Programming in 8 Dimensions, Autistic Savants, and More…

please up everyone and welcome to another webinar matrix fire webinar and the first thing I want to do is make sure my audio was correct so coach Jacob who's my assistant um please let me know how the audio is in the video all right he says it's good all right so I guess we good to go all right again welcome to the matrix 5 Sunday webinar we do this every Sunday at 3 p.m. Eastern time which is 12 not 12 noon pacific time and i'm looking on the chat here and i see a lot of good questions here so i thank everyone for your questions and we're gonna get ready to get started and let me just arm give me a second to draw up the youtube questions but i have to chat questions you could you could um leave questions on the chat remember I mentioned that on on the website the matrix – 5 FIV comm website you could leave your questions there all week long and it will remain there in the chat until Sunday the day of the webinar and I'll be able to answer the question live on the webinar so tune in to hear your questions answered on the webinar and if you happen to miss the webinar you can always view the recording of the webinar all right so anyone who asked questions um you could put it in the chat on youtube or you could put it in the chat on the website and on the website it'll stay all week all right so um you know just leave it right there on the website so the first thing I want to do is just announce that this week was the first book that we began putting out our content daily I believe we missed one day but uh basically what we want to do put out new content every single day seven days a week alright and so this week was our first dry run our first dress rehearsal and so far so good um those who are listening don't forget to um subscribe and get on our newsletter list so you get you know updates and we're gonna be giving away free meditations and city creators and things of that nature as well so make sure you sign up you could do it right below on the website right below the video module alright and um what I want to do real quick right now is just give a brief synopsis of the things that we covered this week all right so uh give me a second i'ma call up a couple graphics and things from this week early this week uh we launched our two lucid you creative alright and for those who are not aware let me see if I can get you a nice little picture of what we talking about because there's many people who are new to the website and again I want to thank you or keep your questions coming um for the for the webinars because I'm gonna I'm gonna devote a little extra time to answering the questions if I see there's a you know a good amount of questions or some really deep questions alright so keep those questions coming in the meantime let me show you um this is the new city trailer that we created and it's called this which this particular one is called ancient gold and I particularly like this particular City created all right I like I love the material and that's the whole purpose of the city creators one for those who don't know these sigils are programs alright these sigils are actually programs for the subconscious mind the subconscious mind when it sees decisions it knows everything that went into it and basically the sigils are a statement that we make and we put it in the form we condense it down to a process and distill it down into a situation where and let me show you one of the universal sit rules this is one of the unifor this is the first actually a universal surgery here and this is a universal schedule which means that this said you to carry any statement I mean literally any statement and this is why decisions are so powerful because literally I could take every book ever written by man on earth and condense it down into this one city if I wanted to you know it'll it'll be a process but the point is is that every single book when you take a deck down through the civilization process to be condensed down to this one situation this one said you could be traced continuously without lifting your pen once and without crossing over any line more than one time all right which means that functions like a circuit for energies I remember one time I wore a shirt with one of these situated you it gave off almost like a glow like a radiance because the energy was traveling through the sigil like a circuit and it didn't cross itself out at any point so was allowed to flow all right when we put these on shirts you could put this on your computer desktop you could put it anywhere you know wherever you could see it because every time your subconscious mind or anyone's subconscious mind cuz remember actually we don't have our own separate individual conscious subconscious mind it functions like an Internet what we all are merely logged in so anytime anyone sees this it it registers on their subconscious mind as a program to be ran this is one of the reason why corporations and some so far do logos because many of those logos are actually sigils with a program embedded in it and when you see it your subconscious mind automatically runs these types of programs or sigils in other words these sigils function almost like machine code language for the subconscious mind alright so this is the one that we have and this is the the read more recent a universal situation and again this universal sit you could carry if I could if I wanted to I could condense every book I've written by man into this one sigil all right and when the subconscious mind sees it it knows all of the statements that has been programmed into it it automatically knows because there's only one subconscious mind so if you create a situation and you subconscious mind cause it the reason why we have it done a certain way with decision creators is so that when you create a sigil your subconscious you know your access let's say to the subconscious mind is recording this you know I'll just say your subconscious mind for now but really when a person says your subconscious mind is not like you have your own individual separate subconscious mind when they say your subconscious mind they're really talking about your link and your connection to the subconscious mind from your angle from your perspective so in a sense it is it's like your subconscious mind but it's not is really just your relationship with the subconscious mind that's more individual but