OSIsoft: The About PI-SDK utility.. v3.4.375

Now here is something that might be useful, especially for those of you that have had PI for a while. And maybe have a list of servers that is out of date or just for whatever reason needs to be cleaned up a bit. There is a utility called About PI-SDK that you will find under Program Filespipcpisdk And with it, you can just in general remove those things that are not necessary within that connection dialogue. It’s under this clean up connections setting here. Let’s go ahead and look at this application. I am going to go into– and see this is under Program Filespipcpisdk and it’s called About PI SDK. And I am going to choose the option, Tools, Clean Up Connections. I am going to go ahead and clean up all these things. General clean-up is going to remove some things that we should not have in there. The reference to the local computer as this loop back check is not usually a good idea. There are some applications that have trouble with that. Also any kind of duplicate entries, we want to remove those. We want to remove any orphan aliases. These are things that are not in the server collection anymore. It’s a server that is being referenced but not in that server collection. And then finally the un-resolvable servers where we simply just cannot connect to the server. So let’s take a look at the before and after. If we take a look at our connection dialogue box here, here is a list of servers. I do not have any aliases built for this particular server. But if I had any aliases, they would be defined under Tools, Options. And if you look at the server aliases– Sorry I was wrong, we do have some aliases. Just over the years I have made use of these aliases to refer to the servers by different names. So these server aliases, what we will simply do with the clean up is get rid of those that are no longer making reference to servers that are configured for this connection dialogue. So here is my list of servers. This server I know right here, I know for a fact I cannot connect to. If I were to try to initiate a connection, it in fact cannot connect to that– that server does not exist. And as you can see there is an error message. So that’s one of the things that should be solved by this clean up. I will go ahead and choose Tools, Clean Up Connections. I will go ahead and clean everything. And now I close and we take a look at the connections again. You will notice that certain things are missing. We no longer have mytest , there was a server we could not connect to. And also if you look at Tools, Options and under Server Aliases, we have cleaned up some of those as well.

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