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what is it we all want what is it we are
all looking for no matter what decision we’re making no matter what goal we’re
setting ultimately what we want is a fulfilling and satisfying life so that’s
what we’re after and the only way you’re going to do that is by mastering your
destiny by creating an incredible vision for your life and executing it and so
that’s what this training is all about it’s based on a webinar that I just did
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you on the inside welcome to master your destiny if you
missed the intro my name is Damon Cart and this is life mastery gym we’ve got a
lot to cover so let’s just dive right in shall we
today’s agenda every one of us wants to live a fulfilling life but most of you
aren’t and if you think about all the things that you do we’re always doing
everything to get something to have some to be something even the really small
stuff it’s something we want something we desire and if you really look at it
it’s always an attempt to fulfill something in your life you’re about to
understand why and what you can do about it so you can live the fulfilling life
that you desire a lot of us are really thinking small and we’re thinking about
solving the problem right in front of us and we’re not looking to the bigger
picture and that’s what I’m going to show you here today every one of your
decisions whether you’re conscious of it or not our attempts to fulfill a value
or set of values that will lead you to your ultimate fulfillment and yes I mean
all of your decisions even the small stuff so why isn’t it working for you
I’m assuming you’re here because you want something and I’m assuming you here
because you’re not a hundred percent satisfied or fulfilled with your life so
that’s what you’re going to discover today and even better than that you’re
going to discover what you can do about it today you’re even going to understand
why your bad decisions and your resistance to following through on your
goals is not really self-sabotage and how you can change this as well by the
end of this training you’re also going to understand why despite your best
efforts that you’re not living the fulfilling life you could be and what
you can do about it immediately with me so far here’s some questions I want you
to think about as we go through this training together you can write these
down if you want or you can just think about them as we go and it just more
seeds to be planted in your mind for right now do you have a vision for the
life that would fulfill you do you even have one of those can you see it and
even here now of course I mean internally of course you can’t see in
here something that’s not actually there do you even know what fulfills you do
you require money grand accomplishments and recognition to be fulfilled now like
I said these are just things to think about you don’t have to come up with
answers right now you don’t have to put the answers in the chat box right now so
why am i sharing why am I even sharing this with you
well I had a breakthrough understanding that just like our physical health you
have to work on your mental health your well-being and your happiness
consistently just like you need to exercise and eat right to stay
physically healthy you don’t just go to like a one-time exercise bootcamp and
say okay I’m done I don’t need to exercise ever again or you don’t just
eat healthy for 30 days and then say okay now I can eat all the junk that I
want I did the 30 days no it doesn’t work that way but a lot of people treat
personal development this way and I found that this was consistently causing
people to not get what they wanted and as far as their well-being their mental
health and their happiness goes this may sound like it’s going to take a lot of
hard work and discipline and willpower actually the opposite is true this is
the good news this was the thing that I mean I assume the same thing right if
you you have all these things that you’ve got to do and you hear all these
self-help gurus saying like what you get and then there’s this and then there’s
this and you’re just like I you know I can’t add anything more to my morning
ritual I can’t add anything more in my evening I’m too busy as if you know like
all these things are gonna add up to this great and wonderful fulfilling life
when really the truth is you feel really overwhelmed and stressed out because of
all these things that you have to do it’s actually the opposite and I’m gonna
we’re gonna dive into this even deeper willpower and discipline do not lead to
fulfilment and more often they actually get in the way of fulfillment they can
actually cause us to be overwhelmed and stressed out and we’re pushing ourselves
and we’re we’re making sacrifices and we’re not getting what we want
and then we quit and then we feel worse about it and we blame ourselves and just
on and on and on so a lot of times we don’t return to good healthy habits
because to us it starts to mean all those things that we don’t like that we
something we’re trying to put behind us we create an obstacle by telling
ourselves that when we make enough money accomplish certain goals or when we have
the time etc that then we can have a fulfilling life but this is backwards
and again I assumed all those things as well it’s taken me some time to come
around to understanding what I’m gonna share with you today and another reason
why I’m sharing this this is my mentor Steve Andreas he passed away about a
year ago was not unexpected but still said
nonetheless and I was having a conversation with them
this is years before he died I kept sharing with him all my notes on on my
explorations specifically with NLP and more specifically with the things that
he was teaching me and he really thanked me for that I came back and said you
know I noticed something some people really like to share a lot but they
don’t explore they’re sort of just regurgitating stuff that they like that
they’ve heard other teachers say but they’re not really doing the work
themselves they don’t really they like the talk but they don’t do the walk and
then there are those people who they like to do the work they really like to
go deep but it’s really personal to them and they’re very private people so they
really don’t share well I like to do both Steve was very much like that too
he he was not a very private person he would be happy to share anything with
anyone and he would always go very deep and so we had this in common and it
created this wonderful mentorship that lasted years up until his death after
many miserable years of chasing money and success I finally discovered what
fulfills me and it was so simple and in plain sight the whole time but I had
overlooked it for years not only can I teach you how to do this for yourself it
brings me tremendous joy to teach it to you and to watch you grow and create a
fulfilling life for yourself this is one of the many reasons why I share this
with you you may have guessed by now that teaching is one of those things
that gives me deep fulfillment so yes I’m doing it right now so I’m I’m
actually fulfilling myself right now I’m adding satisfaction to a life that I’m
already very satisfied with just by doing this with you right now so who the
hell am I Who am I to be sharing this stuff with anyone who am I to be
teaching this and Who am I to be saying yeah you know I kind of know that most
of you aren’t feeling really satisfied and fulfilled out there and I’m gonna
show you how to get there so Who am I to be saying that
now I know for most of you your eyes are gonna gravitate to this adorable little
girl this is my daughter this was 10 years ago
and you probably don’t want to look at this had the person sitting next to her
this is me 10 years ago now I don’t know if you can tell but this is me in the
depths of a depression I am forcing a smile which doesn’t even look like a
barely a smile here I’m not even able I mean of course I love my my daughter and
I’ve enjoyed her her entire life I’m not really enjoying her like I should be
right there actually what you see on my laugh there
is a is a book by an insurance agent on how to grow your insurance agency every
waking moment that I had I was trying to figure out how to grow my business it
was a failing business and the truth was I didn’t like insurance either but I
thought I was going to buy my freedom well it didn’t work actually as of
February this year I’ve left that business behind so I didn’t even go to
the office anymore people are thinking you’re crazy but for leaving this
business behind it’s just passive income and I said you know I just did this is
not in my vision for my future and it’s time to let it go so this is me now
sitting on a bench in front of the Parliament building of Hungary in
Budapest Budapest Hungary this was actually in April and the young lady you
see in the picture here is not my daughter I’m sure a lot of you probably
thought that this is my daughter all grown up
no that is this is not this is my assistant just reminder this video is
going away tomorrow and the life mastery gym membership enrolment will also in
tomorrow night so make sure you get in so now my life today is living in
beautiful Santa Cruz California taking care of my kids traveling the world
running my business from wherever I want and working whenever I want this is also
in Budapest and while I travel I love to shoot videos too for my youtube channel
which I’ll talk a little bit about later and so here’s me getting to work or
working which is wonderful for me I can as long as I have a laptop and I can
I can pretty much go anywhere in the world and I love doing this I’m living
life on my own turns it’s not necessarily what I’m saying how you
should live your life so for some people they wouldn’t enjoy this at all but for
me this is the life that I’m choosing to live and I’m getting to do it this is
what really suits me and I for a long time I didn’t know that and I didn’t
even know how to get it even if I had known it during that depression that I
should wear I should show you a picture I couldn’t have even imagined doing what
