Programming a DirecTV Remote

Hey, Guys. Well, if you have ever tried programming
a DirecTV remote before, it’s really easy. Especially with DirecTV’s new tool that
scans and automatically programs the remote. And it is totally interactive. But, some of
the newer T.V.’s, such as mine, DirecTV will not be able to find a code. Now, before
you continue watching this, go to your T.V.’s instruction manual, and see if it gives a
code for DirecTV. If it does not, try rephrasing your search. If you do happen to find a code,
Awesome! Continue watching this video. O.K., here we have the DirecTV up on screen. Now,
in order to program one of your T.V.’s, or another device, simply flip this switch,
to the device that you want to program in this remote. Then you want to press the “Mute”
and “Select” keys simultaneously. Eventually, the light should flash twice. This is when
you enter your code. I have “0178” as my first code. And then, try turning off the
devices power. And if it doesn’t work, simply hold “Mute” and “Select” once more,
until you get the light; “1-0-1-7-8”, and then you will see the light flash, then
try turning off your T.V., and if it does turn off your T.V., There you go! You’ve
just manually programmed your T.V. And don’t worry! You can do much more than just turn
on and off your T.V., you can also use the volume buttons, ECT. And also – well, I
guess the power won’t turn off, But oh well. Anyway, that’s pretty much how you program
a DirecTV remote that DirecTV cannot automatically program. Let me know if this helps you guys.
Oh, and also, I want to make a new parody video, but I don’t know what to paradorise,
or whatever you want to say. So, you can eather message me on You Tube, or comment in the
comments below, and ask me what you would like me to make a parody of. That’s all
for this one. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time. Now here are some videos
recommended by You Tube.

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  • meaks OLD YT says:

    Thanks! This helped. Got it working in 30 seconds.

  • Veronika Conaway says:

    Thank you for this video. It was very helpful for me. I really like what you did at the end!

  • Penrose Films says:

    Thank you very much. Free video editors that come with your computer are very handy.

  • TheIR says:

    what happen if i dont have a code?

  • Penrose Films says:

    You won't be able to program the remote. If the original remote setup built-in to the Receiver didn't work, you can look for a code on the manual that came with your device. Most models will have an online copy, but that will take a little bit of searching.

  • 917saturnino says:

    thanks it helped alot it worked with the second code on my samsung thanx and keep it up great job…..

  • Michael Rooth says:

    After an HOUR of annoyance and NOT working. The code was simply in the instruction manual LOL. THANK YOU FOR MENTIONING THAT!!!

  • Penrose Films says:

    Only reason I mentioned that is because that is where I found the code for my remote. Glad I could help.

  • Poop Pee says:

    Thanks dude I have the same yv

  • Bloo says:

    Thanks man, my toshiba T.V pissed me off. Thank you so much man!

  • Ann Maxwell says:

    Thanks kid

  • mavrcbp says:

    Awesome job. Thanks. I beingbtryjng this for the longest….. It worked flawless.

  • Gracie Murphy says:

    what an awesome man in this video thank you sir

  • NickolasZombie says:

    Thank you

  • Jim Dowd says:

    Great video, Brent. Beats the heck out of the DirecTV instructions.

  • Penrose Films says:

    Thank you for my daily laugh.

  • Penrose Films says:

    I can't tell if you're being serious or just a jerk. I'll take your comment seriously, though. The words I used aren't opposed to anything. Aside from the fact you have to choose your make and model, your DirecTV receiver communicates with the remote, giving it different codes to try, until it thinks that it the remote could connect to the device that you're trying to program. Just select what input you're trying to program, give DirecTV the make and model, select OK, and it literally scans.

  • kennedy watson says:

    Stupid did not work

  • Garrett Nelson says:

    Thank you that helped a lot

  • Makayla Dorning says:

    I trying figure out on my directv remote and didn't work.

  • Makayla Dorning says:

    Thank you for telling me.

  • Jennifer GGreer says:

    the problem is, none of those codes work on my tv. i have an older tv.not a flat screen and they did not list a single one. what can i do, or is their a list of codes somewhere?

  • GemR says:


  • Ricoo says:

    nothing works thanks for the so what helpful video -_-

  • Judy Murcia says:

    Thank you for this video, definitely helped me with my remote programming!!! 👍👍

  • Jim Armold says:


  • ko caine says:

    thanks, it works perfect for me.

