[OLD VERSION] Programming for Everyone: Episode 2 : The Program

Hi, this is a program! Now before you get scared… you already know the basics of programs Imagine going swimming and what are you left with… Of course! Wet pants! So lets go ahead and throw it into a dryer An once the dryer is finished doing it’s job We get dry pants! You already knew the basics of programming Input and Output! So… For example, let’s go ahead and make a machine Let’s go ahead and name it the: Magic Double Machine Our input today is going to be an Apple So let’s put the apple in the machine And as we expected, 2 apples came out Let’s make an adding machine instead You can also have more than 1 input We have 3 and 2. Slide it through the machine and of course… We get: 5 BUT, some programs Don’t do anything at all except show on the screen what you inputed That’s it for today! but don’t worry Next time, we’ll be saying hello to a new world! I hope you enjoyed the video and I HOPE you decide to stay with us as we journey through coding.. Minutes… Minutes at a time! Thanks for watching!

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  • Few Minute Programming says:

    Hi everyone!

    Thanks for the support with the likes! I appreciate all of you guys.

    If any of y'all wish to follow me on my newly created Twitter account. It's @FewMinProgram (Few Minute Programming was too long). I'll be posting inside looks on how I create my videos and tweeting when a new video is released.

    -Few Minute Programming

  • qwsqwqwdqqdqwdqwd says:

    When is a new video coming out? And your tutorials are SO easy to unerstand!! (im 11 lol)

  • Jana Osea says:

    maybe in the future talk about memory? maybe u could visually depict how the program stores data memory. anyways, really awesome vids! i learnt how to program about a year ago in my first engineerng class. (: hope to see more content

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