Programming Paradigms: Introduction

Full Stack web development relies on
the combined use of multiple programming paradigms in order to build professional industry standard applications. Multiple paradigms and their associated languages are used because of the particular strengths and capabilities they offer. Each programming language has a particular role to play in the creation
of software that works perfectly and elicits a positive emotional response
from its users. Each paradigm also conforms to a way of building software. In this lesson, we’ll cover two of the main approaches to or paradigms of,
software creation. Namely, Declarative and Imperative programming. Declarative programming is concerned with what happens, while Imperative programming is concerned with how something happens. Declarative programming languages often
work hand-in-hand with Imperative programming languages. In full-stack programming, we take advantage of what both paradigms have to offer. Throughout the programme, you’ll immerse yourself in both paradigms and utilize the strengths of each. As you go through the programme, especially when beginning a new module,
we encourage you to return to this lesson. Each time you do so your experience and newfound knowledge will unlock new levels of understanding and application of the programming paradigms covered here. So let’s get started!

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