I’m doing right now being able to work wherever I want have my own business is
absolutely amazing when I decided to start teaching NLP shortly thereafter I
started a YouTube channel I went to film school that’s the reason I moved from
New Orleans to Los Angeles that I wanted to be a filmmaker and so I thought okay
well I’ll go to LA and so I’ll started doing that well it didn’t really work
out obviously and I ended up giving up that dream to open an insurance agency
and the strangest thing is that it sort of came back in a different way than I
would have expected but in a way that I’m really happy I did because I really
enjoy having a YouTube channel and growing and at this time I have more
than 30,000 subscribers it used to be called NLP GM some of you may have met
may know that you’ve may have come across my videos as NOP GM it’s now as
of the beginning of this year is life mastery Jim and as you can see in these
slides here I have well over 1 million views and I’ve created over 600 videos I
know that sounds a little crazy and sometimes it surprises me and in my
travels and in going to trainings and and growing my business growing my
youtube channel being out there in the public I get to meet some really
interesting people now if you’ve gone on YouTube at all in
the past five years and I’m sure you have because that’s where most of you
probably found me you’ve probably seen ads with this guy in it just think the
word knowledge you guessed it this is ty Lopez the infamous tide Lopez he’s the
one who’s walking around his mansion telling you all about it and talking
about all of his fancy cars and saying you know but this doesn’t really mean
anything to me it’s my book set it is what means everything to me I know you
can be kind of annoying because of the ads kept popping up on YouTube every
time you went to watch a video you searched for there’s actually a really
charismatic guy and a really nice guy and then I get to meet a lot of other
YouTube and some interesting people like jack
conte who is a musician for a band called papa moose he’s also a solo
musician and he was a starving artist for a long time until he found a way to
get direct payment from his fans for his work and he created something called
patreon and you might not be familiar with patreon unless you do podcasting or
you create videos on YouTube but it’s a the business of growing incredibly so
he’s this rare combination of an incredibly creative artist and a huge
CEO in Silicon Valley and then there’s that King if you watch YouTube a lot you
can’t have gotten through it without seeing Zach king he does those amazing
illusions like there’s a car passing by on a road and he jumps and suddenly he’s
inside the cars really cool stuff and in my NLP background I did a lot of
training with Robert Dilts who’s standing to my right in this picture
there’s Steve Gilligan the famous hypnotist therapist we spent a lot of
time with Milton Erickson the father of modern hypnosis and then also Judith
DeLozier to my right she was also like Robert Dilts was one of the original NL
peers and this is at Robert Dilts US House and Santa Cruz also where I live –
not in his house but I live in Santa Cruz and there’s also Mike L Michael
Hall he’s probably the most prolific writer of NLP books he’s written I think
over 60 it’s quite amazing and then this guy who’s the most infamous for you and
I’ll piers you of course know this as Richard Bandler the one of the
cofounders of NLP he founded NLP with John grinder no I don’t have a picture
here with John grinder though I have met him a few times I’ve never taken any of
his trainings but I bumped into him twice at the grocery store here he still
lives in Santa Cruz and if you’re really into the to the self-help and personal
development thing I’m sure you know mr. Jay Shetty an extremely charismatic
person and very deep let’s see when he was growing up in London he used to get
into a lot of trouble then he cleaned up his act he became a monk and then he
became a marketer and then he regularly goes back to his monks and spends a few
months meditating and then comes back and does his work here with both
marketing and doing personal development and if you’ve if you like the lighter
side of personal development you probably know and love
JP Sears he is hilarious not only does he hit
every mark when it comes to making fun of the spiritual side of things are the
personal development side of things he is actually very deep and he is a
spiritual teacher and a personal development teacher I could spend hours
and hours talking to this guy not only because he’s so funny but he has a lot
of depth to him you might be thinking yeah Damon you live a great life and
that’s great for you but it won’t work for me you’re a lot of like will have
tried you know I really tried hard and I know you have and I’m not saying that
you haven’t but here’s why this will work for you there’s Peter and there’s
James and I feel like I teach for the Peters and the James’s as I encounter
the people who commit to creating a life they want and do it I don’t think I’ve
seen bigger transformations of anyone that I’ve taught and mentored and
coached than these two it was just one of the many wonderful examples of things
that Peter has had to say this one has to do with the self-concept model which
is something Steve Andres had taught me and I now teach since implementing the
self-concept model nearly filled my coaching practice my clients are getting
amazing results I’m moving into a new place I’m eating better exercising more
I’m more productive so basically the little bit of a deeper story here is
when I met Peter he sought me out found me on YouTube because he was binge
watching YouTube videos which means he was tying up a lot of his time not doing
anything he was living with this mother and he was working a night job that he
hated and within about two months of coaching with him he completely turned
that around he wanted to be a coach he got a bunch of coaching clients and just
a short amount of time charging them top dollar he moved out of his mother’s
house he quit that job and he this guy is just growing and growing and growing
he’s just a great example of what you can do with what I’m gonna show you and
here’s just another guy just someone who took what I was putting out there and
just ran with it and getting incredible results out of it and here’s another one
this is Klaus he he just overcame these fears that were holding him back and a
short amount of time he’s getting beyond his fears and doing things that he felt
like he couldn’t do before that he was limited from doing before and this is
someone else again just ran with was that I was
teaching and she’s saying holy crap who is
this woman she finished one of my trainings and a training that usually
takes people up to a month to finish she did it like in three or four days and
she was amazed by the transformation afterward and just came right out and
had to share it with everybody James went from working a job he didn’t
like unable to even book a trip to Las Vegas to quitting his job and moving to
Asia where he’s lived in Thailand and China basically living life on his own
terms and loving it so listen I’m not saying that you’re going to get results
like this I’m not saying you’re going to have a thriving business that you can
take with you on a laptop while you travel the world make money and have
romantic adventures but I want to show you what’s possible if you really take
what I’m teaching and run with it this was a picture that was taken it’s
actually a screenshot from the video that I did with James I went to Hanoi
Vietnam which is a great place by the way
highly recommended and I told him that I was going I said hey come and meet me
out here James is living the life he’s always dreamed of and I should say he’s
living the life he didn’t know he was dreaming it he’s not rich he’s
definitely not broke either he’s living in China now just temporarily because he
wants to I don’t want to live in China I have a little different idea of what I
want and so do you but most of you aren’t even aware of what it is you
really want it’s not money it’s what money will do for you it’s not a great
relationship it’s what a great relationship will do for you it’s not
even adventure it’s what adventure makes you feel and for those of you who have
worked on this and you know what you want are you doing anything about it and
you might be thinking well I’m here on this webinar aren’t I yes but that
doesn’t count as actually doing something about it so many people by
online trainings attend live trainings and even hire me as their coach and are
ready to drop thousands of dollars to make themselves feel like they’re doing
something about creating the life they want rather than actually doing it being
happy and living the life you want doesn’t happen when it doesn’t happen
when you have enough money or when you have more time when you find the right
partner when you find the right career living your life based on win puts you
in a state of Hope which is really hopelessness living a life of conscious
choice is different it’s like charity giving charity is not about having money
it’s a choice you make I know a lot of people say that well when I have more
money or if I had more money I’d give charity charities not about money
Charter is about a choice so here’s what I need from you and your thing of what
wait what do you mean what I what do you need from me yes I need something from
you before we continue you’re definitely in it now but first let’s just swing
back here for a second so here’s me 10 years ago with my
daughter and then me now with my assistant and as you might have guessed
my assistant is actually my girlfriend as well and she happens to be 20 years
younger than me why am i sharing this with you I was not going to put this in
here but then I got to thinking about it and I realized how her and I make this
work despite the age difference is pretty
much everything I’m going to teach you today it’s kind of funny but it’s true
knowing what our values are aligning our values creating a vision together what
