New Humminbird SOLIX G2 User Interface + Update

Hello, I’m Bill Carson with Humminbird
today I want to give you a little bit of a glimpse of the new UI for the SOLIX
gen two. We’re out here on the water today and as you can see the screen is
very user friendly all of your data all of your opportunities are right here on
the screen including the sidebar that allows me to go to my engine data see my
Talons that are connected I can see my trolling motor remote I have the
opportunity to see my navigate on here I can look at my digital readouts and make
changes to those or I can have my views okay so if I’m on a particular view and
I want to see my engine data all I have to do is tap it my engine data comes up
if I want to operate my Talons, tap it if I want to operate my trolling motor
or if I want to look at any of the other items that are on here I have the
ability to do that once I have that data up there if I want it to be pinned to
the end all I have to do is tap this everything gets truncated over to one
side and it stays up I can make it go away by touching the X and I can make it
come back just by touching the side of the slide bar and have it pop up and now
whenever it pops up you can see that the pin is still yellow so it’s going to
stay up there I can touch my finger to it hold it on it for a second it’s going
to turn white that’s gonna make it so that it times out and after five seconds
it’s going to go off the screen so it’s very very very user friendly and easy to
operate if I want to take a picture that’s on my machine and make that
picture be be my screen saver I have the opportunity to do that just by tapping
the screen and tapping that picture and it’s going to stay up there and it’s now
but kind of going to become my wallpaper those of you that are purchasing the
SOLIX Gen 2 you’re gonna get this right out of the box and it is crazy easy to
use puts everything at your fingertips. For those of you with the SOLIX units
gen 1 you’re going to be able to have the same software or user interface for your
machine and you can download it at humminbird com
check it out today you

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  • Fotoguyga53 says:

    Awesome Equipment. Best of the Best!

  • Catfish Edge says:

    Looking forward to it!

  • garyle802 says:

    Excellent Bill, looking forward to it.

  • Terry Westemeier says:

    I have updated my 3 Solix's (G1) with 3.360. What is the difference between G1 and G2?

  • whitebass16 says:

    i cant wait to get my 15

  • Ed Ham says:

    Does it fix the false bottom readings?   And not showing depth when running on plane?   Lockups?   Love the mega imaging, networking, and features… but those other things are extremely painful when they happen.

  • Thom Lens says:

    Hi there i bought a solix 10 si and I like to adjust the flasher on the right of the sonar.
    Its now verry small and I like it a bit larger. I know its possible with the helix ( is did it with my old helix 9) maybe a resolution thing? I dont know.

    Maybe you can help me out?

  • Steve Sweetwater says:

    The thing I find funny is, you buy a 3,000 dollar unit and you have to go buy a 5.00 fuse for the unit, raise the price and give me everything I need to install. PLEASE!

  • Fong Vang says:

    G2 still slow to boot and sluggish like G1? these thing takes forever to boot up unlike the helix. touch screen is not very responsive either. at least the side bar makes it easier.

  • Ashley Rawlings says:

    its an excellent addition for his boat.>>>allabout.wiki/tcue The sonar,sometimes works,crazy,frustrating Di is great.

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