Procedural C Comparing Strings

if we want to compare two arrays we
gotta loop through and compare the positions one-at-a-time so with
strings remember they are an array so if we want to compare this one to this one they are the same we go to the next one so for example we could have a for loop that goes the entire length of the string. so string has account uh… one two
three four five , so as long as we are less than five where good so at the zero spot at the
same the one spot they are the same two spot they are the same three spots they are not the same so thats where it breaks out and says hey this is false If we happen to change one of these. that we continue on and they’d cut that same and the return
trip so the return of false orchard with the strength they have a bunch of
us a little bit different back to the speculation on so it took me
several slides and all that and it handled everything for you but the result is a zero if it’s uh… true and uh… carpet
mills that’s false is very confusing because generally
bussy uh… zeros falls amino-terminal strict
kind opposite but it’s still a very useful function we can use and we’ll take a look at that rate them or use the string comparisons with other
for loops nama you need included the strength of the so yeah go ahead and klute immediate
standard labored stranded uh… when really you created when
printed screen d_l_c_ include scone as always extra functions and my main function number standards to
testing so record a church and coordinating essay it hasn’t
actually characters to assess exactly how many here consider
this as a camelot and twenties uh… spaces or characters amplitude carla but quarter apoorva compared to strings diverse uske r m he sure this function returns in in
schools couldn’t ask for this place though spherion and uh… possibly dot from the common spaces a memory of our check uh… credit for brazil perhaps uh… percent but warrants by romance you know cellular number if a change this person that questioned
it too late my name is granite zero so this is a function zero if the strains of the same set this
trend little of the string returns here also referred someone else so what if it is an honest statement uh… with guaranteed that they drizzle perspective string compare double equals cert on until one single
equal cuts at it period uh… present votes well kalkaska tens of ramones we have a match change it just slightly
store because people are up we don’t have a match suicide in check has changed i got to get it from right
here their historic one you can actually get overly arteries as

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