life is going to be like in front of us the life that we want to live together
and then taking the actions right now that we both enjoy and that’s what fill
us that feed that vision that’s what creates an amazing relationship and so
we’re doing this right now and it is tricky with the age difference but we’re
making it work and we’re both very happy and it’s working so what I’m going to
teach you today you can apply to relationships so in case you were
wondering this was last month this is of course me and and my daughter and again
this is Jack on be very CEO of patreon and I don’t want to make this seem like
I’m leaving my son out because I do have a son this is my son and me at Mount
Rushmore and again why am i sharing this with you because last year I decided
that I’m at my best when I travel that’s what I’m most happy and not always do my
kids get to see that because I do travel with my kids but I also travel by myself
sometimes I went to each of one of my kids I said hey just a trip just you and
me not my two kids with me together but separately and I said where do you want
to go and you can see in the picture that’s Mount Rushmore behind us and now
my kids want to go to Japan so now you have to figure out how to make that one
happen all right so what do I need from you if I show you how to take charge of
your destiny and create a fulfilling life for yourself will you promise
me to actually do it if so tell me yes right now in the chatbox
good all right I need the participation I need the feedback so those of you who
are typing in yes thank you those of you who mean yes but are not typing yes go
ahead and just type it yes but if you wish to finally create the life you
desire then will you commit to me with being okay to get out of your comfort
zone in order to finally overcome feelings of being unfulfilled and
unsatisfied with your life once and for all
real learning doesn’t take place unless it changes your behavior
nothing pains me more than giving you my heart and soul which is what I intend to
do today only to see you months later having the same issues of not living
your full potential that you currently have so I want you to tell me right here
right now that you will take what I show you today and use it as it makes sense
to do do we have a deal good I also need you to understand that
there is nothing more noble more satisfying there is nothing better for
you for the people around you and for the
world than to actualize your potential and live the most enjoyable most
fulfilling life you possibly can so what’s stopping you a lot of people like
to use this excuse about time they say time I don’t have enough time if you
don’t make the time for yourself no one else will and everybody has the same
amount of time I don’t have any more time than you do time operates the same
way for everybody it’s a great equalizer doesn’t matter how rich you are time is
the same for everyone make the time show up for yourself and don’t expect anyone
else to if you’re not going to do it if you’re not going to show up for yourself
why should anybody else show up for you and then there’s money this is another
excuse we use think about how quickly and easily you blow 50 to $100 on a
night of drinking eating out gas in your car things you’ll never see again things
that are not an investment that will grow invest in yourself and
you will grow if you look at a budget whether it’s the budget of the
government the budget of a business a household budget the budget reveals
those numbers reveal they don’t lie they reveal the priorities they reveal what’s
most important because that’s what you’re spending most of your money on
find ways to invest in yourself and you will no doubt see a long term return on
your investment when you saw that picture of me depressed
I felt broke I didn’t realize the resources that I had but I felt broke I
felt like I had no time no resources no money but that was so much more state of
mind that was creating my circumstances rather than my actual circumstances now
this here’s another one that I hear and man I know where this one comes from
because I’ve been there I know the feeling well because I’ve tried so many
different things but I kept going it often just means you haven’t tried
enough things so what a lot of people do is they think it means something about
them about their self-worth about their value and it doesn’t it just means you
still need to do some searching keep trying keep trying and what I’m going to
show you will work for you and here’s a concept that I really want you to get
because like I was saying it’s not about how much money you make how famous you
are any of these things you know let go of those things money is important no
doubt and we need to make plenty of it to fill a certain amount of satisfaction
and well-being and I guess happiness but I’m cautious of saying that but we do
need a little bit of that but more importantly you need to understand what
will satisfy you what will fulfill you and this is what
living life on your own terms means it may not look as glamorous as someone
else’s life but that glamorous life might not fulfill you at all so start
living life on your own terms and when you have a vision for your life your
life will always have direction so stop waiting and hoping for some day today is
your someday it’s time to make things happen and you’re going to do it on your
own terms from now on make that decision right now so real quickly on this
webinar you’re gonna find a direction for your life and never go in the wrong
direction ever again well it sounds kind of bold well I want
you to test this out you’re going to master every area of your life
simultaneously you know the right goals to set and see them through to
completion you’re going to finally beat that thing we call inner resistance once
and for all and of course I’m saving the best for last
you’re not going to believe the gold nugget I’m going to give you in the
final step of this training so what you’re getting today is the easiest way
for anyone regardless of training or knowledge to get started creating a
vision for your life and how to actualize it as quickly as possible
while enjoying it and feeling fulfilled every step of the way sound good let’s
do it so one other thing I want to say before I show you what you’re gonna
examine what you’ll need to do is set a time budget daily or weekly to invest in
your own development and set a monetary budget as well of how much money you’re
going to spend on your development and that goes toward books trainings
coaching whatever it is that makes sense for you to invest money in in your own
development make your development systematic not intuitive it never works
when you’re going the intuitive route it simply doesn’t because a lot of what I’m
going to show you today is gonna seem counterintuitive the four steps you’re
gonna learn today choosing the right direction setting
goals that will fulfill you while achieving them not just when you achieve
them and I know that just sounds like well that would be that would be pretty
cool no it’s better than core it’s what makes achieving goals happen
systematically number three overcoming resistance in order to get started and
keep going and then number four what to do once you start getting everything you
want your life probably thinking wow I’d love to have that problem for a lot of
people this is actually what’s stopping them from even getting started choosing
the right direction so what’s important about that so often we choose a career
path a family path or any path of any major life context based on the values
of our parents teachers culture etc and then we wonder why this by doing what
we’re taught was the right path we’re unhappy and unsuccessful like I can’t
tell you how many doctors and lawyers architects I’ve met who were decent in
their job they made plenty of money but they were really really unhappy they did
everything that they were supposed to and sure they had a good job and some
job security but that’s about it everything else
their life didn’t feel good to them and then we blame ourselves and experience
low self-worth again I really ask yourself is it worth it or would you
like to choose the right path right now the path that specifically for you no
one else and what if you just chose the wrong path and that happens to so many
of us so if you chose the wrong path what if you could just discover the
right path for you a path based on your own values and go that direction but
most people aren’t clear about what they want so how would you ever find it I
don’t like the using blame and blame and shame I don’t see any use for that at
all but it I would like to say it’s not your fault because most of your values
are deeply unconscious but that changes right now
so by telling you right now what’s keeping you from doing this you have no
excuse anymore after this warning after this webinar if you don’t find your
direction it is your fault I can I don’t like blame and fall just take
responsibility for your life and there’s nothing to worry about here create a
clear path for yourself one that will fulfill you even before you achieve your
goals a lot of people are cautious about doing this because they’re afraid
they’re gonna get too content life where they haven’t fulfilled their goal so
they haven’t achieved their goals but we’ll get to that
you won’t need self-discipline or willpower and you won’t need to motivate
yourself when you do this right I know this sounds crazy but like I said just
go with me on this some things are gonna seem counterintuitive and you wouldn’t
be on this webinar if your intuitions were working if you’ve been depending on
self-discipline and willpower this is why you’re unsatisfied and unfulfilled
and it’s also why you’re probably not following through on your dreams and
goals high achievers will suspend gratification and make sacrifices to
achieve goals to the point that they’re not enjoying life all that much until
they achieve the goal they’ve been chasing but that only lasts about 24
hours and then what you go through the whole process of chasing another goal
