Nelio A/B Testing for WordPress

all websites exist for a reason selling
more products getting more subscribers promoting a local business but not all
websites are as good as they could be when it comes to reaching their goals
nelio a/b testing solves this problem by bringing split testing right into your
WordPress creating and running a/b tests has never been this easy nelliel uses a
familiar interface to all WordPress users especially when it comes to
creating and editing test variants leverage WordPress is potential by using
its built-in editors to craft alternative content and forget about
learning external tools defining conversion goals is also intuitive and
easy just add the relevant conversion actions you expect your visitors to
perform and you’re good to go when a test is running nelio a/b testing will
randomly split your traffic between all the variants you define and it will
automatically track your visitors collective results are presented in an
intuitive report that summarizes all the relevant information and lets you
quickly identify how your test is performing in which variant drives more
conversions the report also includes additional insights on your visitors
behavior heat maps and scroll maps show at a glance which areas on your site are
hotspots and how far visitors scroll down a page confetti reports display
color-coded dots representing individual clicks that can be segmented by various
metrics once you know which variant is the best apply it with a single click
and increase your conversions right away but don’t stop at simple page testing
nelio a/b testing goes the extra mile and lets you test any WordPress element
you might think of it can even detect the plugins you use in your site and
augment its capabilities to offer more test types and track your visitors more
cleverly if you’re a wordpress user nelio a/b testing is the right tool to
optimize your WordPress site using real data from your audience taking the
guesswork out of making important decisions nelio a/b testing the most
powerful conversion rate optimisation solution for WordPress

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