NEW Update to Facebook’s Algorithm That Can Impact Your Reach (December 2018)

What’s up, what’s up? Listen, yeah, I’ve got
all my smart glasses and that is because Facebook they’re getting smart yoa.
They’re smartypants because what they are cracking down on today is something
that I’ve been doing and it’s been working like gangbusters, okay? So here’s
the deal. Here’s the big like bomb that Facebook dropped today that’s going to
dramatically impact a lot of people and whether or not their stuffs gonna be
seeing the newsfeed and that is what they call engagement baiting. They said
people have told us that they dislike spammy posts on Facebook that go them
into interacting with likes, shares, comments, and other actions. This is known
as engagement bait and it seeks to take advantage of our news feed algorithm by
boosting engagement in order to get greater reach. So, here’s what basically
engagement baiting is. I’m gonna give you an example and I’m gonna throw myself
under the bus, okay? So I launched a completely new ebook and what it is, is
the Ultimate Guide To Really Attract Your Ideal Prospect On Social Media and
so like I went live with this new. It’s a free download. I don’t charge anything
for it and I put up the picture of the ebook cover on my profile. But I was like
hey if you want the ebook just drop I think I put like “drop ebook” below and
I’ll send it over to you. But basically, like that one post ended up getting like
almost 400 comments. That is considered what Facebook considers engagement
baiting. So, it basically is hacking the algorithm – that’s what it does. It’s a way
to get more people commenting on your stuff because obviously the more
comments that you get, Facebook says, “Hey, you know people are liking, they’re
commenting on it and they’re interacting with it therefore this must be something
that more people wants to see” and therefore it pushes
that out into the newsfeed of more people. So here are some different types
of bait that they’re talking about. So there’s like vote baiting, so that is like
when you put up like three or four pictures and you’re like vote for your
favorite blah, blah, blah. That is engagement bait; they call that vote baiting. Next is
react baiting, but it’s like where you put up a picture and you’re like, like
this if blah, blah, blah. Like like this if you agree. That would be considered like
react baiting and react meaning you’re going for reactions like, liking, loving,
wowing it, crying. Then there’s share baiting and share baiting is basically
where you’re like: “Hey, share this to win blah, blah, blah.” That’s considered share
baiting. Here’s what’s gonna happen yoa and there’s two more types of baiting.
There’s tagged baiting and that’s like, “Hey, tag friends who like blah, blah, blah.”
That’s tag and then there’s comment baiting which is what I’m known for.
Like, I love me some comment baiting and that’s when you’re like, “Hey, drop ‘I am in’
below if you want to know how to you know blah, blah, blah.” Dude, I’ve used that
tactic and again it works but there’s a problem and that is they said they are
going to begin demoting individual posts from people and also pages. So this is
going to impact personal profiles and it’s going to impact your business pages
if you have one. It basically just says posts that use this tactic are going to
be shown at less in the newsfeed. They have teams at Facebook who have reviewed
and categorized hundreds of thousands of posts to inform a machine-learning model
that can now detect different types of engagement bait like watch out Facebook
is constantly changing something but this is a big one, this is a big bomb
that they dropped. They said additionally over the coming weeks they are going to
begin implementing stricter demotions for pages that repeatedly violate what
I’m talking about, okay? Now here’s the deal, they did say this: “posts that ask
people for help advice or recommendations such as circulating a
missing child report, raising money for a cause, or asking for travel
trips, will not adversely be impacted by this update. Now, here’s what I have to
say about this. That’s a little bit of a gray area.
They said posts that ask people for advice but then that would be considered also
vote baiting, too. You know what I mean? So it’s like which is it, which is it
Facebook? Here’s the deal, what is the pros to this? Cuz obviously, I’m gonna
have to come up with a new strategy. Now, I don’t use engagement baiting all the
time. So what does this mean, number one, it just means that I do think it’s gonna
force especially business owners. If you are building a business online, it’s
gonna force you to get more creative. Even for me like Facebook even considers
that spammy content but you know all these posts that you’re putting up that
people are putting up just pitchy post trying to get a quick sell out of your
business, you have to get more creative and I think even like now it’s more
important than ever for you to actually start learning like actual marketing. You
know what I mean? Like, actual marketing that’s either educational, entertaining,
inspiring, something like that. So I think incorporating more like more stories and
more journey and just putting out content that’s really going to make
people want to share it, is definitely the key here. So obviously, they are so
like focused on their user experience and in keeping people on the platform.
They’re going to be die hard to protect the user experience and I definitely
think that’s why they’re doing it. But also at the same time if you are
building any type of business like dude now more than ever you need to start
thinking like a business owner. You need to start getting creative and you need
to stop following the leader and just copying and pasting the same old crap.
Because it just doesn’t work and it’s not effective. So with that being said, I
did want to do a quick announcement because I’m super pumped. I am actually
launching a free Facebook community but this group is really going to be focused
on teaching you attraction marketing skills. It’s going to be you know
teaching you that foundation that is dire to grow
business. In my community I am going to be leading you through teaching you how
to build an email list that way. Hey, like if you do a Facebook live you can send
down an email list and if like Facebook were to shut you down or anybody else
were to shut you down like you still have your email list, you still have your
tribe that you’re building that “know, like, and trust” factor with. But if you do want
to join the community all you have to do is go to BackToTheBasicsCommunity.com
everything I have is under my Back To The Basics umbrella. So all of my
courses are like Back To The Basics Academy and then my free community is
BackToTheBasicsCommunity.com. We’d love to have you, we’re really going to
be kicking things off January 1st. I have lots in store, cannot wait to serve you.
Hope you got some value from this video and until next time. Bye!

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