but again you’re not enjoying it life becomes about chasing the fleeting
gratification you feel when you achieve a goal for only about a day imagine if
you had a built-in vision like a light being projected from your being shining
every step of the right path for you what would your life be like you could
truly enjoy a fulfilling life without worrying if you’re doing the right thing
do you want this hope so so here’s how I’m gonna do this you’re gonna chunk
your life down into three to five major life contexts you’re gonna ask yourself
what you want from each of them elicit values and criteria for each you use
this information to project a vision out in front of you of what this would be
like if you had all of it so three to five major life contexts this is
slightly different for everyone examples are career social life
relationship lifestyle particular meaningful hobby your health ask
yourself what you would like from each one of these an example would be
something like I want to be a part of a small close social group that meets
weekly or I want to improve my relationship with my partner so we spend
more quality time together doing activities we both enjoy instead of
fighting I want to make twenty thousand dollars more next year than this year
make sure you stay these in the positive for example don’t say I don’t want to be
in the same career at this time next year there is no vision in that there is
no how do you envision not being in the same career you know what you don’t want
and there’s like an a negative example there but you don’t know what you do
want so there’s no movement forward than that so you want to state it in the
positive light instead you want to say something like or write it out as I want
to open my own retail business next year so that’s the example of stating it in a
positive instead of I don’t want to be overweight say you’re right I want to
shed 20 pounds and be a healthier weight in three months
so state in the positive and then you’re gonna elicit your values from each so
once you know what you want from each you ask yourself what will that do for
me or what’s important to me about that the purpose of this is to look beyond
the tangible look beyond the accomplishment look beyond the material
object look beyond the money or whatever it is that you want because that’s
really what you want is the experience of the achievement or the experience of
the object and that where the value lies so keep asking
these questions until you chunk up to your highest values and you have no new
answers meaning you keep going higher and higher and then you keep then maybe
you start circling back to previous answers that’s when you know you’ve
gotten your highest your highest values so you should end up with answers like
really untenable answers like joy happiness peace purpose passion freedom
etc so these are very high-level value words you’re not gonna really be able to
see these things like peace purpose passion freedom if I’m experiencing
happiness right now sure you could say well you could smile but not always I
can be happy and not smiling I can be joyful not smiling or peaceful and
there’s no way you can tell you really want to go high with this because these
are the technologies that are motivating your decisions these are not things
you’re not going to be able to see these or hear these or feel them in the sense
of like touching them then we move to criteria okay I have these really high
level and tangible values like peace joy happiness all of that how will I know
when I’m happy joint joyful at peace free passionate so how will I know when
I’m experiencing these things this is the criteria and again this is different
for everybody so in other words how will this manifests in a way that you can see
it or hear it or both and then in some cases touch it I hate to say kinesthetic
because if you’ve studied any NLP most people are not clear on truly what
kinesthetic is that’s a different training but anyway so Qing is a
tangible now so what is it what are the tangible things that let you know that
you have it you’re experiencing your values in your life what would be
tangible evidence of experiencing these values so using information you’ve
gathered through this process you want to project a vision in front of you of
what your ideal life will be like when you’re experiencing your values the way
you want to experience them make it big vision should be vague goals should be
precise you don’t know exactly how your life will unfold so you don’t want to be
too precise with your expectations otherwise you’ll set yourself up for
needless disappointment the other thing you’ll set yourself up for is this
happen to me so many times in my life so my life I actually was experiencing my
highest values but then I wasn’t enjoying it and it was really
confounding the thing is is I was so specific so detailed about my vision of
how I was going to experience these values that I didn’t recognize it it was
like okay it arrived but I didn’t recognize the packaging so I overlooked
it which is a shame you want your vision to be big believe me when you have a
vision like this this is so much more powerful than a vision board because
it’s like you take it well you do take it with you wherever you go it’s always
there whether you’re conscious or on or not conscious of it and it’s always
there sorting your reality to meet that vision it’s extraordinary
here’s it someone who did exactly that and every program I teach I always teach
values right away she resonated with this and she she felt it she knew this
was this was something new so question if you if we stopped this webinar right
now would you feel you’ve already gotten your money’s worth good excellent and
here’s the thing we’re just getting started so we’ve covered the first one
let’s dive right into setting goals that will fulfill you while achieving them
not just when you achieve them so why is this important being fulfilled along the
way so that you’re not waiting to enjoy life that you’re actually enjoying the
process of achieving your goals along the way less emphasis on the goal and
more emphasis on fulfillment making achieving goals not only enjoyable but
also easier to do especially if you’re enjoying it if you’re if you’re feeling
fulfilled along the way makes things a lot easier
setting the right goals makes all the difference when it comes to living a
fulfilling life that you want to live instead of setting goals you think you
should achieve if you’re hungry and I put a plate of food in front of you
you’re not going to hesitate while you wonder if you have enough motivation to
eat you’re just going to do it right how would you like to feel the same way
about achieving your goals and forget fear of success there is no such thing
only fear of change and get into debates with people about this they were adamant
that they suffer from a fear of success and
just such a convoluted term it’s something that self-help gurus will tell
people to put you in a state of confusion so then you then seek them out
and their wisdom out to undo this trust me you don’t have a fear of success
that’s not the problem in this we’re gonna elicit highest
values of each of your goals set a goal that is within your control to achieve
check congruence in check ecology very very simple like most people don’t do
this so just like you did when you identified your values for what you want
and all of your major life context you’re gonna do the same process with
your goals your values are the built-in motivation for achieving your goals if
you’re not consciously aware of them you’re likely to run out of steam and
quit when you’re connected to your values you’ll never run out of nada
motivation because that’s just what you value so of course if you’re valuing
what you’re doing the very behavior of what you’re doing to achieve that goal
is something you value it’s going to fulfill you so you’re going to keep
going worst case scenario when you understand your values is that you may
realize the gold doesn’t fit your values but this is a really good thing this is
what I was saying about oftentimes we go chasing values of our society or culture
you know we want to make a lot of money because people just think that’s a good
thing to do or we want to buy a big house and have 2.2 kids with a nice car
church on Sunday time blah blah blah blah blah you know and that’s great for
some people if that works for you if that aligns with your values and go for
it but a lot of us it doesn’t the earlier you find that out the better and
I’ll give you a throw you a little hint here and this is often what the midlife
crisis is you spend half your life fulfilling the values that are external
that are not your own and then you get to a point in your life where you
realize you’re not happy with all of the stuff that you’ve created because you’ve
been following the wrong values some people they double down on that they
don’t they don’t want to believe that they just spent their whole half of
their life or their whole life up to that point doing that and so they
continue doing that they continue following those values but they’re
suffering deeply from that so what what do they do well for men a lot of them go
find a much younger wife they buy a sports car anything to distract
themselves from that suffering but you’re not like that what you’re
gonna do is you’re going to realize that these are not your values and you’re
gonna find you’re gonna uncover your own values for your goals and so you’re
going to make that change no matter what age you are now is the time to do that
do not continue to pursue values that are not your own thinking that’s
something that’s going to change or that there’s something wrong with you so that
you need to align to these external values it’s never gonna work
find your own values and then fulfill your own values and you’re gonna live a
fulfilling life and I don’t care if that’s when you’re 20 you’re 40 you’re
60 or you’re 80 Joseph Campbell if you don’t know Joseph
Campbell is one of probably knew more about story and archetypes and how they
