NetHunt — Gmail CRM for Small Businesses

Hey there! We’re your CRM in Gmail – simple, yet powerful sales automation tool. You know, all CRMs don’t need to be complex or expensive to be effective. But we believe they should always complement your work and help accomplish your goals. At NetHunt this is what we’re all about. We’d like to keep everything simple. Like a spreadsheet you might be using. The bad news is — as your customer base grows, it becomes harder to keep track of every interaction in a spreadsheet. I mean, it works when you have 100 or 400 clients. But what if there are thousands of them? When your business starts taking off faster than spreadsheets can handle, it’s time to move to CRM. We built NetHunt to help your business grow without spending huge budgets, without hiring CRM experts, and without wasting months on something that simply… doesn’t work for you. First, we made NetHunt fit your shoes. From real estate to tech startup — we upgrade your Gmail with everything you need: customers, deals, pipelines, reports, even email campaigns! And remember? It’s all super-easy to use, cause it’s right there – in your favorite Gmail. Second, we made NetHunt budget-friendly because we know that you don’t need a sophisticated system at this stage, and we let you grow with us. Start small and scale up adding more features as you need them! Finally, no admin crew, no long learning curves, no budget is needed to install and start using NetHunt. And our Customer Success team is always there, committed to helping you automate your sales tasks from day 1. At no additional cost. CRM is a big part of growth strategy. But that doesn’t mean it should have millions of features and cost a fortune to help your business grow. Sometimes, simple is better. Spend a few seconds to sign up and we’ll get you up and running in no time! Oh, and there’s a 14-day trial that’s totally on us. NetHunt – a simple CRM that works!

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