Our Character Essentials Curriculum | Kiddie Academy

Even from the earliest age children
developed not only physically, but also socially and emotionally. As they grow
they need guidance and nurturing to discover how to be the types of people
who make the world a better place. At Kiddie Academy our character essentials
curriculum is seamlessly blended into the academic learning that happens
everyday in the classroom helping children to better understand themselves
and each other by recognizing and practicing and valuable social and
emotional skills from infants through school age children character essentials
fulfills our commitment to nurturing the whole child through monthly foundational
character themes all year long. Each team consists of lessons and activities
tailored to each age group along with ways parents and children can extend
learning outside the classroom practicing the essentials of good
character like cooperation, helpfulness, creativity, and responsibility. At Kiddie
Academy we value the academic, emotional, and social ways your child grows and
develops our character essentials curriculum helps us nurture your child
so they can succeed in school and in life schedule a tour to learn more about
Character Essentials today

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