affect culture and mankind than anyone else he said there is perhaps nothing
worse than reaching the top of the ladder and discovering that you’re on
the wrong wall is the goal within your control to achieve or is it too
dependent on factors you can’t control most people don’t consider this when
they set a goal is the goal and the strategy to achieve it truly in
alignment with your values and your vision when your goal has context and
it’s aligned to your values in your vision there’s nothing nothing’s going
to stop you most people they just said random goals they’re not in the context
of a vision they’re not attached or connected to any particular values and
of course you don’t achieve them when that happens and you want to check
ecology what outside factors like relationships and other areas of your
life may be affected by achieving your goals negatively or positively so if I
achieve what I want to achieve does that affect my relationship does that affect
my career there have been people who they set a goal to lose weight but
unconsciously they’re not aware of the ecology in the situation what that means
is is that they’ll set a goal to lose weight but unconsciously they’re afraid
of they’re jealous spouse getting upset if more men are looking at them because
they’ve lost weight and they’re more attractive so there’s a lot of
unconscious ecology and ecology can also be things that we just haven’t
considered so you know we want to consider what introducing something new
into our life how it might affect our life in general we’re talking externally
here congruence is internal ecology is external and again this is some
who has been following my stuff he’s used what I’ve taught him he’s learned
many different ways to set goals he started using what I what I’m teaching
and it changed everything for him so a question for you does this change things
doesn’t what I showed you change things for how you’re going to pursue your
goals from now on yes or no all right number three overcoming resistance in
order to get started and keep going what’s important about this well for
most people this is the hardest part because it means getting uncomfortable
and doing something different learning to overcome resistance rather than
succumbing to it or trying to push through it will change everything
because we all encounter this at some point and when you understand what
creates resistance you will be able to elicit the value behind it and then
integrated into the pursuit of your goals so that resistance becomes an ally
rather than your enemy so willpower and discipline will only get you so far they
are limited and if you depend on them to get things done you’ll never get it all
done and when I say never get it all done I mean not everything would get
done what you want to get done that’s going to fulfill you what would it be
like to be able to accomplish and succeed at everything you want without
having to depend on willpower and self-discipline chances are that Europe
you are depending on these and it’s also the reason you’re not where you want to
be what would it be like if you had no resistance whatsoever to creating what
you want in life what would that look and sound like so the first thing going
to do is you’re going to welcome the resistance I know again your intuition
is saying what it’s counterintuitive you can understand why in a moment
elicit positive intent of the resistance and chunk up so the chunking up is what
I was explaining with the values anytime you started listening values you’re
chunking up and you’re going to integrate what you find into your vision
and then you want to find community and support a place where you can go where
people are going to support you and you feel a sense of community this is
something I overlooked for years but it’s incredibly
important all right so most of us think about resistance all wrong we believe
it’s that annoying part of ourselves that doesn’t want us to succeed the part
of us we think of is not really part of us and that we would like to amputate
but this is why it hasn’t been working for you this way of thinking hasn’t been
working for you this type of thinking is holding you back welcome this part of
you as if it’s well part of you part of who you are because it is an NLP we say
all behavior even resistance has a positive intent if you don’t believe it
just for now act as if and presuppose your resistance has a positive intent it
elicits the positive intent just like you’ve elicited your values for goals
and for your major life contacts and chunk up to the highest values of that
resistance so you’re going from resistance which is usually what I don’t
want I don’t want this I don’t want that I want to get healthy and as soon as I
go to do exercise I encounter resistance okay well instead of saying this is I
hate this part of me I’m just gonna suppress it and will myself through it
I’m gonna stop and say hmm I wonder what the positive intent of this resistance
is I wonder what it wants what it’s doing for me in a positive way and when
you ask that resistance you address it you know as if it’s a you know you’re
talking to a part of you oftentimes it’ll say what it doesn’t want well I
don’t want you to be I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable because exercise is
uncomfortable okay so resistance part of me if don’t
let me feel uncomfortable what do you want me to feel instead and then that
part might come back and say comfort I want you to feel comfortable okay that’s
a value what does feeling comfortable do for me
maybe it makes me feel at peace well there’s a really high level value there
peace does that integrate well into my overall vision you bet it does what you
will find is a part of you wanting to reintegrate with the rest of you your
highest values will make that possible treat all of your resistance as a part
of you that wants to be a part of the overall vision I can’t tell you I can’t
even stress to you how important this is if you learn anyone anything off this
webinar learned that well there’s gonna be a few of those
things but write that down that your resistance is just a part of you that
wants integration into the overall vision but it also has something very
positive that it wants to either tell you or do for you it’s all positive and
this is where we integrate you can integrate what was once perceived as a
resistance into your overall vision for what you want in life in this particular
context using your highest values so if it’s the context of this is health and I
was using the exercise example you’re gonna integrate peace into your vision
for your health because you shouldn’t be at odds with yourself to make yourself
physically healthy that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense
people might think well you have to sacrifice some things know you don’t
know you don’t you should be at peace with your health you should be at peace
with what makes you healthy well a lot of times when you have resistance
security is going to be the positive intent behind your resistance and if
you’ve chunked that up a lot of times you will get the value of peace not
always everybody’s different remember that so you might get something
different and again how does security and peace fit into your overall vision
of course it will this will be easy once you chunk it up to your highest values
and then of course you want to know the criteria of it what are you going to see
what are you going to hear how are you gonna what are you gonna feel when this
is all integrated into your vision and last but not least community support you
need to find your tribe and don’t listen to other people who try to pull you away
from your vision even if they’re well-meaning I encountered this all the
time with clients and they don’t they’re not even aware of it because they’ll
talk about a friend or they’ll talk about a relative who says you know this
this or this and I’m like can’t you see like I don’t know what their their their
intention is behind this but they’re holding you back
some people are well-intentioned some II would like you’re going after something
big and they don’t want you to be disappointed so they might try to tell
you things to hold you back some people will try to hold you back just because
if you start achieving what you want then it kind of shines the light on them
and says you know that they haven’t really been stepping up or it might make
them look bad so they’re gonna try to say things to hold you back you know
you’re gonna have to figure out what level of relationship you have with this
person and all I’m gonna tell you is that you just need to spend less time
with that person are those people change makes others uncomfortable it’s
just going to happen don’t be surprised when you start achieving everything
you’ve ever wanted that people start acting a little weird around you and
people will try to keep you in whatever way they’ve categorized you in their
mind that’s sometimes all it is to it like somebody’s categorized you a
certain way and if you keep showing them evidence that means their category is
faulty and they have to change it and recategorize you that alone sometimes
and it’s very unconscious it’s usually completely unconscious but that makes
people feel a little uncomfortable so put yourself around like-minded people
who support you in fulfilling your vision make this easier for yourself put
yourself around people who are fulfilling their own visions for their
lives because they’re going to inspire you and you can celebrate each other’s
successes and that’s an amazing thing as well again this is someone else who’s in
my community who is proving everything that I just said and she’s making it
work for herself she gets the support and the practice she needs and she’s
creating more and more of what she wants question for you
and what can you do now that you previously couldn’t as a result of
learning this what are you able to do with resistance now that you can
transform resistance into an ally think about that so what do you do once you
start getting everything you want why is this even important to cover well
