One in Christ Early Childhood Curriculum

[Can you guys pray that with me?] [We make our beginning in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.] With One in Christ, Concordia Publishing House is proud to offer the best curriculum possible for sharing the love of Jesus with young children and their families. Early childhood teachers know how challenging it is to keep the attention of young children. But the One in Christ lessons are vibrant and fun, and it really does help. As we developed the youngest grades of One in Christ, we knew this curriculum would be used in classrooms for a number of years, so it was really important for us to be very intentional about it. [Our heavenly Father gives us food every day and cares for us in a miraculous way.] With One in Christ, we were careful to design a curriculum that was faithful to God’s Word, that would teach children about Jesus and His love for them in a way that’s age-level appropriate. The materials help the teachers keep the day focused on the forgiveness we have in Jesus. And the teacher guides really lay this out in a very usable, easy-to-read, format. The lessons in One in Christ are presented chronologically for our young children to better understand the timeline of the Bible, the events, the story, the people. We designed a format in which one Bible story is taught per week. [Seven, eight. . . . ] We also built thematic learning into the curriculum so that teachers can literally use the One in Christ curriculum as the starting point for other curriculums for their entire school year. These activities make One in Christ really unique because they help teachers incorporate each week’s key points into all other curricular areas. When sharing the love of Jesus with love children, it’s important to do it in active, engaging ways. We do that through a host of resources that are provided for the curriculum. For example, in the infant and toddler teacher guide, teachers can choose from activities like Bible Words: memory words children echo after their teacher. And then Pray with Me, where our young children learn to pray with the class and with the teacher. [Amen] In preschool and kindergarten, they’ll find thematic activities as well. Express, which allows the student to develop language skills. Create, which allows the young children to express creatively what they are learning about Jesus. Explore, which allow the students to learn more about math and science. And finally, Relate, which teaches the young student how to interact with the family of God because they are a child of God. [. . . a lot of leftovers, more than they even had before”] Young children are highly stimulated by all that’s around them with technology and a lot of activity–One in Christ does that. It really gives the tactile approach to teaching. We also incorporated more supplemental tools than we’ve ever been able to before. Finger puppets, posters that are interactive, Bible-character figures, vinyl play scenes, board books. These all are so engaging for the children–and they’re a lot of fun! For kindergarten, the One in Christ portal offers many opportunities for digital Bible storytelling. So with One in Christ, we really tried to go above and beyond and offer teachers plenty of choices. So it was important for us to provide a curriculum that was both purposeful and flexible. Because every student is unique, and that makes every early childhood classroom unique. For a teacher, each day presents a new opportunity to teach their students about the love of Jesus. God’s love and Word permeate every lesson in the One in Christ curriculum.

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