there's only one subconscious – was like the internet you know there's only one internet you might log in from Singapore somebody might log on from New York but it's one Internet but you coming at it from different angles you connected it to a different way somebody might connect to it via a laptop somebody might connect it to it via I I phone you know is only one internet but the way you connect and relate to it and interact with it that's the part that's considered your aspect or your internet really is your internet connection but there's only one Internet all right so that's the same way the subconscious mind works all right we are just really all really one subconscious mind it's like one Internet we merely log in and partake of it and interact with it using our particular device or body or avatar all right and not all our bodies and avatars are saying just like not every phone or device that people use to connect to the internet it's the same so I think our more you start to get the message to understand the power of these city creators alright so this is the arm this is the ancient goals that you created we just created this this month out of this this week alright and we have another one called which I also love also called motherboard alright and I like this particular one myself very much you can see it almost got like the PCB printed circuit board like a motherboard that she'd into the material itself alright and of course you know every city creator comes already you could build two city from scratch alright within the circle and you'll have all the arm the components of the oculi alpha-beta on the outside and you merely duplicate and drag those components into the circle to create decision now let's say you don't have time or you don't want to go through the process of building the city from scratch then what you do is you take one of the universal sigils and what you do is take your statement and merely assign it to this Universal City remember this in the first reciprocal hold any statement any and I mean you know like I said you could take all the books in the world and compiled it down into the city the way you assign it to universal citizens you take your statement and the final consonants and you merely trace it with your mouse arrow or your index finger into the city once you trace it you have embedded and assigned your statement to the universal sigil and so the universal search is very powerful because if I use a universal circle you use the universal sigil if I create a a t-shirt and I have a universal city um on the t-shirt when people see it they're running not only my program assigned to it but they're running yours as well all right and so it's very is a very powerful tool all right so those are the tool arm that we created this week this week upcoming again we're gonna create another or free I mean another arm you know City Creator so we have the motherboard and we have a free one available – we have the silver one available for free so um you know those who have to sign up with our newsletter you wish you could do below on the website you could do so at any time and get that one for free and then we have the ancient gold awright so those are the two signals that we produced this week like I said every day we're gonna be producing new content so stay tuned and make sure you sign up arm next um this week we also produced a new meditation all right and the new meditation that we just produced is called summer breeze and this when we produce these meditations and let me just show you here real quick there's gonna be different aspects to it all right so let me just show you real quick here's there's gonna be the instrumental version all right so this is summer breeze instrumental alpha meditation and so when we say alpha we mean that these meditations but and train you into the alpha state remember we cover the different brain States let me see if I have that chart here but is in is in the free book as well alright and um here we have the different brainwave states we got Beta Alpha Theta and Delta alright and so beta again is when is the state that most people aim when you're awake like those you were listening to the webinar right now are you know most likely in beta all right unless you're just waking up and so on and so forth alpha is more like a meditative dream like daydream state is in between being awake beta and being asleep theta theta other is the represents the beginning stages of sleep in adults all right so alphas like in-between that like that in between I got Twilight Zone in between we also and within a Kalia we refer to alpha as the perfect conscious programming environment alright because whereas in data you sleep this is dealing with the you going into the subconscious but you're not consciously awake in this state so it's hard for you to consciously program beta you fully awake but you have you have less access or you access and less the subconscious mind and so alpha is like right in between this is why we'd like to do our meditation music and alpha because an alpha you could consciously program your subconscious mind now we are also going to be producing and we started with clients but do send theta meditations which you can listen to while you go to sleep in other words you start this meditation and as you drift northward the last thing you do right before you go to sleep is you start this music and embed it in this music is the affirmations was full program the subconscious mind while you sleep alright and then of course we got the Delta which is dealing with the deep sleep this is when your body goes into standby and your body body prepares itself and so on and so forth and your consciousness returns back to the source so anyway we have really only four different varieties of each meditation that we're going to start producing from this point on all right we have the instrumental version and the instrumental version contains the the alpha brainwave entrainment frequencies so in other words what I do with these meditations is that I embed the Alpha frequencies in this case alpha frequencies into the absolute meditation itself this is what's known as brainwave entrainment brainwave entrainment says that for instance if you if you listen to fences like this meditation music embedded with the alpha brainwaves in this case is I believe either eight or ten Hertz I believe it's ten Hertz on this one what