everyone wants and desires but most people aren’t moving toward what they
want because they don’t know what they would do nor who they would be if they
started becoming exactly who they want to be and if they started living the
life they want to live this can be scary for some people change scary not really
people cling to their problems instead of solving them which is why most people
are stuck when you have a clear vision of what you want your life to be like
and a vision of who you want to be getting what you want comes naturally
and this is the most powerful thing that I can teach you ready you want to be the
person who continues growing improving creating a better more fulfilling life
year after year this is quite doable if you have a vision that is set up to
accomplish this so that as you get what you want you’ll know exactly the next
steps to take on your journey when you put your mind here you will experience a
radical shift the impossible will become possible in other words start solving
the problems of having the life you’ve only dreamed of instead of solving the
problems of the life you don’t want let this sink in this is absolutely
tremendous it is a game-changer it will change your life
and when I say the life that you don’t want that’s a poem of the life you’re
living now if you’re not fulfilled with your life you’re not satisfied with your
life stop focusing on those problems and go beyond it and this is all about what
the values work is this is all this is this all comes together this is all
about what the vision is this is all about setting goals in context of that
vision because you’re solving bigger problems that are in your vision not
with where you feel stuck right now this gets you out of the stuckness this give
this makes your current problems seem very very small because you’re looking
at a much bigger context and when you’re looking at a much bigger context you’re
gonna see solutions and resources you didn’t know were there but always have
been there they’re right there in front of you so here’s how we’re gonna break
this down doing nothing will make you unhappy
you’re meant to grow and actualize your potential recognize how you’ve grown and
realize that your potential has grown and so should you continue to grow with
it hesitation and waiting prevent getting what you want when people get
what they want they sometimes stop here as if they’ve arrived because this is
how they expected it to be I’ve solved the big problem made the money and got
the girl or boy got the six pack abs etc and now I can rest but this is just a
loop back to the place you were when you didn’t have what you wanted in other
words do nothing even when you’re successful and you’re inviting suffering
and unhappiness few people prepare for a success which is why few people succeed
what creates meaning and purpose in life is bringing awareness to your potential
acting on it and actualizing it how do you do this that’s the entire process
I’ve just given you your values or the key but if you’re not aware of them
and you’re not aware of what turns these values into reality and you don’t have a
plan to do that yeah you’re gonna suffer the beautiful part though is that you’re
you get to spend the rest of your life exploring and actualizing your potential
which is where true fulfillment is true fulfillment is not in having the stuff
true fulfillment is not and having already solved the problem it’s in the
process of solving the problem recognize how you’re fulfilling your potential
this will motivate you progress is the ultimate motivator realize that as you
fulfill your potential your potential grows continue to grow with your
potential and your life will be the most fulfilling it could possibly be and yet
another person who did exactly that so like I said this this will work for you
these are everyday normal people and believe me I’m an everyday normal person
question for you how are you going to make your visions show up in your life
and are you willing to put the work in to make it happen type in the chat box
right now I want to know how you’re going to make it show up in your life
and will you commit to me to actually do it yes now you have one of three choices
you can choose to do things the old way the natural way but the limiting way
nonetheless I call this maintaining the status quo your second choice is to do
nothing not sure how that’s going to help you but it is a choice your third
option you can actually use what I showed you here not think about it not
just say yeah that sounds like a good idea but actually take this thing out in
the real world and make it show up when it counts which of the three options can
you see yourself doing okay so we covered all four of these let’s do a
60-second recap so you’re getting excited about these possibilities of how
creating a successful in fulfilling life and really mastering your destiny it’s
it’s actually within your grasp what have you learned so far so far we’ve
discovered some people are hesitating and waiting and there are other people
who are taking action but they don’t and their values which means they’re not
happy and they’re not satisfied with their lives even when they’re achieving
goals and there’s supposedly successful but some people are creating visions
based on their values and truly creating the life of their dreams in the u.s.
only 33% of the population reports that they are happy I assure you that the
other 68 percent of those people of the population don’t know what you just
learned just now so let’s go back over it we started talking about choosing the
right direction and how to go about doing that why it’s important having a
vision that you take with you everywhere that’s based on your values that is
right out in front of you we talked about finding the major life context in
your life which is kind of chunking it down because it’s hard to go at this
whole thing all in one it’s hard to look at your life all at once so we chunk it
down to major life context and then you thought you find out what’s what your
true values are your highest values what’s really driving your decisions and
then you ask yourself well what is the criteria this how do I know when I
experience these values because it’s different for everybody and then you’re
gonna project that vision based on everything that you discover from
eliciting your values and listening to criteria this makes a rich compelling
vision that you put out in front of you of the life that you want to live and
you take this with you wherever you go number two setting goals that will
fulfill you while achieving them not just when you achieve them it’s a Joseph
Campbell quote that’s so important nothing worse than reaching up to the
top of ladder and discovering that you’re on the wrong wall don’t set goals
that aren’t within your control you need to be able to take action on your goals
and you need to make sure that it’s in alignment with your values and your
vision and in other words the bill needs to be in the context of your vision they
need to serve the goals need to serve your values instead of you serving the
goal whenever overcoming resistance in order to get start and keep going talked
about how most people get this wrong your behavior and resistance and all the
things that you would like to get rid of is actually part of you you need to
understand it that part of you wants to return and wants to integrate back to
the whole it wants to be part of your vision so you do that you integrated him
once you chunk up the values of it it becomes really really easy to do that
and then we talked about how important community and having support around you
is and then finally what to do once you start getting everything you want
because a lot of people that achieve a lot and
then they lose it all and you’re not gonna be that person start looking not
at the obstacles that are right in front of you which most people they’ll say a
lot another time I don’t have the money and that’s the obstacles they put right
in front of them well what if you did and then start solving the problems
beyond that and things will shift again if you do nothing you’re just going to
be unhappy you’re meant to actualize your potential
you’re meant to move toward your values to fulfill your values so recognize
realize and keep going and of course like I said all these people are just
like you you’re they’re no better than you no worse than you they’re just
people who decided they were going to do something about their lives and I just
gave them the tools and they took action and for those of you who are in L peers
and know who Steve andreas was this one is really hard felt for me because he
was my mentor for years and to me the greatest in help here who walked the
earth this had to do with his self-concept model which most of what
I’ve learned has come out of exploring that model questions knowing what you
know now do you feel like you have a clear understanding of how to discover
what you truly want are you happy you attended this training do you realize
the advantage you now have and tapping into your potential can you see yourself
using what I showed you today to help you grow and progress in the areas of
your life that are most important to you even if you use just a tiny fraction of
what I showed you would you say our time here was well-spent would you like to
spend even more time together going even deeper and further on creating your
vision for your life discovering your path and creating a
fulfilling life that you desire here’s the reality even if you only use just a
tiny fraction of all we cover today don’t you feel like you’ve taken a
gigantic leap forward with understanding how to make living your dreams possible
I don’t know what you knew about vision and goal-setting coming into the call
today but it’d be a safe bet that some or all of what we covered today was new
and valuable to you such as not depending on self-discipline
and willpower to achieve what you want and setting goals within the context of
your overall vision for your life and probably the resistance stuff – most