  • antionette davis says:

    I can't get picture to show up on the tv

  • Penrose Films says:

    @antionette davis I don't know exactly what the problem is, so I ask that you follow this troubleshooting guide and let me know if things are working again.

    1. Verify that the power cables for the DirecTV receiver and television are plugged in to both the receiver and TV and to the wall.
    2. Confirm that the TV and DirecTV receiver are turned on. A light on the front of the receiver should light up to let you know when it is on. Your TV might as well; this varies by make and model.
    3. Verify that the video cable is plugged into the DirecTV receiver and your TV. This may either be a series of 3 yellow, white, and red composite cables, a series of 5 green, blue, red, white, and red component cables, or a singular HDMI cable.
    4. Many TV's can have multiple devices plugged into them at once. Verify that the TV is displaying the input from the correct input source. There may be multiple inputs for the same type of connection (for example, a TV could have multiple HDMI inputs), so if, for example, HDMI 1 on your TV doesn't work, try HDMI 2.
    5. Check that the cable connected to the "satellite in" port on the back of the DirecTV receiver is connected. If it is disconnected, reconnect it by twisting the end of the coaxial cable clockwise.

    If you are still having trouble, then you may need to contact either DirecTV or your TV manufacturer.

  • Daisy R says:

    Thanks it help me😊👍🏻

  • Mitchell Scripter says:

    i was a DirecTV Tech. the best method ive chosen and has always worked for me. is the all in one code which you will manually search for the code with out happening to know too many numbers. make sure your TV is on, your Directv receiver is on. you can have the TV input set to your directv receiver if you want it doesn't matter, because after you program the remote you'll be able to change the input on your tv.

    Step 1: flip the switch at the top of the remote to (DTV).(AV1).(AV2).>>(TV)<<
                                                                            (                               (O) )
    Step 2: hold down (Mute) button and (Select) button and wait for the double blink at the top of remote.
    Step 3: now type in at the number pad below 9-9-1-1 and press up multiple times until the TV shuts off. i think this also works with the volume button as well. the volume button will allow you to go as fast as you want for searching the right code and will stop on the exact code and how you will know that is by the volume on your TV will turn up. then you can press select to confirm it. after that test out the functions on the remote. make sure you can channel up and down and change inputs properly or format. any feature you are wanting. if the remote doesn't fully work you can try steps 1 and 2 again and go higher into the code list to find the code that fits best for your TV. if you are lost in the codes and are in too far deep. do mute and select, 9-8-1 to wipe out the remote to original factory settings and start the process again. if you passed the code and you know you were on it. you can always hit the down volume or down channel buttons to get back on the correct code.

    to control your Directv receiver the switch at the top of the remote must be switched back to the DTV symbol.

        ( (O)                               )

    certain model TVs wont program for the remote. ones i had issues with are.
    [RCA] did not program at all. not recommended brand either.
    [Panasonic] some TVs though
    [Toshiba] some TVs though
    [Mitsubishi] some TVs though

    models that worked fine.

    Sony – sonys code is always the 1st on the list
    Samsung – samsungs code is 2nd to 3rd on the list
    Vizio- sonys little brother.
    General Electric  G&E

  • Michelle Sanchez says:

    Thank you

  • Noah _Haas says:

    I'm trying to find out my vizio TV cold

  • Mary Ann Williams says:

    Thanks, this one worked!

  • Trish Lutke says:

    How do you program remote on Toshiba

  • Marvin Cisneros says:

    it turns on and off my TV when I do the code but after it turns back off it won't turn back on and nothing works

  • Marvin Cisneros says:

    I appreciate the input what I ended up doing was going through the DirecTV box settings and finding the 5 digit code for my tv and that worked perfectly thank you

  • j wagner says:

    Thnx alot! The program code must vary depending on the TV. My RCA worked with 10178.

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  • mike hudson says:

    i sub nice video

  • Tyler Furrison says:

    Okay, you're definitely a kid, you sound like a prepubescent preteen

  • superstar64 says:

    Wow. This video is pretty old. I’m surprised this video is public still

  • Zac Jarvis says:

    Worked like a charm !!!

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