mind like is this real but I saw it you know and but they did a lot to try to make me think that I was crazy like that I was hallucinating that I was like they did a lot of program with me on having some mental illness but I know what I saw and I know but they were doing that and that's how that they were some of it was shape-shifting with my spirit because I literally saw people with like thins some of it was shape-shifting I think some it was the genetic cross screen and trying to come up with that wait so a lot of that was going on because they they really have a hatred towards God and so anything that's in its pure form of what he created they hate and so they're wanting to be God and they come up with their own superhuman species and you know st. gives them evil and excite to all those things and they're open to anything so when you were in the underground NASA facilities you're saying that there were either rooms or or tubes or actual physical storage structures where the hybrids were being kept and you saw them yeah they were like tanks okay water like tanks but not huge but like I could see through it with the water and everything and for me and every time that they did anything like that they would normally put something on me to where I would think that I had turned into something that they liked that I liked whether it was them shape-shifting with werewolves or you know with wolves they would put something on me to make me think that I had turned in somebody back with this they did the same thing like that's been on your legs but I did say that and it was very demonic looking like very evil in in the facial figures and so yeah unfortunately that that is definitely going on and it's not just I mean recently there was an exposure in just if you look up humanized mice you just google it you're gonna you know an open that they've been doing this for a really long time I mean and they are very open about it he look on the on on the internet they talked about it didn't open and so anyways Chum found out about it and he shut it down but they were using aborted fetuses to cause these humanized mice and so I think little leaks like that or happening I don't think because they want us to get kind of used to those kind of things but it's not the only thing that's going on there are very very evil people and they've been using that crossbreeding for quite you know for a really long time so it's happening and there's you know it's out in the open now and it's just a lot deeper than what people realize it's they're using they've been using federal money to do that so so there you are four five and other ages seeing these hybrids in these underground facilities there's a movie that came out I didn't see it it was called the shape of water I don't know if you thought or if you're aware of it I didn't see it I saw I saw just like a trailer of it that's it I mean that's that's basically just putting it out there like Oh dead by the way this hybrid we're making yeah yeah I mean that's that's the type of thing it is it really is and it's the reason they do those movies is because they don't want people to because things are being exposed and they don't want people to know what they're doing because they have an upper hand and you know what else that they are putting out there I was just shocked over I mean I haven't really I I was actually giggling in because it was so funny to me to think that like this stuff is going over people said I I took my wife to see Godzilla because I'm like see what they're doing now this is me they're gonna you know blow up a bunch of City whatever I know exactly what they're gonna do here they're all sane but in this most recent Godzilla movie they have this massive reptile appearing and disappearing on different places on the map look in the world and so the scientist is sitting there talking about why he's like well let me explain he's going in and out of deep underwater portals using tunnels going through Hollow Earth it's all real and the only one that's confused is all these crazy people right we talked about absolutely no I mean that's that's like that's an interstellar it's that it's that crossing into another round and you know just going in out of that it's work or spirit being like and there's not just a good spirit being you know there's not just good there's able so of course they do that I mean it's a twist everything that's good and use it provide I don't know that this is related at all but I am going to ask you about this because we're on a subject of NASA there's a lot of debate did NASA actually go to the moon and most of that has to do with the actual tape that the American public was shown and all of the weirdness and I'm not sure if you're you've seen like some of the breakdowns of the video and why stuff doesn't make sense right I don't know if you have an opinion on that but since we're on the subject I'm simply going to float the question I am I have a lot of programming about the whole moon thing because really that they use a lot of program and use a lot of denial with that along with like like I told you putting us in them in kind of a secluded thing that make us feel like we were in space and they would always say you're going to the moon and we're never going to be able to find you which created a lot of Terror because you think you're out somewhere and nobody knows where you're at and God definitely doesn't care so I think there's much more probably memory wise that I haven't gotten to that really crazy kind of family and when I start getting feeling that there's more memories that are probably going to surface I know that they used like said that piece of that book that children's book I love you to the moon and back there's one that's from like 1990 something but it was always used as a denial method of double moon thing like The Twilight Zone you know where they did the whole story with the Twilight Zone of whether they to cause confusion and feeling crazy about if they went to the moon or not and then just so they they made a lot of confusion they created on purpose a lot of confusion about this stuff with them going to the moon and back in I know Tesla he's very involved with all the space he has this new thing SpaceX and thirty three billion dollars you know sending people to Mars supposedly and he's very involved so there's a lot more deep things going on there so no counts born with all of that I know that there's good people some good people a mess up with them I know there's a lot of evil – so not really sure what truly went on with all of that Wow yeah you know I am on the subject I was always very convinced I'm like anybody that thought that we didn't go to the moon like that was just absolute pure conspiracy nonsense so I started watching some breakdowns of the video I then later concluded no they know exactly how to get to the moon I've actually talked to so many people that have memories from the moon no involved in projects they're not using rockets to get there they're just using the anti-gravity craft there are faces there and all kinds of other stuff lots of stuff on the Dark Side of the Moon but I think I think now would probably happen with the video was they created that for the purpose of creating confusion meanwhile all the stuff with the Moon is going on and it's hidden from public sight to people what's going on don't do that specifically in a program to cause a lot it confuse them about if people have gone to the moon or if they go to the moon you know just a lot of confusion about that so obviously there's a lot of stuff that they're trying to hide with that normally when they try to cause confusion there's something bigger that they don't want people find out about or to expose man well hope is there anything that we didn't ask about specifically that you want to add to your expose on the subject really covers a lot of it I mean I think that there's probably is still not a lot but the Lord is wanting to bring out and mean that he's feeling and I think I'm still in the process of healing some some other things because it was such a huge part of the programming that I went through I I've gone to so many memories I mean the Lord has brought back so much but a lot of the things that people just would reject and don't believe and that feeling of like I'm crazy they use a lot and so I think there was a lot still he wants well I guess we're all in the healing journey but I just encourage people to really be aware and ice the Lord what he wants to show them about like the agenda that they have right now and why they're so focused on NASA because I think there's something that they're wanting to cover up into obviously but I think that there's something more that they're wanting to keep from the public from knowing so the more that we're aware and we're seeking word on it the better specifically you know with the FOB g6g and all these things that are coming out I think a lot of it is to try to contain people and they're thinking really and so I think a lot of that is it's based in NASA and experiments that we're doing Wow well at the end of the day praise God for Jesus absolutely hope I I wanted to say thank you thank thank you for breaking all of this down thank you for being courageous enough to continue on your healing journey and to continue to put the stuff out there you know it takes a lot of guts and I say that every time I bring a survivor on the program it takes a lot of guts to do this and folks you know you into these programs you listen to my guests you don't know what it costs them personally to get up here and to talk both before the recording and after the recording you know there's resistance on both sides blowback I mean the emotional rollercoaster that can surround doing this it can be pretty intense and so you know I I just bless you hope and thank you so much for your courage thank you you know I I before I started this today it was like the Lord was really shown me you know public I was showing me that to try to see people in people that have been through what I've been through like you can look at somebody and not really see the wounds like but underneath all that there's tons of wounding and hurt and everything and to try to really look past the outside and like really look at what God you know what Papa God sees and to have try to have compassion for each other because we're you know we're all and my journey in for some people it's a lot harder than what you think so well folks that's it for this week so until next time god bless you've been listening to discovering truth with Dan Duvall be sure to subscribe to our channel like our video and share this with friends this podcast is a production of pride ministries international visit our website at bribed ministries international dot-com to enjoy the bride ministries church the bride ministries institute free resources and to support us financially