people are not even or not even close to being aware of that
so really what we have here is two choices I part ways with you and hope
that on your own you can make a go of it our choice – I could take a more active
role and responsibility for your success to create a situation where our
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exactly that so basically you get grandfathered pricing as long as you’re
in good standing and 10% off all lives mastery gym trainings including
one-on-one coaching with me when you enroll today you will never pay
more than $49 a month even ten years from now a 10% discount off all my
trainings and coaching with me can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars
this is all of the trainings that I’ve already do right now and all future
trainings as well so basically you can get all of your self actualization needs
met in the most cost effective way possible part of mastering your life is
also mastering money and personal wealth when you’re a member of life mastery gym
not only will you be working on getting what you want out of life you’re also
making a smart financial decision and every little bit counts even according
to Albert Einstein compound interest according to Albert Einstein is the
eighth wonder of the world he who understands it earns it he who doesn’t
pays it compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe
compound interest is the greatest mathematical discovery of all time
now most people apply this to money it’s amazing when you apply this to
money whether you’re saving it growing at investing in whatever you’re doing
with it but this also works with personal development as well
it’s the incremental improvements over time daily small little improvements
over a period of time that compounds you take 365 days a year you multiply that
times five five years of 365 days making an incremental improvement so it works
with money and it also works with creating a better life for yourself so
that’s just the first bonus second bonus is a community in which you belong
remember I said it’s so important to find your tribe it’s so important to put
yourself around a community of people who support your dreams your vision who
are helping you however they can to get to where you want to go who are also
going to celebrate your successes so just like I mentioned in the previous
bonus we all want to feel like we belong somewhere we all want to find our tribe
well you found us you have support whenever you need it
and not just from me but from the entire tribe
when you enroll now at life mastery member com you get access to a private
and exclusive Facebook group that only life mastery gymnasts have access to you
get to post your questions and yes I answer every one of them and the other
members will answer as well so you get multiple perspectives it’s usually not
one correct answer to a question there’s more about the multiple perspectives
that’s where wisdom comes from there’s not one right perspective it’s taking in
the multiple perspectives that creates wisdom you’re going to post your
victories and your successes not just your frustrations and your problems so
that we can celebrate them with you this is extremely powerful and you’re going
to empower others and celebrate the successes of the other members you won’t
believe how much more successful you become when you do this this is so
powerful when you celebrate the successes of others it puts you on that
wavelength of success so even when you’re not succeeding it put
in that space naturally you gravitate towards success
imagine always having supportive people to turn to when you’re feeling down and
like you can’t do it on your own because that’s really how it is we we can’t do
it all on our own what will it be like when you’re
socializing with a group of people who get you who want you to succeed and who
will benefit from what you have to offer and here are just some testimonials to
that everything that I’ve just said antwuan says hands down you do have the
best support of any group I’ve ever been in for sure I’ve been in groups where
questions go unanswered and rely on the group to give answers and you rarely
hear from the admin chad says when I joined life mastery gym my life was
pretty neutral I wasn’t bad but I wasn’t living a life that are really designed
for myself I knew what I had to do to improve but I just wasn’t doing it the
first thing Damon had us do was start a journal and start answering some
questions at the top of the page one in my journal reads I cannot see a version
of my future where I feel like I won and I would like to change that I have now
been with the gym program for five months I’m not the person who wrote that
anymore and no longer feel trapped by yesterday and disappointment is not a
daily emotion but a thing I extract my next improvements from my chest used to
tighten when I thought of how much work I’d have to do to escape my reality I’m
not going to say it isn’t work but I can say that the work is now fun part of
that fun is you are not alone life mastery gym is a group we all have our
privacy but we push each other one of the reasons I feel I was able to change
as much as I did was because I was able to watch other people change that
doesn’t say it I don’t know what does so that’s the first two bonuses members
only VIP privilege and the community that you really need to belong to so to
get your hands on these two bonuses simply go to life mastery member comm
and get started right now and there’s more bonus number three life mastery
made easy you have a busy life you have a lot to keep track of you might be
wondering how are you going to fit this in well in addition to your life being
the most important thing you can work on for yourself and
everyone around you that alone should be reason enough to set aside the time to
work on us and I’ve made it even easier for you monthly easy-to-follow checklist
that will guide you every month to make your successes inevitable structured
lists that makes implementing new success habits as easy as checking boxes
effortlessly stay on track as you steadily improve and develop yourself
into having full mastery of your life streamline and organize your life for
optimal living you’re going to save time and energy when you don’t have to think
and negotiate with yourself about what to do next
you’ll have it all mapped out for you and again don’t take my word for it this
one’s kind of long so cut through some of it I’d already been following Damon’s
YouTube channel for a while and really enjoying his free trainings and the way
that he explained the uses of NLP but I still wanted more then I saw that he was
offering a membership program that would do exactly what I was looking for I
wanted to be part of a community of other NLP minded people and have a
chance to really hone my skills that is exactly what I got Damon had created and
now even improved on the exact thing I was looking for
I’m loving the people I am meeting and have connected with some incredible
people from the group as well as the amazing trainings that are offered in
the program every month we have a group called where Damon answers all of our
questions and is always available in the Facebook group to answer our questions
I’m really loving the weekly goal-setting in the group as well let me
also say – so jessica is a NLP practitioner you don’t need to be an NLP
practitioner to take this course any time I go into NLP processes I explain
everything you need to know you do not need NLP training to take this to be in
this membership and to benefit from it just as much as anyone else if you don’t
have an Opie training don’t worry all right so far that’s three bonuses the
members only VIP privilege the community in which you belong life mastery made
easy and again if you want to get started on these right now go to life
mastery member com and I got another one for you bonus
number four inside the minds of life masters now I realize that the work I
done and the content I deliver isn’t the only game in town so why should you
become a member of my gym every one of us is unique so wouldn’t it be great to
hear from experts people who have mastered a particular area of life
you’re going to get that too every month not only will you learn from me
you will also learn from a variety of experts who have mastered anything from
spirituality to money to relationships you name it these interviews will give
you a multi-dimensional perspective of extraordinary possibilities for what you
can achieve in your life these interviews will motivate you to go for
it in every way it makes sense for you take your life to the next level and
beyond when you learn how top achievers and experts think imagine the edge
you’re going to have in life when you have access to expert knowledge not
found in any book or any other live or online training for example this is
Jason flatland if you’re a digital marketer or you know anything about
digital marketing you’re probably aware of clickfunnels and if you look behind
Jason Flagler and shoulder you will see an award that very very few people get
and so I’m not gonna go into it all just let me say that this is one of the most
successful people I have ever met one of the smartest people I’ve ever met and he
was gracious enough to give me nearly two hours of his time while I picked his
brain when you go to life master remember calm and you enroll you can get
access to the interview with him right away
and that’s all I’m gonna say about that you’ll have to check in and see what
this is all about and find out what you can learn from this guy he will blow
your mind let me just put it that way okay so we got four bonuses Members Only
a VIP privileged community in which you belong life mastery made easy and inside
the minds of life masters twelve video lessons a year one every month twelve
group coaching calls a year one every month for just $49 a month if you enroll
by this Thursday yes the card is open right now they just opened but it is
closing this Thursday at midnight discount pricing is available for if you
want to pay more like six months or your plans when you go to life master
