New Heroes, New Challenges | Hot Wheels City: Season 2 | Hot Wheels

– [Chase] Haha, who knew
the beach was so sandy? – [Elliot] Chase! – [Chase] I mean,
probably everybody? (action music) – There’s something about
getting a carwash, man, that just makes me feel good. (swishing water) – New News! Giant octopus sighted at the
lighthouse, be on the lookout. New-er news, mystery
drivers revealed and they have challenged
Chase and Elliot to a race. – Chase, we need new rides. – Here ya go! – No! – Yeah, huh? – No. – How about this one? – Unacceptable. – How about the Bubble-Matic? Hoo-hoo, bubbles. – Are you even taking
this seriously? – Okay, okay, okay. One more, one more. (toilet flush) – Come on! – [Chase] Haha,
I’m just teasing. May I present to you,
the Mach-Speeder. – [Elliot] Next time
lead with that one! Now, these are some Hot Wheels. (horn honking) – Alright, listen up. I
want a good, clean race. Starts here, and ends here. Got it? Good. Are you ready? – Wait, what? I didn’t see
it. Where are we going? – Go, go, go! (tires squealing) (action music) (engines revving) – [Elliot] First
born, first place. Ain’t nothing gonna change that! (action music) (tires squealing) – Not if I’m in front (tires squealing) (action music) – [Elliot] That’s impossible! – I’m about to be rad. – [Elliot] No way,
I’m the raddest! – [Chase] I’m so
rad, when I was born, a choir showed up at
the hospital and sang, (melodic tone) “rad!” – [Elliot] Bro, you’re
jamming my flow. Watch out! Ow! Soo. Rad. – [Chase] So rad. (engines revving) – [Elliot] Haha,
aw they passed you. (crowd cheering) – [Chase] How does it feel
to get fourth place, pal? (crickets chirping) – Joey, over here.
How does it feel to be the newest news on New News? – I’ll tell you. – Elliot, how does
it feel to be the newest old news on New News? (sad trumpet playing) – Hey, I have an idea. How ’bout we make a new team? (crash) (dramatic music) (screams) – I’m tangled in in tentacles. – What? I don’t get
caught. That’s Chase’s job. (horn honk) – [Man inside truck]
Don’t worry, I got this. Don’t got this! (whimpering) – Hey, he’s only got five
tentacles left to grab us with. – I’m number five. – I’m number four. (crash) – I’m number three. – That makes me two. – The last one’s all me. – [Chase] No, Joey! (horn honk) – [Joey] You can do it, Chase. – [Chase] That means his
tentacles are all full. – [Elliot] Okay, you
can just drive up there and bop him in the head. – [Chase] Cue the hero
music. This is my moment. Octo, pow! (splash) – [Female driver]
Chase, you did it. – [Joey] Yeah you did. – [Elliot] I knew you could
do it, little brother. – [Chase] We all did it. – [Everyone] Go team! (high five slap) ♪ Hot Wheels Theme ♪ ♪ Hot Wheels Theme ♪

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