OpenShot Video Editing Beginner Tutorial

Hello and welcome to my beginner
openshot tutorial I prepared some short video files a music file and a watermark
image and we’re going to make a little video out of them before we add the files let’s make sure we have the right profile I’m going to use the standard
resolution HD 720p 30fps one you can pick any other if you don’t know what I’m talking about I think this is a good start now I’m just going to drag the files I want to use in this project and because I have a
bit too many tracks I’m just going to remove some of them yeah I think three is good – let’s make a little bit more space and we are going to start
with assigning video we can zoom in with this slide bar or with the control
button and scroll wheel of our mouse and we can always play back our track you
have space and also pause it so now I’m going to add another video right behind
it and now I want to I can zoom any further but I want to split this video
right before the people start clapping but to do that we’re actually going to
have to do something else we’re going to have to copy it copy the clip paste it
somewhere else put it on top of the other clip and we’re going to have to move this one the left edge to the right
and whoops and here we’re going to have to
move the right the right edge to the left and then I want this appear in
between them and then I want to continue and we can actually drag it on top of
each other to create crossfades let’s see what it looks like unfortunately my computer is quite slow okay so this is a weird issue with the
audio playing strangely but hopefully that will be resolved all right now I
would like to add a watermark so I’m just going to drag the image which I
already prepared and I’m going to stretch it to the length of a whole
video and there we go let’s give our eclipse’ more space if we
right-click then we can go to properties where we can do things like disable the
audio for example and now that we remove the audio I would like to replace it by
dragging a music clip to a number track and I want to shorten it so it fits the
other video clips so now let’s just try to export it and
press the export button going to call it open short test and we want V h.264
encoder we want 720p 30fps high quality and let’s just stick with the defaults
and export now that the exported video is ready let’s take a look all right even though there were some
issues in the interface with the audio not stopping it seems to work in the end
product unfortunately it’s a bit hard to get the exact lengths of clips but if
you really need to be exact you can always go to properties and set
the end value for example in this case you would have to calculate them exactly
those so that we can coordinate all three tracks exactly
since the zoom level is limited there are also other transition effects and
video effects you can use quite a lot of the transitions actually and there are
some very cool features like animated titles which get rendered in blender for
you unfortunately the previews don’t work for me but when I try to render
them they actually do work so this is quite cool as a bonus let’s take a look
at the bright color theme of open shot here it is the tan line stays dark but
the rest of the UI is bright so I hope this tutorial helps you getting started
please like and subscribe let me know in the comments if you have any questions
and see you in the next video ciao

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