remember calm you’ll see what those are and remember the bonuses for bonuses
members only VIP privileged community in which you belong life mastery made easy
inside the minds of life masters and you’re probably wondering is there a
guarantee well of course there is a 100% money-back guarantee within the first 30
days if you’re unsatisfied with this program so you sign up right now and you
have 30 days to check it out if in the first 30 days you say this is not for me
all you do is email support and life mastery Jim calm and say it’s not for me
I’d like my money back and you get a full refund now beyond the 30 days of
course you can quit at any time but beyond the 30 days so say you go like a
few months into it and you decide you want to quit you’re not gonna get
refunded back for all the months that you were a part of it it’s just in the
first 30 days and that’s definitely fair so sign up now life mastery gym
membership only $49 a month when you sign up before Thursday there are
discounted plans for if you want to go six months or annual enroll by this
Thursday August 15th or wait another six to 12 months and pay more yep I will be
closing the card on Thursday I would be closing enrollment I’m not sure when I
will open it again it’s probably going to be about another six months to a year
before I open it up again and when you sign up at life master member com know
this whether it’s 29 minutes from now or 29 days from now if you ain’t happy I am
happy for any reason or for no reason whatsoever if you want your money back
you can get it back because I only want to keep your money if you’re happy all
you have to do is go to support at life mastery Jim calm and tell us give me my
money back and you got it you can only make such a guarantee when you’re
confident that what you have is the real deal and I’m fully confident that when
you sign up and life mastery member com you’re getting exactly what you need to
discover your deepest values create a vision for your life and executed while
feeling fulfilled and satisfied every step of the way I’m not actually asking
you to decide yes or no today I’m asking you to make a fully informed
the only way you can make a fully informed decision is on the inside not
on the outside so you get on the inside and see it everything I’ve said and the
people from the testimonials that you’ve read is true and valuable to you then
you stick around that’s when you decide to keep it you stay with us if it’s not
for you no hard feelings you will then after signing up at life
mastery member com be able to make a fully informed decision that this isn’t
for you but you can’t make that decision right now for the same reason that you
don’t buy a house without first looking at the inside of it so when you sign up
at life mastery member com it’s going to look like this first see this countdown
timer when that baby hits zero which it will Thursday at midnight you will in
fact miss out on this enrollment for like I said six months up or up to a
year and the special pricing this grandfathered pricing second you’re
gonna see this throughout the page and at the bottom and this is just basically
the different pricing monthly six months or yearly and you decide which button
you want to click which pricing plan you want to go with and when you click one
of these then I’ll bring you to this other page here on the Left where you’ll
need to put in your email address so if you’re already on my email list which
you probably are because you’re attending this webinar then all you need
to do is just click sign in and you just put in your email address and your your
password and if you don’t then you go ahead and just create a profile you put
your email address in and then you click Next and then when you click Next it’ll
bring you to the payment page you do have two options here you can use stripe
or you can use PayPal so people don’t like PayPal so you do have the option to
use stripe if you go with the monthly billing it’s automatic so that’s how
this will be set up so time is ticking the clock is running now so to sign up
now or continue to wait continue to put your life on the hold which I don’t
recommend because sooner or later you’re going to have to get around to this or
there will be opportunity cost here where you when you miss something when
you miss the opportunity and when people say things like it’s gonna take a long
time or that’s going to be hard the time is going to pass anyway ten years from
now we’ll still happen 10 years from now
it’ll still be 10 years from now 10 years from now do you want the life that
you want to be living truly fulfilled and satisfied with your life
or do you want to be wishing you had gotten on this right now
and started creating the life that you desire because like I said 10 years is
going to pass regardless so again this is everything that you’re getting the
bonuses alone are worth more than the $49 a month and then you add in the
video lessons and the group coaching calls and that like I said is more than
$49 a month now already I see at this point that a lot of you have signed up
and that makes me happy it really does I’m really looking
forward to working with you some of you though are still here and I can tell
you’re getting ready to sign up but you have a question you need answered first
before making that decision so let’s address those questions at a time we
have left so right before I do that though I have
a few things that I want to say as well so most people are concerned about the
monetary investment so listen I get it so if you have sat there and said to
yourself I would buy it if only I could afford it you need to listen closely
what we have here today you can get started for just $49 a month
which of course is nothing to sneeze at for some of you however let’s say if
instead of having to invest $49 a month in this program you found out you needed
to have a life-saving operation by tomorrow night and the price of that
operation was 997 dollars would you say oh I can’t afford that I’ll just die of
course not so let’s get rid of the myth of whether
you can afford it or not the real question is are you willing to do what
it takes to make this investment or not as you sit here today you have three
options option one is to do nothing and Aristotle put it best say nothing do
nothing be nothing doing nothing just doesn’t leave you with the problem
it makes the problem worse the longer you do nothing so that’s not it
you can do something else but why you know and I know what is right in front
of you is the thing to do and that’s option number three just do it yes the
money may be tight yes this may be stretch for some of you yes you’re going
to have to go out of your comfort zone a bit where do you think all of the growth
will come from now for those of you who haven’t signed up yet and who from a
financial point of view feel comfortable knowing you can make this investment
without breaking a sweat your question is the real question because it ain’t
about the money it’s about the time see money can be replenished but a minute
gone is gone forever you want to know if in addition to the monetary investment
what’s required for your time well here’s what I know about you the first
thing I know is that you can make time for things that are worth while in fact
you are right now right here more than an hour into this webinar so I know you
have some time do you have enough time well time is the only thing that is
given out equally I’ve mentioned this already earlier in this webinar time is
the only thing that’s given out equally to each of us in the entire world did
you know there is nothing else so evenly and fairly distributed as time it’s not
how much time you have it’s what you do at the time that you have that matters
so here’s what I want you to do if I can show you how to do this and save time
actually have more free time than you currently do would you sign up them
mentally I want you to begin making a list of five things you do consistently
to try to create a more fulfilling a more worthwhile a more adventurous a
more fun a more satisfying life next I want you to order them from most
effective to least effective the least effective thing you find yourself doing
often to move forward in your life to move yourself into a better happier life
with the least effective thing you currently do being number five on your
list do you see it now I want you to take a big red marker and cross that out
and in its place put life mastery gym membership because what you’re doing
right now it’s not cutting it if you knew for certain you could have the life
that you want would you wake up 15 minutes earlier five days a week and go
to bed 15 minutes later congratulations that’s all you need to get started and
get started you will just go to life master remember calm right now because
it’s time and the less time you currently have in your life the more
time this will make for you just a few more things I want to say and then I
will check the chat box and start answering your questions I want you to
imagine a world where everyone had their own personal vision that they’re that
they’re actually conscious of imagine if we were all supporting each other in
creating our dreams instead of tearing each other down imagine a place where
you can go to get instruction and guidance on how to make the life you
want to live a reality that’s what I’m offering I would rather do this with you
than without you the only thing better than making my dreams a reality is
sharing it you are the sum total of the five people you spend the most time with
I’m sure you’ve heard that before I’ll take it even further you are the
sum total of what you spend the majority of your time doing seeing listening to
and feeling how much of your sum total is spent on life’s fast food media on
miscellaneous expenditures like $5 coffee drinks that aren’t really adding
any real value to your life what are you consuming if it’s all sugar and no
nutrition what kind of life does that create
all right let’s answer some questions let me see what you got

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