happens is that your brain begins to vibrate and resonance with that and then it brings you into that alpha state so again I mentioned that in terms of um these meditations is the same way like if I had a tub full of water and I Ram my arm I put my arm into the water up to my elbow and I ran my arm and a pop wise direction around the edge of the tub with my hand in it eventually that motion of my hand my arm clockwise will and train the water the flow in that same direction that same way so soon we'll have like a little mini whirlpool of the water spinning in a clockwise direction the same direction it's my arm and that case my arm is in training the water to follow that course that's the same way this music works when we by embedding to 10 Hertz alpha brainwave frequency into the music it entrains your brain your brainwave frequencies the same way my arm did with the water so eventually it it helps you to achieve that alpha state and that's the programming environment that we use that state to run our programs to run the other components of the eight components of a Kalia while in meditation all right we cover all this in the course and see the beautiful thing about dakahliya course is that you could begin practicing a Kalia while listening to the course it's not something where you have to wait five 10 years of practice in a study before you could start utilizing the same results for our Kalia many students start programming while taking the course memorize in the first course we explain exactly what to do dealing with each component we go to each of the eight components of our Kalia and explain exactly what what what needs to be done all right so we have the this is the arm instrumental with just the music that we produced we also produced another version that has the guided meditation on these I use my voice to create guided patience where I go to certain or affirmations and it's almost like hypnosis and what happens is that it goes just listening to this in an alpha state and and hypnosis we refer to that as a highly suggestive state theta is also highly suggestive it's just that you're sleep you're not consciously awake so you can't consciously program but in terms of arm guided meditations you don't have to actually program so you can listen to these you know even while sleeping because it has the affirmations on it and when you in that alpha state or theta state these affirmations go right in alright and so this particular one is called health and vitality and so this particular meditation just by listening to it and listen listening to the alpha affirmations that's on it it's programming your subconscious mind for health and vitality once your subconscious mind is on board with that then it in turns brings this to your body because we remember not over 90 percent of your body is under the control us what of what is referred to as your subconscious mind an autonomic nervous system in other words you're not even aware of it if this program is being run that you're not even constantly running fastest the program that runs your heart beat beat beat you don't sit there till your heart beat beat beat beat the program that runs your breathing these are programs that's being run by your subconscious mind or what's referred to as the subconscious mind the subconscious mind is really the operating system and it's really what we refer to as Sophia or wisdom the subconscious mind which is quantum all right and when we say subconscious mind relief referring to those processes involving the brain and the mind was our subconscious sub meaning below your conscious level alright so these are things that's going on you're just not constantly now as you begin to practice a kaliya many of the things that were formerly subconscious now become conscious in the combination of the consciousness and the subconscious but this was called the super consciousness all right and so eventually more and more of the operations and workings of the subconscious mind began to move into conscious awareness all right but this particular program deals with health and vitality and so and when you go to the website you'll see four different versions you'll see you'll see the arm the instrumental excuse me the audio version both instrumental and guided and then you'll see the video video versions for each meditation we have a video version of the instrumental and a visual video version of the guided alright so when you go to the website you know you'll see all these different things and that's on the meditation and this is this was produced on Monday and we did the sigils on Tuesday all right also arm and what what I'm doing right now is what's going through synopsis each each of sunday webinar are the first half i'ma deal with announcements and then get into a synopsis or a digest of of the content that we produced that week pardon let me just take a drink of water I'm out here in the desert so it's kind of hot out here I think the other day was like 113 115 degrees you know what I love it you know I'm out here in Heliopolis city of the Sun you know ancient hilly Opera Lily operas anyway continuing on so uh the next day in terms of content and every weekend we're gonna start off with the announcements we're gonna go on – synopsis the things that we created that day we're gonna go into the principles of a Kalia or whatever the topic is for that day and in the last part we're gonna leave for the question so I'm gonna stay cognizance at a time keep putting your questions in and I'm gonna do my best to leave ample time you know to answer the questions as best as I can all right um the next day what we produced and what we're going to be producing over the next couple of weeks is all the lessons from the – ah Kalia courses our Kalia course one and AH Kalia course – we are in the process of arm of a reintroducing those classes but we have it set up so that you could just take one individual class at a time in other words you don't have to do the whole course at one time you could do individual classes and get your certificate and AH Kalia through that process once you have completed all nine but at least you are able to go at your own pace so it's up to you you know when you get to a whole course at one time you know you save a little money and you get everything in one shot you know but we are not opening the option up where you could do one class at a time so this week we just start off