Neck loops: a short demo

– A lot of assistive
listening devices come with the headphones. – Well, I have hearing aids,
so I tried one of these and I get feedback in my hearing aids. – Okay. – Just doesn’t seem to work well for me. – Right. – And if I take my hearing
aids out and use that, because I have a profound hearing loss. I can’t hear as well. – Right. – Won’t be able to hear
in my hearing aids, so. – Okay. Then you would want to
request a neck loop. You have a telecoil in your hearing aids? – Yes I do. – Okay. – And what’s a neck loop? What does this do? – This will send up a magnetic signal to your hearing aids to pick up without headphones. Because headphones go on
and I know I get feedback. I get that high pitched squeal
that drives everybody crazy. And I still can’t hear. (laughs) But that drives, um, so I
can’t use headphones either. The more high powered hearing aids are, the more feedback you’re
going to get from them, from using headphones. And another thing I often
get with those devices is earbuds. But if you’ve already got
something in your ear, it’s not going to work. So, if I take out my hearing
aids I lose all the programming ability with them. So, my hearing aids to
equal out my hearing when that comes out and
I just put in ear buds I lose some of the sounds that I would through my hearing aid,
so I use a neck loop too. – Okay. So how does this work? – So you would power it
up, and it just sends the signal up to your hearing aids. You do need a dedicated telecoil program. T-coil, sometimes it’s called T-coil. And the only way to know
that is if you go to your audiologist and ask them
for a dedicated program. Some people. 70 percent of hearing aids have telecoil, so some of them don’t. And if, there’s two kinds
of programs you can get. One where you. – What is a T-coil? I mean how does that work? – So, it’s a tiny copper
coil in hearing aids that pick up magnetic signals. – So, it’s like almost like a radio? – No, it’s not a radio. It is a magnetic signal. It’s more specific. – So, will this work with FM systems? – Yes, it’ll work with anything
you want to plug it into. It’s the same as headphones,
it’s the same as ear buds. The neck loop will fit into any audio jack that headphones can. So, it will work it’s just made
to go to your hearing aids, instead of over your hearing aids. – Okay, so the signal
goes to my, the telecoil in my hearing aids. – Yes. – And then I can hear. So you can use it with the phone? And where else would you use? – The neck loop you
can, there is a device, if you don’t have Bluetooth
capability but you have a telecoil you can plug
this into like the cellphone. Turn it on, it also boots the
volume up, and it sends up the phone call into both ears. And that’s very helpful
for me because, you know, my hearing’s so bad that
one ear is a struggle, with both ears it’s a little bit easier. – Okay. – There’s different kinds. You have to make sure if you
want to use it with the phone, that you have the microphone on it. – Okay. – That neck loop does not have microphone. – So that’s why you have to
plug it into an FM system? – You can plug it into FM
system, you can plug it into your phone, to listen
to music, or videos, or whatever. But you can’t talk into it with that one. So you need a separate one. And neck loops also look like this. There’s all kinds of
different ways they look, but basically they all
lay around the neck. And they can plug into any audio jack. – Okay. So neck loops only work with T-coils? – Yes, if your hearing
aids don’t have a telecoil then they won’t work. And you will have to try with earphones. No, headphones. – Okay. – And sometimes there’s
different headphones too that might work differently
with hearing aids. Like this has got padded, so
maybe hearing aids will fit into that better without
feedback, or maybe it will. The best bet is always
to ask for hearing aids with both telecoil and Bluetooth. I know you enjoy your Bluetooth. – I do. Um, I know with the Bluetooth,
I have a program on my phone where I can connect to
my phone, my smartphone, and be able to, if someone
calls me it goes directly into my hearing aids. And also if I’m playing videos or on my phone it goes directly. I can listen to music. And so that’s the great
benefit of Bluetooth. You know, along with the telecoil. You know, you have the opportunity. – Bluetooth works really
well for personal devices, your laptop, your phone, your Ipod. It’ll work good for that. So when you pick up a
device at a large venue, make sure you have, ask for the neck loop. As long as you have a telecoil. – Okay, so what are some
places where you could use an FM system? – A recent development
with the ADA has required venues to do neck loops. Because not all of us can
use earphones, headphones, or earbuds. So now all venues have to have at least one to four neck loops in there to make it compatible with our hearing aids. – Okay. – We have a lot of neck
loops here at the center that you can try. And there’s several different
varieties and if you want you can come into the
center here in Taylorsville, or we have an office in
St. George that you can try the neck loops. – And how long can you try them for? – Same with our loans are 30 days. – 30 days. – And we don’t sell them, so
you will have to find them elsewhere, but we will help you. We will guide you with that process. – Okay. – Another advantage to the
telecoil is that you can go into looped venues. It’s called a hearing loop,
and if you think of the copper wire in the neck loop,
only it’s laid in the floor. And if you walk into that
room and you go into your dedicated telecoil program
you can pick up the signal magnetically from the floor. Because the sound source is
tied into the hearing loop. So, everybody has
microphones, and if they talk into the microphones then
you hear it like really, really well. It’s almost better than the neck loop. There’s not many places
that have looped rooms. The Sanderson Community
Center to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing has three
looped meeting rooms. And Hale Center Theater in
Sandy has both stages looped entirely, so that anybody
who has a telecoil in their hearing aid can walk in. You don’t have to have
to pick up the device. You just walk in and go
into your telecoil program and hear everything. – As if it’s right in your ears. – Right in your ears, yes. – Okay, so are Bluetooth
and telecoil the same thing? – No, they’re not. The sound from both technologies is great. Bluetooth offers a great
hearing for personal devices, such as the telephone, your laptop, and Ipods. Just personal devices. It won’t work in public venues. So you do need telecoil for
certain, for other situations. In meeting rooms, and. – Like if you go to the
movies, movie theaters, do they have? – Some of them do have
telecoil, because that’s a public venue. So they’re required to
have assistive listening that works with our hearing aids. – Okay. – So you have to ask. – Would a movie theaters have Bluetooth? – No, they don’t. – So that’s more if you
have the telecoil and use the neck loop. – Yes, right. – Which they would provide that. – Exactly. – Oh, that’s a great idea.
Cause it’s a real challenge. That’s why I don’t like
to go to the movies. Because I have a hard time hearing. So that, using a neck loop
with assistive listening device would be a. – It’s a better option, and the only option in public venues. – Okay.

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