with our Kalia course class one and this is course one class one um course one has nine classes and course two has nine classes so altogether that's gonna be eighteen classes that we're going to be making available all right the next day but we did this is gonna lead into many they're things that I might be talking about today under the under the principles of our Kalia and that that's are dealing with matrix fire virtual world all right um I produced a video of me inside matrix fire and what I'm going to be doing is taking people on tours of matrix 5 virtual world is everyone because many people don't realize the power and the potential of the virtual world and this virtual world is prepared for all the neo types the neo types that passed through oculi across one course – I will be inviting you into matrix five virtual world alright in matrix five virtual world here I'm sorry I'm inside my house one of my houses inside matrix fire and in this particular room you should have chairs set up for classes I also come and hear myself to research videos ebooks I use these screens here to do research right here in matrix fire so I'm going to be talking more about it but if you want to access that video you'll see the content in the newsletter that we produced that day and the video that was produced inside matrix five this is a virtual world but it's so powerful and this leaves this sex weighs sex with segways right into today's topic which we going to be talking about dealing with programming and eight dimensions alright when we say programming and eight dimensions and let me just get it to the page that I has set up do the questions the principles of our Kalea I believe is on page 47 this is from the free book secret of the secrets of Ryan and I believe this page 47 we was up to dealing with the principles of a kaliya and here principle number 25 we say anak Aaliyah we program in eight dimensions by programming and disk reality of four dimensions and matrix 5 virtual world which also contains four dimensions matrix fibers assimilation created and launched within this simulation on December 12 2012 at exactly 11:00 11:00 p.m. all right so in terms of matrix 5 I was instructed by the ancestors as well as Sofia and people right now I uh and the first paint vision told me heart it back at that time day to ask about a sweet world beach bar right miss look could be Austin the article extolling rent for was a hapless illuminate one's own re and mass subject cheap man you you you you on wheat this hole you please everyone I think that we are back on but let me just I'm just waiting for a second to look on my second monitor to see if it's back on or not or just bear with me I don't know what just happened I think YouTube was having some type of issue again but all I'm trying to see if I don't know if we live right now or what what everyone just hold fast for a minute and we'll see exactly what's going on here you you all right everyone it looks like we're back on so I'm just gonna go ahead and I'll finish the discussion arm what I want to do right now all right everyone it looks like we're back on how long that's going to go ahead a little feedback on what I'm going to do is just go ahead I'm going to the questions right now um just bear with me it's like everything just kind of went haywire but I did want it to answer all the questions um hold on one second I got a call up the questions on another computer cuz my second monitor is still reeling from this song glitch with uh YouTube so just bear with me um and I will begin answering your questions let me just check on the YouTube channel hopefully we're back up again alright so Jacob let me know do the UM chat whether or not everything's back up again in the meantime I'm just gonna start answering some questions from the chat what I was saying before we got disconnected is that on a matrix file we're able to program and a demanded you know in addition to this for disturb simulations for dimensions we have four dimensions in matrix 5 which we means when you program in this simulation that we call reality and you program a matrix 5 your programmer for a total of eight dimensions which means your programming and your power to manifest things doubles all right when I say four dimensions I mean in this world we have our length with high three dimensions and we have the fourth dimension which is time all right inside matrix five we have those same three dimensions as you can see I'm here inside my house and matrix file so we got length width and height you able to actually enter into things and then we all also believe it or not here in matrix five we have the fourth dimension is which is time and here imma show you at the end at the end of the video that I did on matrix five this week which is free you call or viewers if you go to blog I'm at the very end I give an example of how we able to manipulate time in matrix fire alright so let me just play this little video real quick of the end of this video where Mack Steven nipple eight time in terms of you can see it in terms of the Sun and the moon and so on and so forth so I'm just gonna play this real quick to mention his time well here in matrix five you go all the time take a look at this background here and each one of you will be able to do this alright I could change the arm time of day ways that you can actually change time all right so do you see this is what it would look like join sunrise and I'm gonna stop it right here for now you can all go check out the video we're nearly at the end of this video I'm changing time and the time of day and so on and so forth I even have one point where I made it night you can see the Stars you know all kinds of things right here it's nighttime all right you can see the moon shining on the water and this is this example but for those who go through the aqua layer 1 & 2 course we take you into the Advanced Studies and that's where we get into um you know programming in matrix 5 all you will have a home in matrix 5 – same way I have homes there's all whole bunch of homes here matrix 5 you know all those who become members will have their own home we have movie theaters all kinds of stuff you know i'ma get into it when we have more time all right but for right now I want to answer some of the questions at a little bit of time how time flies I want to try to answer as many questions I'm gonna have to do it kind of quick today but I just want to go through it somebody actually about blood magic is blood-magic a cheek old used by the elite or in a sense you know there's people who do these different types of blood magic rituals and many of them are very powerful but this desert is another aspect to it that you got to be very careful about all right so don't just go out there messing with this stuff like that because you don't know – getting yourself into I'll talk more about at a later date all right somebody acts here all right blood magic somebody said you answered the age-old question so-called science has never been able to explain about why we sleep or some explanation it makes so much sense um yeah if you go to I believe it was last week or the week before we talked about why we sleep and how sleep deals with the whole process of you your consciousness reintegrating back into your body or avatar and this is what the whole process of of dreaming is really about is you reintegrating back into this simulation via your body or your avatar somebody said here what role does the Europos play with the eating of the fruit but a garden of the gardener Adam II II um we kind of discussed that in the previous one and we also go deeper into this into the course and how it deals with the knowledge of good and evil which is the whole purpose of the simulation somebody acts here I'm curious of our matrix from virtual world is the purpose meant for neo types to exercise their visual imaginative ability to overcome blockage blockers and limitations incorporating the senses to more rapidly and effectively manifest their desires state and D the whole purpose of matrix 5 is one it is in a sense a prototype or a dress rehearsal of the of the world to come which is matrix 5 which – and we are in now in the very beginning stages of alright is also on to multiply your program and efforts dealing with yourself and others and also matrix 5 will also help you understand this simulation better and how it works because it works on the same basic principles all ramps you know my apologies for I have trying to answer it fast but um you know somebody's I'll get back into but I'm gonna try and answer everyone's questions someone said also your statement that the old world ended December 21st 2012 is that claim based on the Mayan calendar or what exactly are you basing this claim on this is based on the arm yes the Olmec the Olmec was that was the original civilization ancient civilization are in this hemisphere and then later came to Maya asked Texas on a so forth all right but the Olmec is the one who came up with the calendar of which this date is based on and this date mainly means like it's like a upgrade and operating system of a computer you know like going from Windows XP to Windows 7 or whatever you know that's what this these worlds and these cycles are referring to and so the system of 21st 2012 represents the transition from the old operating system based on matrix four or the fourth world four to five Olmecs and the fifth world of matrix five is the world that we end now but we just at the beginning stages and we're having shaken off the dust of the old world so we'll get more into that someone said I just read the answer to my second question football all right peace brother Morpheus who is the trust of dissimilation someone asks who is the trust or of the simulation number last week I talked about how set up like a trust where you have a trust or who creates the simulation who creates the trust and then once the trust is create you have a trustee of beneficiary and you have the trust res or trust property the duty of the trustee is to manage the trust res for the benefit of the beneficiary in this case who's the trust are the trust or believe it or not is our selves we created the simulation but we created it from a position outside of the simulation so in that sense we are to trust or and when we entered into this this simulation that we created via these bodies that we created our avatars you see I'm saying we became both beneficiary and trustee and the simulation or the earth and so on and so forth is the trust res or the Trust property itself all right oh you see Wow time flies um somewhere acts here with reference to the snake and like I said we've cost these webinars part of it I do a lot of planning but a large part of it is right off the top you know because I love these questions because it allows me to tap into the quantum mind in real time you know these questions are like queries to a database all right well anyway with reference to the snake bite in this tale the quantum realm and then looking at ancient Greek Sumerian mythology is this safe to say Enki Enlil murder module Horace Isis set off us from the future interacting with ourselves in the past exactly this is the Euro volts you know here in terms of matrix five I created a simulation within this simulation a world within this world and I'ma continue creating simulations who knows perhaps the last simulation we may create maybe this one and that's the euro bowls that's the snake biting his tail you know I'm saying when we look back and we look at back at pyramids in this ancient technology were like how these people you know where they get it from they say they got it from certain gods some of those ones because history maybe us in the future going back in time to an ancestral simulation and then attack them with us in the past and that's the snake biting his tail alright so I did my best of someone said from the point you said you were shown by ancestor Sophia and divine we lost your voice alright hopefully I'm back now and my grandfather back in or do I have to start over again I guess he he must be talking about the stream alright so I think I'd pretty much answered everyone's questions please you know if you get a chance put your question here let me just check the YouTube chat real quick before I leave from here in Cadiz any questions get it put your questions on the website it says webinar in that chat box put your questions there and leave it there and it'll be there all wheels it alright let me just see if there's any questions on D I don't see anything on a new tool again YouTube was just acting funny alright so again I thank everybody for coming and I hope to see everyone next week please check out all the different other things in the newsletter go to the blog and make sure you sign up alright peace everyone